How Do You Protect Your Dog From Harsh Weather? (Pt. 1)

January 18, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s the middle of January, and the weather can get pretty bleak in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year. So we asked our Facebook friends “How do you protect your dog from harsh winter weather? Do you use coats, leggings, booties, or other things to protect them from the cold and snow?”

Blankets, booties, fleeces, hoodies, shorter walks, and moving to a warmer part of the country are just some of the ways we keep our best friends warm when the weather is cold. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Photo of Mr. B and Miss M courtesy of Two Pitties in the City.

Mama puts me in a sweater or coat and I also have a little Santa hat I wear too! ~StaciandSassy Lynn

Keep them inside, and then use a jacket for potty breaks. ~Kimberly Cole

My animals are inside and the backyard is grass, so no need for booties, but they do wear sweatshirts when the weather is really bitter, and there’s a towel by the backdoor for drying off wet feet. ~Nocte Vena Cava

I keep my pup indoors, but when we go outside or take a car ride in the cold weather, I put my dude in a jacket. I pop his collar because he’s super cool! ~April Mullen

A warm wooly jacket that looks like a horse blanket and three comforters and if it’s really chilly, inside by fireplace. ~Sonja Vasquez

Coat, or sweater and very quick trios outside then warm up in their blankets with snuggles! ~Susan Rhoads Elmore

Neither will wear boots so I attempt to put paw guard on them. That’s not always easy either so the paws always get wiped after walks. The walks are much shorter and they will wear their coats! ~Tiffany S. Herrera

He will only wear a sweater. He pulls everything else off and uses them as toys. ~Janine Lizette

Every winter I crochet my pit bull a new sweater. This year she’s rocking the pink and brown striped sweater. In fact, she often refuses to go outside if she doesn’t have her sweater on. ~Brooke Kristin

They are inside except to go out to potty and play. When we walk in the cold, they wear their sweaters and hoodies. Not much snow in West Texas but when it does snow we don’t go for walks. They like the snow but Mama’s a wuss. ~Carolee Pineau

Sweaters and coats. ~Vegan in Heels

Living in Central Florida, I don’t have to worry like I did when I was in Rhode Island, but on those chilly nights, my Florida dogs aren’t used to they get coats put on them. When I lived up north, I had a black Labrador that swam year round and loved it! Go figure! My Golden loved playing in the snow with my Labrador, but neither would tolerate the booties, so their time was limited and their paws dried and warmed once back inside. ~Shawn Floriduh

I’m of the opinion that dogs (other than breeds built specifically as lap companions) are pretty sturdy animals. Plus, Holly hates clothes. So I only put a jacket (horse-blanket style) on her when it’s both cold and wet out. As long as it’s dry, her built-in fur coat works just fine. ~Skye McFarlane

My pit bull mix wears a coat. It is cold here in Michigan. ~Deanna Druyor-Wetzel

I live in Florida so we don’t have “harsh winter weather,” but sometimes I wish we did so I could dress my dogs for a purpose and not just because they look freaking adorable! ~Sarah Carlson

I keep mine living with me here in South Florida! ~Cindy ‘Richter’ Haberman

My two Irish Wolfhounds live in the house with us. We go hiking without protection when the weather is decent. One sleeps with us too. ~Kathy Derby

Ruffwear products! Booties, socks, and jackets! ~Robbyn Echon

My Harley has a pink hoodie that she wears when the weather is really cold outside, or if it’s snowing/raining. Most of the time she won’t let me take it off of her even after she has come back inside. We tried booties once, I have never seen a dog look so pathetic in my whole life! ~Kellie Crider

I use a coat, as you can see from my profile picture because even in the cold weather we do lots of walks. We tried boots, but they wouldn’t stay on. ~Katie Francis

I have two Great Danes who have trained me to let them in as fast as possible so they can resume position in front of the woodstove. ~Roberta Webber Pearson

I recently got Grace a coat that is easy to put on – Velcro under her tummy and in front of her neck. It’s fleece inside and a waterproof/water-repellent rip-stop nylon with a reflective strip on the outside. She’s not a dog that likes wearing “outfits” but she seems to really enjoy wearing this. We’re in the mid-Atlantic region and she wears it when it’s windy or raining or really cold. ~Rhonda Shore

They stay indoors as much as possible. At night our short-coated (very short coats) dogs wear dog coats and have blankets over them. ~Kim D Gray

Fleece coat, rain coat (rains a lot here in Oregon). My dogs have extra blankets in the winter time to cuddle under. My pit bull especially loves to be very warm. Her bed is next to the fireplace. ~Ronna Nussbaum-Langley

In New Jersey my eight dogs, five Chihuahuas, one Jack Russell, one pit bull, and one Australian Shepherd all live in the house with us. If it’s below 40 degrees and/or windy we put sweaters and coats on the Chihuahuas and pit bull, otherwise we don’t dress them. They are quick in doing their business and come right back in, except for the pit bull and Aussie, they like it outside unless it’s windy or wet. ~Esther Lee Schepker

They have sweaters, but they don’t use them much unless we are going out somewhere. Day to day they dash out to take care of business and dash in, they are not fans of the weather, heck they don’t even like to walk onto the wet grass. If anything is actually falling from the sky 1 of the 3 will just hold it until it stops. ~Tabitha Riley

We have Golden Retrievers, so we keep their foot fur trimmed so they don’t form ice balls between their tootsies while they’re outside. They love the cold and are quite put out when they have to come in when I think it’s time instead of when their shivering tells them they’re cold. ~Gail A Bargerstock

Odin won’t wear any clothes so I just limit his time outside to 10 to 15 minutes 3 times a day. We play inside and he goes to doggy daycare once a week. ~Susan Klein

My black Labrador loves the snow. She doesn’t even mind the really cold temps but we only play outside for as long as I can stand it. I don’t put her in anything and she is just fine. ~Sue Crane Bryan

My dogs do not like wearing clothing, but they will let me know when they’re cold. As soon as they give the signal that they are chilly, we go right back inside to the heat to snuggle on the couch. ~Lindsay Lagasse

I moved to Phoenix. Problem solved. Talk to me in July about keeping your dogs cool. ~Leanna Taylor

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