Monte, the Dog From DeSoto County

February 12, 2013  

An abandoned dog goes home with his rescuer and turns into a big happy “Mama’s boy”

By Kirsten Thompson

One day in August 2010, I was traveling through a very rural area for work. Sitting on the side of the road, I spotted a malnourished dog. I drove 30 miles out of my way to the nearest store to buy a bag of dog food, and then returned. The dog ran off into some bushes when I approached, so I opened the bag and left it.

Three days later, I was still thinking about this poor dog starving to death in the middle of nowhere. I decided to make the four-hour round-trip drive back to the spot where I saw him. I really didn’t think he would still be there, but I had to try. When I arrived, I approached the bushes and, lo and behold, not only was he still there, he had created a little den inside the bushes. But he was very scared and would not come out. I poured some food into a bowl and backed away. Soon, he came out, and it took me an hour to coax him into my car.

I immediately took him to the vet for a checkup, where he weighed in at 49 pounds. Though scared, his good nature shone through as he let the vet poke and prod at him, and greeted everyone with kisses. During the exam, they discovered that he had a dislocated hip, probably from being hit by a car, and would need an $800 surgery. It was then that I decided to keep him, and scheduled the surgery for four days later.

Over the past 2 ½ years, he has proven to be an exceptionally good-natured dog. He loves people and absolutely adores his big brother and other dog friends. I simply cannot imagine why anyone would have dumped him, let alone in an area where he was certain to starve to death. He is now 85 pounds and is an absolutely spoiled “Mama’s boy”.

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