What’s Your Travel Regimen With Your Dogs Over the Holidays?

November 30, 2012  

The holidays can mean travel for many of us, and who wants to leave their dog at home. So we asked our Facebook fans, ’What is your travel regimen with your dogs over the holidays?’ How do you keep them comfortable during the trip? Do they stay with you at the homes of friends and family, or do you stay at pet-friendly hotels? (And if you have hotels that you particularly like to use when traveling with pets, let us know!)

If we don’t have a pet sitter and can’t take our dogs with us traveling, we would rather just stay home with our dogs. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Elvis gets a big walk immediately before a road trip to bring his energy level down for a long car ride. Every time we stop to stretch our legs, he gets to stretch his, too. As long as we bring his bolster bed, blanket and one toy, he’ll be comfy wherever we stay – usually with family. – Lakeshore Bully Club

We don’t travel out of town for the holidays, however, when we go to Florida for (much too infrequent) vacations, we stay at Pineapple Villas in Panama City Beach. They are pit bull friendly and it’s a very nice place on the quiet west end of the beach away from the high rises. – Elise Redmond

We always take our dogs with us! Several Best Westerns have high weight limit policies, call and check with the one you want to stay at first. Hill House Inn in Mendocino is another of our dogs’ favorites! – Patty Sarge Terribilini

We get to ride in dad’s Escalade, mom keeps a bowl of water handy. We go from North Carolina to western Pennsylvania in 8 and half hours, 3 stops to pee and stretch. We all stay at GrannyMa’s with her puggle pack of six. We love the snow, she has a doggie door big enough for Apollo’s giant head. – Sherrie Lockman Sullivan

Friends and roommate watch most of the time, thought I travel very little. Anywhere I do go however, Jack my problem child, comes with me since no one will watch him. Yikes. – Lisa Sanders

Well, whatever they are Chaco (a card carrying member of “Dogs Against Romney”) rides inside! – Alexander Roberts

We don’t travel for the holidays, because the city my mother lives in has a pit bull ban. – Tabitha Riley

Zeus and Zyla haven’t gone on vacation with us yet due to my illness the last couple of years. We have a camping trailer we can use either at a campground or a friend’s property. If our dogs aren’t welcome, we won’t be visiting overnight. – Zeus Paradis

We hire a stay-in petsitter to take care of them and the house. – Diane Androvich

We don’t travel much. I boarded them twice. Last time I paid big bucks and put all three in the presidential suite. Had to put the oldest down a month later! Not happy! They were hiding something! – Chris Winicky

I have a person that can sit all my animals. I used to take my dog Sophie with me, but my family is afraid of her because she’s a pit bull. Even though she had wonderful behavior for six years and made a mistake this past summer they told me I shouldn’t bring her back. Her mistake was blamed on her aggressive breed and not the human behavior that caused her to defend us. Maybe this summer Sophie and I will take a real vacation, and our puppy Frankie too! – Sue Ratley

My three travel back and forth to the shore on the weekends. They even have their own “weekend suitcase.” They are very good in the car; they just get in and sit. The only thing extra is towels for Finn’s drool. – Susan Rodriguez

We don’t travel, we stay home with our pets (12 dogs, 1 cat and 4 horses). That way we all stay happy. – Kim D Gray

Tabitha Riley this makes me sad. We must fight to end breed discriminatory legislation! – Sherrie Lockman Sullivan

Usually take him with us. We are going to Texas this year and are not sure what to do. He has a lot of energy and we want someone to be able to play with him and care for him as we would. We have stayed at Candlewood Suites before. They are usually pet friendly and not too expensive. – Annia Beattie

My girl travels everywhere with me, if she can’t stay then I don’t stay there. She has her own suitcase and brings her favorite toys, treats, and blanket. We’ve stayed at many different hotels that have been very accommodating, but Embassy Suites is our favorite. – Jeni Jamison

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