Rescue Spotlight – Plenty of Pit Bulls

February 20, 2013  

Plenty of Pit Bulls / Gainesville, Florida

Mission statement: Bringing people together to make good things happen for pit bulls and other dogs in need.

About the organization: Plenty of Pit Bulls (POPB) is a group of volunteers working to help pit bull type dogs in and around Alachua County, Florida through rescue, adoption, and education. POPB first came together in 2011 as an ad hoc group of volunteers working to provide resources that local rescue groups needed to pull dogs that they otherwise could not help. They continue to do that, but increasingly also pull dogs directly from Alachua, Levy, and Putnam county shelters. POPB focuses on dogs that need medical care for conditions such as heartworm, demodex, or injuries. They work closely with county shelters, private rescue groups in Gainesville and beyond, and the Shelter Medicine program at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Once the dogs finish treatment, POPB usually collaborates with another group to market them for adoption, although some are adopted out directly. The goal is to put together the pieces that each dog needs, which is different in each case. Despite all the different permutations, every solution is made possible by a growing network of constructive relationships with many individuals and organizations.

Admission policy: No-kill, with dogs primarily taken from local shelters. Dogs are housed in foster homes.

Phone: 352.682.9013 (phone or text)
Address: 905 NW 12th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601
How to volunteer: Volunteer opportunities include fostering, taking dogs to adoption events, vet appointments, training classes, and other outings, and help with fundraising and events. For more information, email
Facebook: plentyofpitbulls
Twitter: n/a
Blog: plentyofpitbulls/blogspot
Newsletter: n/a
Post-adoption support: POPB has arrangements with several local trainers for free classes for foster dogs, and many dogs continue training after adoption. They also offer basic behavior, socialization, and obedience support before and after adoption.

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