What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

January 4, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s a new year, and a new beginning, so we asked our Facebook friends: “What is your New Year’s resolution for you and your pooch in 2013? More walks and a better balanced diet, or maybe canine good citizenship or therapy dog training?”

Most of us agree that we need more exercise (especially after all those holiday treats!), but in addition to more walks and longer hikes, a lot of us will be joining agility or canine good citizenship classes. And we all resolve to love our dogs even more this year. Thanks everyone for sharing.

More exercise for all
. ~Marlowe Marquez Smith

All treats will be home baked, can’t risk the whole china made treats, my dogs are worth the extra time and effort, I know they would do it for me, so I do it for them
. ~Joey Garcia

More of those Socialization & Agility Training classes Bucky likes so much. ~Katie Smalls

More walking and we’re starting agility courses to form an even stronger bond and keep little Starla Rose as healthy as she can be! Hopefully it will help us be in better shape too. ~Elizabeth Schipper

More exercise and training classes.
 ~Susan Harvey

New Year’s Resolution: To be healthier, happier, and have more fun than 2012. That includes us people too. ~Jesslyn Barriault

Hoping to get into either agility or discdog. Kyra Meyer loves frisbee so possibly discdog, but would like to do both. ~Tony Meyer

Spend more time with Tristan. I’ve been an active duty Marine for years and I’m getting out in January.
 ~Angelina Nanette Sanfilippo

To make sure he has a smooth transition from only child to big brother when the human baby comes in May! We want him to know and feel the same love he gets now, forever.
 ~Jen Woleslagle

Working on more walks, more training and creating a calmer environment in our home and yard. Ultimate goal is three dogs willing to co-exist without confilct. Wish us luck and patience! ~Cindy ‘Richter’ Haberman

To continue learning new signs and to teach unknowing people that any dog (even a DEAF pitbull) is a good dog with the right training. ~Melissa Sanchez

We want to get our CGC. ~Sandra-lee Wolff

More one on one time with each of my three dogs.
 ~Jeanne Zach

More trips to the dog park. He sure deserves it. ~Christina Mahesse

Continue to socialize my foster dog so that he is ready for his long-awaited forever family when he meets them.
 ~Wayward Dogs (A blog)

I lost two of my best friends this year, Lucy Lou 1/2/2012 and Maggie Mcgee 10/10/2012. So my New Year’s Resolution is yes, I do have time for one more walk one more kiss one more pat for the rest of my pooches.
 ~Barbara Mulquin Spradlin

Definitely more walks and trips to the mountains and the beach!
 ~Liliana Ruano

Training, training, training…it never stops, and it makes my babies proud of themselves. Aside from that, our goal for this year is to have as much fun, to have as many adventures, and to stay as healthy as possible!
 ~Julia Sierra Hamberger

I set low goals for Jack as far as training. He doesn’t do much but cuddle, so my priority this year is getting him out and about more often! Hikes and walks and social gatherings.
 ~Stephanie Roynestad Fuller

Definitely more walks!! I need to get back in shape! We’re all gonna do at least a mile a day!
 ~Chris Winicky

More outdoor time for me and the pup.
 ~Kim Daub

More socializing and maybe CGC. Our favorite times are hiking and exploring so we have pledged to get out more than last year.
 ~Tami Killingbeck

Keep working on sports training, maybe set a goal on getting titles but mainly just improve and have fun. Their diet and exercise can’t get much better lol. Oh, and buy more Atlas: Treats for Legs treats because they love it.
 ~Linh Nguyen

Mainly keep my girl in good shape for another year. She is 16 and still going strong. As a CGC Evaluator I have been getting tons of requests for classes.
 ~Terence Iversen

Definitely more walks and hikes. Plus do the canine good citizen test. We already did the class.
 ~Pam Andrus

I simply will try to be the person my dog thinks I am. ~Tess Purvis

I plan to have her groomed on a more regular basis. She’s too special to look ragged.
 ~Eddie M James

To take all the $$ I’ve saved from doing the recycling at our restaurant and finally fence in the back yard so my amazing pretty pittie Roxy and I can start fostering pitties and get them ready to be someone’s new best friend!
 ~Natalie Cox

More walks! ~Maria Villiotti

Happy New Year! and best wishes for an amazing 2013!!

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