Celebrity Pit Bulls!

February 12, 2013  

Dog: Griffin / Guardian: Sophia Bush

By Briana Fugitt

A long-time actress who has been featured in both film and television, including the movie, “John Tucker Must Die,” and the popular TV show, “One Tree Hill,” Sophia Bush knows how to maintain a busy schedule. But Sophia is never too busy for one thing: her beloved rescued pit bull, Griffin. Adopted from a rescue, Griffin, a blue-nosed pit bull puppy, instantly melted Sophia’s heart. In an interview with People magazine Sophia gushes about her adorable pup, “He’s the sweetest, most mellow little guy.” Besides doting on pit bulls, Sophia is also an advocate of animal rescue and encourages the public to seek their shelters and rescues when adopting a new pet, “I can’t encourage people enough – please don’t buy animals.” Griffin is one lucky pup!

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