How Will Your Dogs Enjoy the Super Bowl Parties?

February 1, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Super Bowl XLVII is coming up on Sunday, and we’d like to know how your pooch will be participating in the parties and festivities. So we asked our Facebook friends, “Will she wear a team jersey and root for the Ravens, or will he put on a giant foam finger and howl for the 49ers? How do you keep them happy and [relatively] calm when friends and family are eating nachos and yelling at the television?”

Although it seems that no one anticipates wearing the giant foam finger, those of you watching the game with your dogs can expect full participation in both the excitement and the [possibly accidental] food offerings. Thanks everyone for sharing, and enjoy the day!

My big pit bull watches TV, so he fits right in. ~Bret Holbert

When there’s company over, and food, my three are happy as can be! They love people! And they love food! ~Chris Winicky
I watch all the Animal Planet and Nat Geo shows on Sunday. Dr. Pol, Leader of the Pack, Pit Bulls and Parolees from the DVR. The humans don’t watch sports and neither do the dogs. ~TaTa Himes

We are such non-sports fans and we actually don’t have cable. For the Super Bowl we choose what team to root for by which uniforms we like better. My husband finds the game streaming online so we can watch the commercials. ~Theresa Mergl

My pit bull, Lola will be wearing a Bears jersey but cheering on the 49ers! She loves to watch TV and loves people (especially who are eating) so she will be (relatively) calm! ~Helen Feykes

My babies only care about the food and love when we drop all kinds of yummys. ~Holly Villegas-Gumbiner

My two Dachshunds, Casey and Tallulah, usually curl up in a blanket on somebody’s lap. The yelling doesn’t bother them. They will sit on the floor in front of someone with food and beg quietly for it. But, they know they’re not getting any! I’ll fill up their Kongs with peanut butter instead. ~Michelle Gelli Ruiz

Ray is a huge Ravens fan. He was actually named after Ray Lewis so he celebrated all of the play-off games by wearing his Ravens collar and gnawing on a 24 inch Bully Stick. That will be how he spends the Super Bowl as well. ~ Peace-a-bull Assembly

Don’t have a pooch anymore, but when we did the pit bull growled with every groan and yipped with every cheer and the Rottweiler ignored the game to vacuum the floor. ~Anola Mooney

We will be divided between the New York Giants and Green Bay. Haha, that’s who this house supports! Our pit bull is a Giants fan and our Chihuahua is part of The Pack. ~Carla Elaine

Frisco (as in San Francisco 49ers) will be wearing his Niners shirt. Frisco loves watching the games with me and barking at TV with me as I yell. He’s a true 49ers fan!!! ~Doniell Rose-Thomson

I live in San Francisco, but have to support the Ravens because of so many “softies” on that team, who do promos for dogs and cats. ~Carol Hyman

Allie will wear her Seahawks shirt and sulk. ~Tami Wilkerson

We will watch the Puppy Bowl, so the dogs can get excited while watching that, and then they will sleep through the “People Bowl.” ~Joyce Konigmacher

The pups get first pick on the couch. Everyone else can stand. ~Kam N Jay Reens

My Finn will no doubt be mesmerized by “Puppy Bowl.” Our pre-game must see! And then probably have a rotating lap nap schedule during the game. ~Tracy Povey McGovern

Our girl likes football (and any dog show that is on), so she fits right in with the rest of us. She is also a Ravens fan. ~Suzanne Kristensen

I’m going to watch the game someplace other than home. My yelling at the TV, whether in excitement or anger, upsets Roscoe way too much. He thinks it’s playtime, then gets rejected. It’s too much for him to take. ~Patty Sarge Terribilini

Mine will be watching and rooting for our fellow pit bull owner Vernon Davis. Go 49ers!!! ~Mary Gibbons Kardos

No doubt in my mind who my dogs will be rooting for! (But we’ll spend the pre-game hiking!) ~CharlieDog and Friends LLC

Hydra has an official NFL vest with 6 pockets for beer cans! ~Molly Kennedy

We will be watching Biscuit in the Puppy Bowl! Click here to see this fabulous puppy from The Dead Dog Beach Project! ~Barbara Repetski

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