How Do You Keep Your Dogs “Heart-Healthy”?

February 22, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Since February is Heart Health month, we asked our Facebook friends, “Have you and your dog made any healthy changes in your routine? Are you taking longer walks, throwing the tennis ball more often, or maybe even adding a hike to your weekly schedule? How does your dog keep you ‘heart healthy’ “?

Longer and more frequent walks, more varied activities, and better diets are just some of the ways that we keep our pups healthy. Of course, when they’re healthy, we’re happy, and that’s great for everyone’s heart!

We adopted our foster, bringing the number to three! So, more walks because they are still too much to handle all at once. It’s all good! ~ Liz Wickham

Longer walks and fish oil. ~ Alyssa Kennedy

We walk every single morning rain or shine for a brisk half hour walk at 5:30 am. Fabulous way to start the day for all of us! ~ Christina Warrington

Walking every morning before work! Wakes me up and keeps the pups happy! They also get a walk when I get home! ~ Kimberlie Friesen

I and my dogs have started on a healthier path in the last few months. I volunteer for Treat ‘Em Right Rescue. This rescue feeds raw. After seeing how healthy the dogs there are I changed my dogs’ diets. In addition play/walk time has increased for my dogs. I also get to walk the dogs at the rescue facility! The dogs are helping me get back to healthy! (And we think we help them!) ~ Thepitcrew StaceyLea Lewis

Beau has pulmonic stenosis and still goes on long runs with dad and “ralks” (run/walks) with mom. Thanks to his wonderful surgeons he has a normal life. ~ Lynn Hopkins

I admit that I have fallen off the wagon with the cold weather and all, but I have vowed to change that starting today! Ironic that you posted this and I had made that decision earlier! She deserves it and she is going to get it! ~ Helen Feykes

When the weather allows it we do a minimum two mile run. In the spring/summer months we go on bike rides. Loki loves going fast! ~ Jessica Kowalewski

Since my girls love their “treats” we use baby carrots to supplement the treat giving! They are healthy and affordable! ~ Jamee Smith McCloskey

No matter the weather (well tornados we avoid) we walk every day except the two days she goes to doggie daycare. Those days she is way too tired to go for a walk. When she was younger we would walk 3 miles each night, now with her 8th birthday approaching quickly we have slowed down just a little. Some nights we go about 1.5 miles and on a good night maybe 2.5 miles. ~ Jackie Mesarick

I have gotten a bit lazy with this frigid winter, but during the summer we are on the go every day! Whether we are swimming, playing ball, or going for a walk. We love getting out! ~ I Love Gentle Giants

As long as it is not raining too hard, we walk 5 days a week for a total of about 17 miles a week. Great exercise for all of us and keeps them out of trouble. ~ Melissa Long

Feeding them healthier treats (veggies, fruit, and yogurt) rather than store-bought “goods.” Whatever keeps them happy, healthy and living longer is good for my heart, too. ~ Zoe Mcgee

“We” have been making homemade dog food (turkey/rice/carrots/green beans) mixed with a little kibble and that’s dinner – she goes insane for this. I walk laps around the fence at the dog park while Miss Willis explores. I already can see a difference in both of us. ~ Jana Capello

Just got done with a 7 mile hike! ~ Helen Edmeier

We recently switched our just turned 1 year old to a raw diet. He gets a cup of pulped raw veggies mixed with fish, flax and cod liver oils and vitamin C followed by about a half a raw chicken. He loves it and people comment on the healthy change they can see in him. He lost 7 pounds (down to 86!), has no more gas (a real benefit to his people) and his coat is thicker and shinier. Raylan is a happy boy! ~ Susan Doherty

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