“Best Kiss” Contest Winners!

February 11, 2013  

Please congratulate Romeo, Zaxby, and Attila!

We had so many amazing entries for this contest, and everyone at StubbyDog would like to thank all of you for doing so much to help overcome negative perceptions and be the best ambassadors in the world!

First Place: Romeo

My name is Romeo. I was rescued from an OC shelter where my mom was dumped to die with 8 of my brothers and sisters. I LOVE all dogs and all humans. I am somewhat of a celebrity. My best friend is actually a parrot. Our videos of us playing together are quite the hit with people. Jake (macaw) and I were runners up in Cesar Millan’s “Unlikely Animal Friends” contest. I was also on Animal Planet, in 2011’s “America’s Cutest Pets”. And then I was also chosen to be in Rover, a beautiful coffee table book that featured rescue dogs. Ellen DeGeneres had the book on her Christmas show and opened it up to only four dogs – that’s right, I was one of them! The Woof Edition of Rover also had my photos in it. (Not to brag or anything.)

My mom has helped me to be an ambassador for our breed. Together we have changed so many minds, and will continue to do so.

This is me and my first kiss with Sarah, another rescued dog. Sarah is a black lab. As you can see, I cannot take my eyes off my mom, no matter how pretty Sarah is. Such is the loving loyal nature of my sweet soul.

Thank you for all you do, StubbyDog. We love you! ~ Paula Penn and Romeo

Second Place: Zaxby

This is my dog Zaxby. He was literally found in a gutter by animal control in October of 2012. We will never know his story but we imagine it was pretty bad as he was emaciated and covered with bites and wounds. Zaxby was rescued by Friends of DeKalb Animals from Dekalb Animal Control and fostered by one of the shelter employees who literally saved his life. Zaxby also had a deformed leg that had to be amputated, but despite his weak condition and major surgery, he smiled and kissed everyone he met as if he did not have a care in the world (and still does!). I fell in love with Zaxby over his Facebook page and my husband and I adopted him in December. He has brought so much joy to our house and is the best friend of Finn, our other dog.

One of the most wonderful things about Zaxby, besides his kisses, is that his foster Mom, Jacki, and I have become great friends and she is now part of our family as well. Through Zaxby we get to help even more dogs as Jacki and I team up on Zaxby’s Facebook page to spread the word about fostering and rescue. We also get to share Zaxby with all his Facebook friends and spread his joy for life across the globe.

This picture is of Zaxby and Jacki and is one of my favorites as it reminds me of the power of love and friendship and the sheer joy of life despite the odds that may seem stacked against you.
~ Katharine Luongo

Third Place: Attila

This is Attila. My brother had gotten Attila from an acquaintance that just told him to take her, that they didn’t want her. Mind you, she had been passed around 2 times before that. I moved out and took Attila with me; although my brother was very sad, he knew she would be great company for me.

Now I am married and we know Attila feels so happy to have two “parents” to love her. The picture I sent you is a glimpse of how much she loves her Air Force papa—she’s totally a daddy’s girl. Every day she waits for him by the door anticipating his arrival from work. But it’s heartbreaking when he deploys, as she stays waiting and waiting for him to come home and when she whimpers, she brings me to tears. Attila is an incredibly smart and loving dog and she makes our family complete! ~ Nicte Cuevas

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