What Super Power Would You Have to Help Pit Bulls?

November 23, 2012  

We’ve been asking this question of our StubbyDog everyday heroes, and we thought it would be great to ask our Facebook fans, too! ’If you had a super power that could be used to help pit bulls, what would it be?’

Overwhelmingly you wanted people to feel compassion and empathy for pit bulls and see all the wonderful traits we see in them every day. Thanks everyone for sharing.

To be able to immediately make all Humans kind and loving toward ALL animals.

~ Tracy Photogirl Shaw

To make all humans fall in love with them.

~ Lisa M Landry

To ensure each and every one of them had a loving family of their very own and to abolish all BSL in the world!

~ Renee Shirey Fry

I would have telepathic powers and be able to make people realize that they are sweet loving dogs and also this power would work the same way to stop animal abuse!

~ Melanie Murphy

That’s an easy one Mind control. Get rid of the prejudice, the desire to fight them, and implant the understanding of the need to spay/neuter.

~ Teri Williams

My super power would make it impossible for those that would harm them to be anywhere around them.

~ Tiffany Bair Gillooly

With the saying of the word “pittie” that people would have the ability to perceive how wonderful this breed is immediately!

~ Teri McCann

To make sure that people see pit bulls as they really are, sweet dogs that, like almost any other dog, can be trained by HUMANS to be aggressive. The perception is just not fair.

~ Terry Vance Sheldon

To make all dog loving people see the beauty in them that I see so they would go out to the shelter and adopt one! (or two, or three.)

~ Sharyn Glowatz

To teach folks the right way to raise and love a bully breed; to not chain them up to trees or teach them aggressive behavior.

~ Merry Block

To completely abolish “BSL” so that no one in the world will have to give up their beautiful babies because of discrimination.

~ Renee Gainey

To remove the instinct in people that makes them want to fight and abuse them!

~ Pam Heiman

Wipe humans of their memories of ignorance and hate and replace it with kindness and love. With a wand, like in “Men In Black”, haha. Or give every pit bull a protective shield.

~ Kamrie LeBlanc

I’m with the others that would want powers to control minds to stop abuse and neglect of all creatures no just pits.

~ Lynn Hopkins

The power to make compassion contagious and not a process of synapsis so that eventually it is a part of all human DNA.

~ Wade Shaw

To be able to introduce anyone, anywhere, at any time to my pit just to prove how lovable, loyal and well-behaved these dogs are!

~ Emily M. Degnan

The ability to put knowledge into people’s heads, so they would understand that pit bulls are just another breed of dog and want to be loved and treated the same as any other dog.

~ Lisa Malsegna

I would love to have the power to allow the haters to look into a pit bull’s eyes and see the love and devotion that I see!

~ Christine Pitcher

I’d like to be able to just wiggle my nose and magically spay or neuter any dog!

~ Laura Nalven

Remember the movie “Powder” with the pale kid that touched the deer hunter and made him feel what the dying deer felt and he never hunted again? That’s the power I want – the power to transfer empathy.

~ Nocte Vena Cava

That mind eraser pen in “Men in Black,” to be used to erase preconceived notions of the pit bull. That or the ability to sense abuse 50 miles away, the power to catch those evil souls in action, and have them punished “properly”

~ Laura MacDougall

Time travel.
First: Kill Hitler. It has nothing to do with pit bulls, but if you get the chance to go back in time, always kill Hitler first.
Second: keep the infamous Sports Illustrated pit bull issue from the 70s from being published.
Third: keep Michael Vick from ever getting a dog.
Fourth: invest heavily in Microsoft and Apple in their early days, use my now VAST fortune to fund pit bull rescues.

~ Eric Miller

To allow people to view pit bulls without predetermined prejudice.

~ Nan Ellis

The power to change the negative stereotype and opinion that people have about pit bulls.

~ Donna Ghostbear

Power of empathy. Make humans feel the neglect, and what it’s like to be dumped on a road, or in the pound.

~ Chris Winicky


~ Shawn Lowe

Instantly vaporize the thugs that mistreat and use pit bulls as weapons.

~ Vickie Seeley

The power to control my sympathy and emotions. These dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves. They need our commitment not our pity.

~ Shannon Dorton Baker

I would establish FREE pit bull/pit mix training/rehabilitation sites all over the country in order to reduce the in-grained perception tied to this wonderful breed of dogs. I would include mobile trainers who can travel to and work with rescues, shelters and new adopters to make pit bull rehoming much more successful! Of course, I need to win the lottery first!

~ Lauren Jackson

That every person who is afraid of pit bulls, or dislikes them based on media propaganda, gets the chance, in a controlled environment, to see them interact with others, and then if they wish with themselves. Stats don’t ameliorate fears, experiences do. I would also take the opportunity to discuss animal cruelty, puppy mills, and dog fighting and what we can do to change the status quo.

~ Diana Jones

Definitely telepathy/mind control to change the minds of all those people who think pit bulls are dangerous.

~ Lorraine Tompkins

I like the mind eraser thing, but I the best idea is to make people really feel what they do to an animal when they hurt or kill it. We will start with Vick and his brother.

~ Alissa Cooper

End BSL and dog fighting (for all dogs). Have everyone think of the pit bull as they did in the past as a great family dog, strong and loyal. Educate all kids at a young age on the care and treatment of all animals.

~ Monica Schrager

Change the mind-set of the shelters, that won’t even consider putting pit bulls up for adoption to, each dog is an individual, let’s see what this pup needs to get adopted. And then do it!

~ Nancy Goodman

To give them each a loving and kind forever home, with full bellys, so they can sleep well!!!!

~ Danette Popham

Persuasive telepathy (ie “jedi mind trick”). As in, “these ARE the dogs you’re looking for.” Or “you WILL spay/neuter your dog.”

~ Skye McFarlane

To change the perception of everyday people who have read that pit bulls are a menace to society without ever meeting a bully breed. Judge the deed, not the breed.

~ John Fejer

I’d love to see dog fighting end as a sport and source of entertainment. I’d also like to see every fostered, sheltered, and neglected pit bull type dog go to a perfectly matched forever home where they can hog the couch like my one bully is currently busy doing.

~ Rebecca Atkinson Grove

The power to spread knowledge and educate the public about the great pit bull while dispelling myths and media hype; the power to change minds one pit bull smooch and smile at a time…. Oh wait I already have those super powers and use them every single day LOL. If every responsible owner just changed the mind of one person a week the world would be a better place for pit bulls everywhere. WE ALL HAVE THE POWER! This would not only help to stop BSL, neglect and abuse, but would help the dogs who are in shelters get homes too.

~ Patch O’ Pits Therapy Dogs

The power to spay or neuter dogs owned by careless people so the shelters are no longer overrun with these amazing dogs. The power to put every homeless dog instantly into a warm and loving home.

~ Susan Tyler McPhee

It would be the power to escape the hands of those murderers that say because I’m a bully breed I’m a bad dog. And to find my way into the hands of the angels who know I’m a loving smart breed that needs a chance to prove myself like any other dog!

~ Jeffery Patterson

The power to change haters into compassionate people who would never prejudge a dog based on their looks, but rather see the good in them.

~ Esther Agosto Landsverk

Simple, the power to make them see what is in a heart rather than a prejudice news article.

~ Jessica Schillace

The ability to eliminate breed racism.

~ Joseph Donner

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4 Responses to “What Super Power Would You Have to Help Pit Bulls?”
  1. MelanieWatson says:

    THE world is cruel and evil,, so I do not wish to change people its a proven fact that it can not be done…People have tried for centuries, so I wouldnt waste a thing on the human race…I would love the power and ability to house al the babies that needed love and a home, so I could watch over them ALL myself

  2. AdrianaThumm says:

    2 of those dogs in the photos are mine. The one on the stairs is Blanca & the handsome blue and white one standing in the yard is her brother Junior. They are 9 years old now


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