How Do You Protect Your Dog From Harsh Weather? (Pt. 2)

January 19, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s the middle of January, and the weather can get pretty bleak in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year. So we asked our Facebook friends “How do you protect your dog from harsh winter weather? Do you use coats, leggings, booties, or other things to protect them from the cold and snow?”

Blankets, booties, fleeces, hoodies, shorter walks, and moving to a warmer part of the country are just some of the ways we keep our best friends warm when the weather is cold. Thanks everyone for sharing.

We have different weights of jackets depending on the coldness. A hat for when it is really cold and boots that are worn when it is near 0 Celsius or once the salt goes on the ground. My American Bulldog has sweaters if it is cool inside too. Generally if we are wearing long sleeves/sweaters inside, she wants one on too (she starts to bury herself under blankets). She hates all weather that is cold or wet! ~Shannon Collinson

I live in Florida, and even though we have mild winters my dogs still are sensitive to the cold. My big Staffordshire terrier actually likes wearing clothes and gets a little grumpy when we have to take his sweater off to wash it! ~Maria Isabel Garcia

My three have hoodies to wear for potty breaks. They all have heavier coats to wear for longer outside time, like going for a walk. ~Theresa Mergl

Although our dog stays inside, it gets pretty cold where we live. I will put on a sweater and wipe her paws when we come back from our walks. Unfortunately, she is not a fan of any type of clothing on her, she puts her sad face on. ~Nicte Cuevas

He wears a hoodie when it’s really cold and is only outside long enough to pee. ~Angel Howell

I moved from Chicago to San Antonio. ~Karen Suizzo Morris

We live in north Florida and when it’s cold; my furry babies have fleece jackets. They are indoor dogs – more because of the heat than the cold. ~Sandi Kay

I love Musher’s Secret- applied to my pup’s paws to prevent chapping and cracking, as my pit bulls hate their neoprene boots. It’s easy to apply, and the balm doesn’t stain my floors or carpet. They also wear fleece coats and neck-warmers…a necessity for our Wisconsin winter weather! It was 11 degrees today! ~Angelique R Leong

We live in Coastal North Carolina, when it’s cold my furbaby has a fleece coat my daughter made and his own blankets. He stays in the house except for potty and play breaks. Yes, he is spoiled rotten and I love him. Sorry Angelique, it’s 76 degrees here today. ~Gayle Arthur Lupton

My pit bull wears a coat a neck-warmer and ear muffs keep the baby warm. ~Paula Hall

I have a pit bull/husky mix and since she has the fur like a husky she doesn’t need a coat. She loves the snow and I have yet to see her cold, and we are originally from Canada. I shave her in the summer because she overheats easily. ~Brenda K Vander Woude

Well, we’re in Alaska, so all of the above. They have snow boots, fleece coats, and waterproof overcoats. Most importantly is- if we’re in town make sure to wash any salt and ice melt off their legs! ~Tess Purvis

I wear a sweatshirt or a sweatshirt with a sweater under it. Mom has Musher’s Secret to use on me and Nilla but hasn’t had the need for it yet. ~TaTa Himes

My Jack Russells have sweaters and vests. ~Kim Riley

My pit bull has a pink fleece coat and rubber boots for snow. Thanks Ta Ta for the hint on Musher’s Secret. ~Marilyn Hays Favali

We live in Florida but we Floridians think anything below 70 degrees is freezing winter temps. My boys have a drawer full of hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts for our chilly winter nights. ~Kirsten Thompson

I limit them to one smoke break per 4 hour period. They have not complained of the cold yet. ~Charlie Burger

Nas has a red hoodie, several sweaters and a couple of fleece horse blanket style coats. Depending on the temperature she may wear one or a combination of them. If it’s cold enough she won’t go out without one on. Absolutely no booties will be worn. Jetty who is Labrador/beagle won’t move a muscle if you put anything on her! ~Kate Righter Rhodes

My Dachshunds and my pit bull are sweater wearers and are lucky enough to be house dogs. They rarely need them. ~Tiffany Marie Biter

I live in Florida. ~Rachael Kloke Corrigan

My pit bull likes her coat when it’s less than 35 degrees. My Rottweiler loves the cold, but they both will not go out in the rain. I swear I’ve seen both of them crossing their legs! ~Carrie Carlock

Coat, and boots, (she’s really sensitive to melting salt)! ~Arlene Applebaum

I moved to San Diego. ~Nicole J Coish

My West Highland Terrier has a coat and my border collie has long coat. ~Jacquie Kitty Towers Coutts

A coat and wax for his feet as he doesn’t like the booties and the wax keeps the salt off. ~Patricia Stratulak

Fortunately, I live where the weather does not get extremely cold. I did buy my pit bull a pink coat for breast cancer awareness anyway. ~Rachel Sharp

Both our pit bulls love wearing their sweaters (and they look extremely dapper in them!). They also each have a blanket that they love cuddling up in while in their doggie beds. ~Kimberly Moore Dow

Mine don’t wear anything when they go out to potty then come flying back in. ~Cat Williams

I keep them inside. ~Terry Riggs

Here in Utah it’s been viciously cold. Subzero temperatures at night and yesterday’s high day temperature was 9 degrees. My boys love the snow; they will actually wake me at the first light if it’s been snowing overnight. Sequoia, my black Labrador, won’t wait long enough for the coats and boots. He barrels out the door and rolls in the snow and breaks icicles off with his mouth and eats them. He insists I throw snowballs at him and then eats them. Oakley my gladiator Dane will play for a few minutes, but if it’s under 35 degrees he makes pictures in the snow as he’s running back to the door. He also eats snow and the funny thing is they both won’t eat yellow snow. Even if it’s just food coloring. Any other color they will eat though, I usually have to bribe Sequoia out of the snow with a cookie. They do sleep with pillows and blankets on my bed…spoiled? Nah… ~Jenny Rose

My pit bull, Roland, has almost no fur on his belly, so we have a coat for him, and because his hips and knees are bad, we try to buy coats that cover as much as possible. We also keep him bundled in blankets inside. ~Jae Vick

Pete has a great all-weather wardrobe from D-fa Dogs Subwoofer and Teckleklub fleece-lined trench. Two paws up! ~Terri Hundley Garretson

Fibi has a monkey hoodie from Dress-A-Bull. Because even in Austin, Texas it gets too cold for some of us! ~Diane Causey

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