To Whom It May Concern: Giada is Awesome!

November 26, 2012  

A letter to StubbyDog describes one family’s love and adoration for their pit bull

By Frank Gallego

Giada is a 3-year old pit bull. We adopted her from a veterinarian in New Jersey when she was 6 months old. It turned out that she had parvovirus as a young puppy. We met her and it was an instant connection. She was so sweet and very gentle with our then 1-year-old son. We had to adopt her.

She turned out to be the perfect family dog. If you ask our now 4-year-old son who his best friend is he’ll say Giada. She is so great with him!

It turned out that Giada had a hidden talent. While attending an obedience class, we noticed our trainer training a dog to sniff out bedbugs. My husband is an exterminator and this was right up his alley. We asked the trainer if he could train Giada to sniff out bedbugs too…turns out she has a terrific nose and was a natural. She is now an essential part of my husband’s business, Dynamic Pest Control LLC. Her face is on the van and business cards.

Giada is also great at changing peoples’ perceptions of pit bulls. When our friends first met her they were a little scared and intimidated of her. Now they love her and their daughter can’t get enough of her kisses. On the job, customers can’t believe she’s a pit bull. She comes into peoples’ homes with her sweet personality and they instantly love her.

Even our family members doubted our decision to get a pit bull with our young son. Now they wouldn’t have it any other way. She is welcomed into their homes; they even keep bones and toys at their house just for Giada.

Overall, Giada is a terrific dog. From home to work, she’s simply the best. I can honestly say there will always be a pit bull in our home. Actually, we are currently looking to add another pit bull to the family.

Thank you for taking the time to read Giada’s story. She’s one of a kind.

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2 Responses to “To Whom It May Concern: Giada is Awesome!”
  1. DianaJones says:

    “She was so sweet and very gentle with our then 1-year-old son. We had to adopt her.”
    Nuff said, well, except for she looks and sounds like a gem!