Does Your Dog Have a Blog or Facebook Page?

March 22, 2013  

Answers to Our Community Question of the Week

We’re always delighted to get updates from our Facebook friends (both human and canine), and so we asked “How many of you have a blog and/or Facebook page for your dogs, and why did you decide to create them?

Blogs or Facebook pages may start out as a way to share photos or updates, but many of them turn into a way to advocate or just proclaim your love for dogs. Thanks everyone for sharing, and make sure you check out the links below!

I started the blog to share photos and fun living with four very different pit bull rescues. Mr. B’s Facebook page was started after that to promote the awesomeness of special needs pit bulls. ~ Theresa Mergl

Oh my boy has a page. I started it for 3 reasons. #1 – I needed a place to put all his pictures! #2 -everywhere we go we end up in conversations about “pit bulls people know or have had, or have rescued” or “What kind of dog is he? He doesn’t seem aggressive at all.” Lots of great experiences to share. #3 – great place to share all the rescue/pit bull info I find on Facebook. His page is FinnsTales. ~ Tracy Povey McGovern

I inherited my rescue pit bull’s Facebook page, Zaxby, the Chicken Wing Dog, which was created to help raise funds for his surgery and recovery. I continue to keep it updated with his adventures and to share my foster dogs to help find homes and educate on recuse/spay/neuter and doggy issues. ~ Katharine Luongo

I started a page because of my two rescued pit bulls. It’s called Pitty Ladies and Gentlemen. It is strictly a page to share any animal needing a home and I share as many as possible, once even had a pot belly piglet looking for a home. I believe wholeheartedly in adopting animals from the pound and giving them a second chance at a good life, because my two dogs and four cats have greatly enriched my life, and really have given me more than I have ever given them. ~ Ruth Yothers Fryar

I decided to create one as a journal. I don’t have many readers, but that’s OK – in the future, I can look back and make my memories more vivid:, and also on Facebook. ~ Liliana Ruano

I do not but one of my favorites to follow is Bulletproof Sam. ~ Stephanie Dostal

I have a blog and a Facebook page because it’s a great way to connect with my community, family, and friends about animal rescue related issues. I think the more individual stories we can share about pit bull type dogs and their advocates, the better! (And cute pictures never hurt). ~ Two Kitties One Pittie

No, but I have thought about it. We love her so much and she has so much personality you could write a book about her. ~ Danielle Childs Breach

I started my blog as a travel blog for dogs because I knew my dog and I would be traveling. When I realized that she was a mix, Dalmatian and pit bull, I started writing about the issues regarding pit bulls and writing about famous pit bulls like the Victory dogs (3 of whom I met) and Patrick. Our blog is and it is called Have Dog Blog Will Travel. ~ CeliaSue Hecht

It started about documenting our fostering journey. Then helped us document that life of our late dog, Knox. Then some more fostering following by the adoption of our new dog, and his adventures. We haven’t jumped into fostering yet with our new guy since he’s still “new” but we’ve done some temporary fostering and it’s been going great! ~ Pittieful Love

I don’t have one although I thought about it but decided that since my pit bull’s name is Dolly and there is a wonderful rescue in Jacksonville, FL named Dolly Foundation I didn’t want to take away from the search engines sending people to them. I just join other pages and repost for them. ~ Jill Jacoby

I’m from Texas, and am going to start one for my pit bull, Lavender (a Facebook page). She is a rescue from the city pound, has a superb mild, calm temperament (and she is an alpha). She is very social. The page will be to help bring positive awareness of her breed. When people hear I have a pit bull, they are usually aghast, “Aren’t you afraid she will attack/kill you, or someone else? How could you have a dog like that!” are the most common responses. She is the most loving dog, my once in a lifetime dog…hopefully her page will show that for the folks who visit. ~ Utopia Yumyum

My dog Franky has a Facebook and Dino has a Twitter page. Dino is a rescue dog and helps promote rescues/pitties and Franky does the same. Both pages are fun for mom and dad and let us show off our beautiful, sweet boys! ~ Alisha Westerman

Oh yes! ~ My Two Pitties

I somehow found my Mabel on Facebook through her page (we couldn’t change her name) but she still maintains it to keep her friends updated and promote senior dog adoptions! Mabel-Adoptable-Senior-Elderbull-Pal. ~ Heather Mailler

I started Bosco’s blog so that the people who were involved in his rescue could be keep up with his progress. It’s a great way to share the experience of helping an institutionalized dog become a confident dog. Love my boy! ~ Cheri Guilbault

My page got started as the result of a blog. I had a invite only blog that was started on the second meeting/second chance I got to try to be fostered by my family. There were so many people interested in how I would do – if I could be a family dog after what I had endured. So, for the haters that didn’t think I could be a family dog and lovers that always had faith in me and for those that were just curious, I got my own Facebook page so that everyone could follow along on my progress in Learning to Be a Dog Again. ~ Jagger

Ray was rescued with his uncle, mama and siblings at birth and though I meant to start writing beforehand, I started our blog, A Peace-A-Bull Assembly just 24 hours after officially adopting Ray. He was seven weeks old and I thought it would be fun to document our journey together as well as network with other pit bull and rescue advocates. His Facebook page seemed to be the next logical step as well as being a heck of a lot of fun! ~ Debra Lockhart

I have one (Thoughts of a Lesser Canine) and I write about my dog Kahlua and mostly what it’s like being a first time pet parent. I also try and encourage rescue. ~ Shalini Israni

I have my own Facebook page to help spread the word about what great dogs pit bulls are! Muvver helps me by taking many photos of my epic cuteness and posting them for my fans. P.S. I was a shelter dog too, when Muvver & Dad adopted me in October 2011. ~ Holly the Pibble

Mine appear often on my blog, Just This Side of Medicated. But it’s about my whole life….of course my dogs are my whole life! The blog was started because I was driving from Kansas to Alaska with dogs, and their doggie nanny in tow. (Not literally, they were in the car, on satin pillows.) ~ Tess Purvis

I started a blog, Leashes Frisbee and Prozac, about my boy Brodie because he is a special case. He suffers from severe reactivity and is very inconsistent in his reactions to the world. Some days he is fine, some days he is a nervous wreck, with seemingly no trigger. Through him, I have met many amazing people, learned more than I ever thought there was to know about all aspects of “dog,” and even changed my career path. I wanted to put my experience and what I have discovered out there. I know for me it was extremely frustrating and lonely in the beginning and what helped me get through the tough points was finding blogs and stories from other people who were living with reactive, not ‘normal’ dogs. If nothing else it helped me feel like I was not alone and gave me strength when I felt like I was at the end of my rope. If I can do that for just one other person then it’s worth writing. ~ Sara E. Martin

Paloma is just too cute to not have her own page! She had a Facebook page while at the rescue and had 200 fans so I just thought I would continue it when I adopted her. ~ Laurie Thomson

We started a rescue because of ours! ~ ColoRADogs

Our moms decided to create one for us so they could be more involved in the pit bull type dog world that is on Facebook. They were following so many dog advocacy pages that they figured the easiest way to do so would be to create their own: Remus & Mia the Pawesome Pits. ~ Remus & Mia the Pawesome Pits

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