Rescue Spotlight – Out of the Pits

January 30, 2013  

Out of the Pits / Albany, NY

Mission statement: Out of the Pits showcases the true nature of the pit bull and its ability to perform as a therapy, sport, and working dog.

About the organization: Out of the Pits came into being in 1994 when Cydney Cross and Mary Allen, two women who had been individually rescuing greyhounds from the New England tracks, met after each had encountered and rescued a pit bull in deplorable condition. They soon became became aware that the American Pit Bull Terrier was the other type of dog cruelly exploited in American society. By this time, many people were helping greyhounds but hardly anyone was speaking up for the pit bull, so the two women soon founded Out of the Pits, dedicated to helping these misunderstood dogs.

Dogs are housed in an extensive network of foster homes, as well as two carefully chosen, quality boarding kennels. There are also 18 teams of registered therapy dogs working throughout the Northeast in schools, nursing homes, prisons, drug programs, and library Reading to Dogs programs. Some of these also aid the handicapped as full-fledged service dogs. The pit bull Kissing Booth is an immensely popular education tool.

Admission Policy: Open admission, no kill. Out of the Pits works closely with animal control, police, municipal shelters, and individuals.

Contact information:

Phone: 518.766.4766
Address: PO Box 2311, Albany, NY 12220
How to volunteer:
Facebook: outofthepits
Twitter: @outofthepits
Blog: n/a
Newsletter: n/a
Post-adoption support: 24 hour behavioral hotline (for both adopters and dogs at risk of surrender for behavioral problems), free obedience class for fosters and shelter dogs, sponsored or low-cost classes for owned pit bulls, CGC classes at multiple locations, medical scholarships in the “Pit Bulls Helping Pit Bulls” program (as funding allows), and free or low coast spay/neuter surgeries through the Fix-a-Bull Program.

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