Day One

January 1, 2013  

A compilation of stories from StubbyDog fans

We fell in LOVE with pitties after fostering a gorgeous male for 6 months. We had just gotten a bloodhound puppy (Allie) when he went to his forever home and she was so bummed being an only dog. Just about a week passed and a good friend that knew my love for pitties texted me with pictures of a sweet, barely 8 week old girl that was dropped off at his hair salon. That was it! She was my girl! Now she’s 7 months old and Allie is 13 months old and they are the BEST of friends. Here they are when Nami was still quite small, you can see how they bonded very quickly! They still sleep together! ~Apryl DeLancey

We already had two Bullies, an American Bulldog and a Red-nose mix. My brother-in-law, a vet tech in Ohio, called and told us a client of his had witnessed a little female pit-mix being tossed out of a car window in front of her house. She could not keep her, so she brought her to my brother-in-law’s clinic. He promptly called us (aka “the suckers”) and we went and picked her up two days later. 

Her name is Emma and she is out-weighed by 25 and 35 pounds by her brothers, but she is definitely the boss. I remember when we brought her home and got out of the car, my son asked “Where is the rest of her?” She may be short, but she is mighty. 

She has been with us for seven years and we could not imagine our lives without her or her brothers. They make us laugh every day and make our lives better. ~Gloria Basile

On his very first day in my home, he slept all day long, and made me want to sleep all day long also. Out of all my body parts, he always chooses to sleep on my neck. ~Stephen Kenneth Koeswandi

Athena was born at the Humane Society after someone dumped her pregnant mom there. My daughter (who was an intern there at the time) got to play with those eight puppies every day and fell in love with our girl. When the time came for the puppies to be adopted out, we waited in line two hours before they opened, to make sure we were able to get her. It was like waiting in line to buy tickets for a sure-to-be-sold-out rock concert! We were lucky and brought home Athena, who continues to rock our world! ~Suzanne Kristensen

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