Rueben Is Just Right

November 13, 2012  

A senior pit bull is the perfect match for one college-aged couple

By Bethany Walser

When I tell people we adopted Rueben, a 12-year-old pit bull who strained to walk, couldn’t be picked up, has an extreme phobia of storms, has to take medicine at least twice a day, and can only eat $60 worth of dog food due to liver disease, I get one of two responses. Either they stare at me like I’m out of my mind or they tell me what a wonderful person I am.

A lot of people I know had concerns about adopting a senior dog, let alone an extra special one! They said that his medical bills would be too much, he would die as soon as we got attached, and that he wouldn’t be able to do or learn anything. So far, Rueben has outlived all expectations; his medical bills are paid in full and he has learned a lot of cool tricks!

This story gets even weirder when you find out my husband and I are in our early 20s; we both work minimum wage jobs and go to school full-time. Rueben fits our lifestyle perfectly, though. Rueben doesn’t need a million walks a day or an hour in the yard; cuddling while I do my homework is just right. It’s true that he doesn’t have a very long life ahead of him, but we don’t know if we can handle a dog after college and right now we know we can. A senior dog fits that timeline.

Rueben is a wonderful dog; he doesn’t do anything extra special like therapy and may not be considered an “Ambassadog,” but that doesn’t make him any less special to me. Sometimes, I find myself amazed at how much patience and love he has brought into my life. He loves unconditionally despite a life without a home (until now), and forgives easier than any human could. He truly embodies what makes a dog a dog: love and forgiveness.

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12 Responses to “Rueben Is Just Right”
  1. classyny1 says:

    Oh how I would love to adopt Rueben, I had a Pitbull for 16 years and they are just as much fun to have when they are older. It honestly would kill me to go through a loss again, I have a 1year and 5 months Pitbull puppy and she saved my life after I lost my girl, she was like a daughter to me and I tool it really bad. I just want to say that just because Rueben is 12 doesn’t mean she has no piss and vigor because that would be a lie. Maybe not so much running, but swimming is good, and Oh by the way I have something for the storms and I can say without a doubt they work 100%…..
    It’s called “THUNDER SHIRT” it is exactly like swaddling a baby, it makes them more calm. whatever bothers him put it on. I wish you all the best in finding that wonderful person or couple that will give Rueben love and a great last part of his life.

  2. PolosNPearls says:

    Reuben is so lucky to have found you and your husband, and it sounds like you’ve been been pretty lucky to have him as well! Adopting a senior dog really is just as rewarding, if not more than, adopting a young dog. What a great story!

    • StubbyDog says:

      It is a great story, it’s so nice when people young or old see the benefit in opening their hearts and homes to an older dog.

  3. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    It makes absolute perfect sense to me that you adopted Reuben!  Despite being young, you and your husband have exhibited wisdom far beyond that of most other adults.  You chose to open your home to a loving dog, regardless of his age and physical limitations; one who fit your lifestyle, and one whom you chose after considering all of the existing and potential issues.  Reuben has taught you both the value and blessings of patience, tolerance, commitment, and the true meaning of unconditional love.  Seems to me that all three of you have been blessed beyond imagination.  One day, when Reuben crosses that rainbow bridge, you will certainly grieve.  But you’ll have the love and memories of this amazing dog to help ease that pain and bring a smile to your face.  If I were to meet you, I too would stare at you……but not because I think you’re out of your mind.  I would stare at you in awe and respect.

  4. kelleb says:

    Thank you for loving Rueben!! it sounds like you are all lucky to together!!

  5. bicwood says:

    Thank you for adopting Reuben and for keeping those of us who fell in love with him during his time at Best Friends up-to-date on his life with you.  We last say Reuben at BF this past July and really thought he was approaching the end.  He now looks like he has “unaged” 5 years or more living with you.  He is a special dog and you are special people.  It is great that the three of you got together.

    • StubbyDog says:

      Isn’t that just wonderful!!!?!! A loving home has rejuvenated him and he in turn gives so much too.

  6. HeidiMyers says:

    What a wonderful tribute to Reuben. He looks so content. I used to take him on walks when he lived at the Lodges at Best Friends. In his younger days he tried to untie my shoes before going on a walk! Thank you so much for giving this great dog a home in his twilight years.

  7. DianeBrodie says:

    I met Rueben at the Lodges at Best Friends, too.  I adopted Valentine who lived in the run next to Rueben at the time.  She was with me for 13 months.  Rueben worked his way into my heart, but since Valentine was 13 to Rueben’s 8 I took her home.  He is such an awesome guy.  He will give you plenty for as long as you have him.  Thanks so much and give him a kiss for me.  Diane

  8. Judithg says:

    Love, love. love Rueben! Thank you for letting him live his dream with his very own parents! You are wonderful for letting him be your furkid!