Hope for Molly

February 5, 2013  

Molly was a little dog with a big heart and an immense love of life

By Kirstyn Northrop Cobb

On October 25, 2012, the little dog who would soon become Molly was found in the basement of an abandoned row home in Baltimore, tied up, bruised, bleeding, and left to die. The little dog was taken to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) where, despite the obvious pain that she must have been in, she showed tremendous resilience, and spent her entire intake showering the BARCS staff with kisses. Hearts went out to the sweet little girl who, despite all that she had been through, still loved everyone around her.

Fortunately, when Molly came through the door of BARCS, Miora Liskovec, a representative from Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue was there, and the rescue offered to take Molly into their care. Molly had even more going for her as BARCS employee Lisa Morabito offered to foster her. Molly was taken to the vet, where she endured five long hours of surgery to repair her injuries and wounds. Throughout the following months, Molly would require frequent surgeries to repair the damage that had been done to her. Eventually, one of her eyes would have to be removed; yet, she continued to heal and continued to love those around her.

The frequent trips to the vet didn’t bring Molly down, and in her foster home she bonded with the other dogs. Every day, Molly went to work with Lisa and hung out in her office with her. A Facebook page called Hope for Molly was set up; it currently has over 18,000 followers. The donations poured in. As time passed, Lisa knew that she and Molly were meant to be together and Molly was more than just a foster. Molly had found her way into a forever home.

Unfortunately, on February 1st, Molly lost her battle. That morning, infection had attacked her spine, leaving her unable to walk and in extreme pain. The vet stated that he was shocked that Molly was able to push aside the pain for as long as she did. Lisa, though, wasn’t surprised. Lisa said “That was Molly. The tail never stopped wagging, her kisses were for an eternity and through everything she had endured, she never stopped loving people.“ Lisa also points out that she cannot put into words all that Molly has taught her about survival, compassion, love, forgiveness, and life itself. Lisa says “I can only hope that everyone has their own Molly touch them at some point in their lives. I never knew that I could fall in love with a dog in just a few short months, but Molly wasn’t just any dog and what we went through felt like a lifetime. I don’t know when this feeling of unimaginable sadness will go away, but I know that Molly will always be with us and continue to fight for those without a voice.”

To Lisa and everyone who worked so hard to save Molly, our hearts are with you. Thank you for all that you did to give Molly the life that she deserved in her short time with us.

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