Starla’s Gift

December 11, 2012  

A sweet pit bull takes on her family’s pain and helps them to cope with loss

By Elizabeth Schipper

I’d like to tell you about my dog, Starla Rose. Two Sundays ago, my sister lost her fiancé and I lost a man who was my brother. This was also my partner’s best friend.

My home became a congregation for my sister, and any friends who wanted to stop by to be together. Starla is a very energetic little pit bull and that didn’t disappear while we had guests here, but her disposition shifted greatly. She calmed down and was attentive to everyone in our home.

The most special part was the love she showed my sister. We watched Starla take on so much emotion and sadness and return with an unbelievable amount of love. If Starla wasn’t snuggling my sister, she sat on the floor looking at her. She gave as many kisses as my sister allowed, and just loved. Every night when my sister fell asleep, Starla was right by her side.

Starla is my hero because she holds our little family together. She gives so much love and makes us laugh hysterically even when we think we can’t break a smile. She’s my little love and I would not be here and healthy if it wasn’t for her. I truly believe she got us through one of the most difficult weeks of our lives.

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