Rescue Spotlight – New Leash on Life-Chicago

February 13, 2013  

New Leash on Life-Chicago / Chicago, Illinois

Mission statement: To find loving homes for dogs at risk of euthanasia at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control (CACC).

About the organization: In 2005, a group of experienced and dedicated rescue folks decided it was time to put their efforts, ideas, and enthusiasm together, and New Leash on Life-Chicago was born! Being a diverse group themselves, they decided no breed was too strange, no size was too difficult, and no age was too old or young. This model still drives the rescue today – it is 100% volunteer-run, and known for taking the “unadoptables”: the bully breeds, the older and senior dogs, the mutts, the shy and scared dogs, the big black pups, the deaf dogs, the heavily matted dogs, and other kinds of dogs that have a very slim chance of making out of the pound alive. These dogs make wonderful additions to the right family, and NLOL is willing to do the work and take the time to find that perfect fit. To date, New Leash on Life-Chicago has rescued over 500 dogs, and the majority of these have come from CACC. All NLOL dogs are taken into a network of foster homes or partner boarding facilities.

Admission policy: All dogs come from death row at CACC; NLOL does not take owner surrenders.

Contact information:

Phone: 312.458.9839
Address: 4064 N. Lincoln Ave. # 374, Chicago, IL 60618 (mailing address only)
How to volunteer:
Facebook: nlolchicago
Twitter: nlolchicago
Blog: newleashchicago.blogspot
Newsletter: weekly or biweekly
Post-adoption support: Once a NLOL dog, always a NLOL dog. To help dogs succeed in their new homes, NLOL offers unending advice, support, and recommendations for trainers and behavior specialists. If for any reason a dog cannot stay in a home, whether it’s been there for a week or for years, the dog is taken back without hesitation and another forever home is found.

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