When Did You Fall In Love With Pit Bulls? (Part 1)

February 8, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! So we asked our Facebook friends to “Tell us about the first time you fell in love with a pit bull – was it a friend’s dog, were you drawn to a dog at a shelter, or did your eyes meet across a crowded dog park?”

It seems that true love can happen anywhere, anytime – especially when pit bulls are involved! Thanks everyone for sharing.

I belonged to a freecycle group, the very last thing I was looking for was a 13 week old puppy, but there he was this little chubby boy and I fell madly in love with him! He was my best friend; though he is no longer with me he still holds a special place in my heart. ~ Tara Garretson Jordan

Who doesn’t love a big smile with a huge tongue hanging out? You would have to be nuts not to love a pit bull. ~ Morgan S. Gertler

My uncle got a female pit bull from a friend that could no longer keep her. She was so gentle with my son when he was a baby and never once even growled when he would roll on her or pull her ears (more than I can say for my Dachshunds). Now I have two pit bulls of my own! We love them dearly. ~ Tiffany Marie Biter

My fiancé had been trying to talk me into getting a pit bull- I said no because of all the bad things I’d heard. One day I heard about a woman in my area with pit bull puppies, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to just go look. Somehow I ended up leaving with a brindle female, and on the way home the only way I could get her to stop whining was to put her in my lap. We formed a bond right then and there, and now I’m so happy I took a chance on a pit bull. ~ Mandi Lawrence

We fell in love with Cleo when I started dog walking at a local shelter. We adopted her in 2004 and were devastated when we lost her to lymphoma in 2010. But every moment with her is treasured in our hearts. We finally gave our love to another last year, fostering Biscuit for 3 months before finally making an honest dog of him in October. How can you not love a pit bull? ~ Kimberly Wendt Riggs

My brother had a pit bull named Simon. He was an exceptional dog. I knew I would adopt one when my older dog passed. I did a pit bull search online and found her at a shelter near my hometown. It was love at first sight. She had been abused and was scared, but I took my time with her and now she is the best dog ever! ~ Tracy Hodges

He was a 9-week-old blue puppy my friend was fostering. I looked at him, held him and one week later we were his adoptive parents. It’s been true love since that moment. I have no idea how we ever lived without him and won’t live another day without a pit bull in my life. ~ Tracy Povey McGovern

When I was a kid, my sister was a shelter volunteer and brought home a pregnant pit bull for my family to foster. The shelter found homes for the puppies, and we ended up keeping “Princess.” She was a great family dog, and no one in my family can talk about her without tearing up. It’s been pit bulls for me ever since. I love these dogs. ~ Colleen Carrigan

My sweetie Pumkin was featured on a local news program. She had been at the local Humane Society for almost six months and had a string of bad luck, but amazingly still had a great disposition thanks to their awesome staff and volunteers. She gave the host lots of kisses and they said she loved to play. I knew somehow that we needed to give her a chance. We took our Aussie mix to meet her and they played for an hour, and the rest is history! ~ Chris Schlutt

My ex’s neighbor abandoned a litter and I fell in love 10 times. I re-homed mom, dad and 7 puppies keeping number 8 for me! She’s the best dog in the world! ~ Lisa N Waffles

When I pulled my Daisy May at 3-weeks-old out from under a pile of 15 puppies, she growled at me. It was love at first growl. ~ Kimberly Singer

I’ve loved them for so long I can’t remember my first! ~ Cheryl Gilberti

The day our “Belle” was born in our home as a foster, I was told she would not survive because of how small and sick she was. She was born deaf and bottle fed. She is now going on 3 years old and spoiled to the core! ~ Linda Stancato

It was when we were checking out dogs at the Washington Humane Society. Neither my husband nor I had experience with pit bulls, but we certainly had heard all the bad press. I saw Nandy’s listing online and without meeting her told the kids “this is our new dog.” A few days later she moved in and the rest is history. We now have four. ~ Theresa Mergl

I met my first pit bull not knowing she was one. Abandoned and needing a home I took her in regardless. At the time I had four dogs already. She’s 7 now and I will never own another breed, she spoiled me. ~ April Dooley

I’ll second the spoiling comment from Linda Stancato – Belle is spoiled rotten, and I will gladly take some of the blame for that. Love her so much! ~ Kimberly Wendt Riggs

Back when Hurricane Katrina hit, the rescue group I volunteered for went down to help with the displaced dogs. They brought back Sugar; an adorable little pit bull girl who would lick your face off if you let her! Friends of mine adopted her so I still get to see her wiggle butt! ~ Kimberlee Ahlin Whitlow

I went to the shelter to look at a different dog I had seen online and there was tiny Ruby in a huge kennel marked “Hank.” I said “you don’t look like a Hank!” and she cocked her head just so. A little later during our meet and greet, she very gently nosed my frail 86-year-old grandmother rather than doing the rambunctious puppy thing – I was sold on this sensitive, loving girl and her breed from that moment forward. ~ Anne Jeanette Cramer

My now ex worked at a vet clinic where a litter of pit bull greyhound puppies were abandoned because they had Parvo and Bordetella and my then girlfriend called to ask if we could have another dog (we had a 7 year old sheltie mix) and I ignorantly said no when she told me the puppy was a pit bull mix. Thankfully she persisted–I woke up the next day to like 20 Polaroids of the pup and I wanted to meet her ASAP. Needless to say it was love at first sight and my ex and I share her 13 years later. She is an absolute delight and now I own other pit bulls as well. Can’t imagine life before. ~ Gina Trapani

My son had a pit bull who sat on my lap along with my IG and my tortie pregnant cat. The first kitten was born in that way until I could move to the box on my bed. The pit bull, the IG and I watched together. ~ Maria Nunes

We had someone ask us if we could take this dog in. I was like a pit bull? No way… well my honey really wanted one so I said okay and well that was almost 2 years ago and we now have four pit bulls. I love them all. ~ Jeannie Pena

She wandered up to our house a stray. I rolled my eyes, but agreed to let my husband have her. Within a week I fell head over heels in love with this little girl. I think we all love her more every day! ~ Jayne Williams Todd

I walked into the viewing rooms at SPCA NYC and saw a 32 pound 9 month old pit bull mix they called Saturn. Took about a nano second and I said this is the one for me! I was asked, are you sure it’s a pit bull mix, she’s very shy? I said yep, no question, she’s my girl. I renamed her Lucy and four years later we are still in love. Sweetest girl you ever saw and not shy at all. Loves everybody and every dog she meets! ~ Nansi Schneider

My first pit bull was a girl I named Gem 17 and a half years ago. I adopted her from a breeder who tossed her aside and said she was of no use to him because he couldn’t breed her anymore. I said I’d take her and I didn’t want pups and she was my baby for 4 and a half years. I’ve been a sucker for them since. ~ Alyssa Kennedy

I adopted my “beagle mix” when she was only 8 weeks old. I was already in love by the time I found out she was part pit bull. Then I got fired up about Breed Discriminatory Legislation, etc., because nobody puts my baby in a corner! ~ Skye McFarlane

She was homeless living under the Women’s Club next door to my work. She had been hit several times, had no telling how many litters of puppies. Even though I couldn’t get close to her, I would leave her food and water (so did a lot of others). One day, she couldn’t get up, so I poured the dog food in my hand and gently eased down by her. From then on, we were inseparable. She was so protective of me. One of the ladies that came by on the weekends to check her, decided to give her a forever home. She is a happy, spoiled, inside baby who loves people (now) and car rides! ~ Joy Wynn Pruitt

My sweet Sandee was my first pit bull. She was found as a baby in a box, down the street, on a rainy morning and turned out to be the smartest and most interesting girl ever. She pulled a lot of Labrador, but had the markings of a pit bull, so we suspect that she was part. She was an unusual girl, but she adored me and I adored her right back. ~ Jeanne Kawamoto

When I told Best Friends Animal Society all the specifics that I was looking for in a dog, they took me to “Jenny” (now Hydra). I took her for the night to go camp together and make sure we were a good fit. One of the most important things I was looking for in a dog was that she loved to swim, so we camped by a lake. I took her over to the lake and began coaxing her in by going in up to my waist and throwing sticks. After she swam for the first time I showered her with praise and told her what a good dog she was. That was all it took – she wouldn’t stop swimming after that. To this day, she lives just to please the people she loves. Oh, and you can’t keep her out of the water! ~ Molly Kennedy

Jenna stared up into the stainless steel cold metal of my daughters’ four wheeled walker, as she greeted us at the foster family’s house in mutual, hopeful interview. We adopted each other on the spot, always a family for shelter dogs, but never before drawn to such a sweet, smooth, love-eyed girl who lived with a great foster family but needed a family without separate rules for her, the temporary dog. ~ Betsy MacMichael

I had decided to rescue a dog from the south, a “boxer terrier mix.” She looked like it in the blurry online photo that was posted. My son picked her up from the transporter, and called me and said, “Mom, this dog is a pit bull,” and a few minutes later, I met a terrified, beautiful, loving and loyal dog, who we’ve now had for two years. Since that fateful day, I have fostered two more pit bulls and adopted another from a high kill shelter. ~ Chris Pacheco

When my son brought home this tiny 6 week old puppy that looked like a large rodent with her long scrawny tail and little ears. She has been with me for 13 years and is my heart dog. ~ Kate Righter Rhodes

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