Eleanor Rigby

December 24, 2012  

An abandoned puppy brings joy to her new home

By Amy Summerhill

Sweet little Eleanor Rigby was abandoned at a vet’s clinic in when she was 6 weeks old. She had been so starved that she weighed only 4 pounds and her legs were curled into half circles with rickets. The staff there were some tender hearted, amazing women (including my daughter, Skylar). They treated Rigby and fostered her for 3 weeks.

When Rigby came to live with me, joy ran rampant in my home! She is laughter, she is fun, she is love, she is delight, she is gratitude. I loved taking Rigs to work with me at the preschool. A sad child missing mama could be instantly cheered by a visit to Ms. Amy’s office and a few minutes sitting beside the puppy’s crate with a book. Rigby was a regular puppy, a little weaker than most, a little clumsier, or so we thought. But over the next few weeks we watched with sadness as Rigby lost her eyesight.

We decided that we would just continue to love Rigby. Everywhere we go people are drawn to Ellie Rigs. People are surprised to learn that she is blind, and some people are surprised to learn that she is a “pit bull”! I have met the most wonderful new friends through Rigby. She is such a goofy ambassador not only for “pit bulls” but also for anyone with a disability. Rigby does not let her blindness hold her back. She loves to grab the end of the toilet paper and “roll” the house. Taking logs from the woodpile and scattering them around the yard is another fun activity. She is excels at her training, and has become confident and trusting.

Rigby inspires me to forgive, to persevere, and to believe in the potential of all. She has taught me that opening my heart and my home to someone who needs love is worthy and right and true. I can’t imagine life without this sweet companion who has completely run away with my heart!

Thank you for your work to educate others about “pit bulls” and to provide loving homes for so many! May God bless you in all your endeavors in the coming year and may 2013 be the best year ever for America’s Dog!

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