Why Our Adopted Elderbulls Rock

November 9, 2012  

November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month and you know we at StubbyDog love our seniors! So we asked our Facebook fans, ’Fill in the blank: My adopted elderbull rocks because ___!’
They are cuddly, calm, sweet and well-mannered, our beautiful elderbulls give back to us every day. Thanks everyone for sharing.

(photo courtesy of CharlieDog and Friends LLC)

He is always down to take a nap and he shares the blanket.

~ Monica Long

He keeps my stress level down.

~ Breanna Findley

He is top dog!

~ Carol Swift Pohina

She is finally too old to fly over the backyard fence on a whim.

~ Niko Navhainia

She is sweet and loves nothing more than eating, snuggling and sleeping in that order.

~ Gia Trapani

She is always ready to cuddle!

~ Heather Mailler Nieves

She is something else. She is so calm and well mannered. She just lays her head on your lap and drools when she wants what you are eating.

~ Joanne Dulo Radford

Her soul is so clearly visible through her deep brown eyes.

~ Aussie Pet Mobile – Cape Cod

She is beautiful, no matter what they say.

~ Julie Dennis

She saved me.

~ Lisa Lutz

She is the sweetest and snore-purrs when we pet her.

~ Crista LiKo

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One Response to “Why Our Adopted Elderbulls Rock”
  1. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    I adore my elderbull — she’s a “mini-me.”  She’s older, but still a “diva”; easygoing, but not afraid to tell you what she will not tolerate; a dynamic personality that’s slowing down just a bit; loves living a good life, but has no desire to keep up with the Joneses; doesn’t let what other people think dictate how she lives her life; enjoys savoring the beautiful moments in life; loves to be cuddled, but will let you know when enough is enough; and loves a peaceful nap!  Sounds like a soulmate to me!