Pit Bull Puppy Palooza

November 5, 2012  

You won’t be able to turn away from the live puppy cam!

By Briana Fugitt

Love puppies? Love pit bulls? Now you can get the best of both worlds 24 hours a day, seven days a week! The Pet Collective, an organization dedicated to showcasing pets in need and documenting homeless pets’ journeys into their new homes, has teamed up with New Leash On Life Animal Rescue in Newhall, Calif. to bring you non-stop cuteness!

The Pet Collective was eager to focus on the pit bull mixed breed in the hopes of providing a positive representation of one of the sweetest and most loving dogs – dogs who are facing discrimination on a global scale. The film crew of The Pet Collective accompanied New Leash to a very overcrowded Los Angeles county shelter to rescue a pit bull mix mama and her six pups. When asked which litter we were coming to see, the shelter employee informed us that there were 13 different litters available for adoption. And we only had room for one.

As heartbreaking as it was, we were happy to be able to save the life of at least one mommy and her babies. Hope, as the mama was named, is just about the sweetest and most lovable girl you could ever meet. Surrendered to the shelter while pregnant, Hope and her unborn pups didn’t have a very good chance at making it out alive and healthy. When we entered her kennel, she immediately rolled over onto her back hoping for tummy rubs. She let us examine each pup, who at the time had just learned to open their eyes, without any protest and wagged her tail each time we held a pup. Underweight, infested with parasites and worms, and in need of good nutrition, Hope was still sweet as could be despite how awful she must’ve been feeling. Hope and her pups now had a bright future ahead of them.

Hope and pups are now safe and sound getting all the nutrition, care and love they need. For every new subscriber The Pet Collective receives on their YouTube channel, 25 cents will be donated toward animal rescue. All six pups and mama Hope are available for adoption and will be able to go home when they are all healthy and fully vaccinated. Get ready to be completely obsessed with adorable puppy footage any time you need a puppy fix! Hope and her pups are true examples of what pit bulls are: loyal, devoted and amazing! Just see for yourself!

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