Lexi – Adopted!

November 22, 2012  

Lexi, a 3-year-old SF AmBull/Amstaff Mix in Providence RI, is a sweetheart of a pup who has come such a long way. She was initially surrendered to an area shelter under mysterious circumstances: the owner was moving and only noted in the surrender paperwork that Lexi was a ‘picky eater.’ On intake, the staff were appalled at her condition – emaciated (around 20lb underweight) and with skin bald, raw and inflamed from allergic reaction and untreated infection. Her feet were a bloody mess, and she spent her first days curled in a miserable ball.

Handsome Dan’s Rescue learned of Lexi and stepped up to help this sweet, sad girl. When Lexi entered foster care, she was very affectionate but clearly lacking in confidence; she had little to no training, had developed some reactivity to other dogs while in the shelter kennels, and had no idea what to do with toys. She had a rough start, as the resident dog in her home can be dog selective and hard to get along with, but oh how our Lexi has blossomed! Now, nearly two months from her foster-home-coming, Lexi is a healthy 70 lbs, she adores her foster sister (who tolerates her in return and who she trains and walks with daily), she plays with a myriad of toys (antlers are her favorite, plush toys a close second) and she is coming along with her training. She has been to the vet and made huge strides in addressing her allergies, including medication and diet modification, and is looking forward to a visit with a specialist in the coming weeks. Lexi has proven to be a resilient girl with a huge heart, capable of bonding deeply and willing to do anything to fit on your lap! Despite being three, she has retained a puppy-like air, always inquisitive and happy in almost all situations with bursts of exuberant activity, yet she is overall a low-energy couch potato (she LOVES couches. And futons. And has even been known to sleep perched on an office chair – Lex is a fan of creature comforts!); she seems to oscillate between inexperienced pup and sage senior citizen. Lexi currently wears boots to protect her feet, and is a bit of a weenie about the cold and rain, so she has a variety of coats (even a housecoat) that she wears with relish (seriously, she loves them).

She would do best in a situation that can rise to her energy spurts, but that will allow her to be the lazy lumpkin she is at heart. Lexi’s ideal home would be able to continue working with her allergies, adhering to her strict diet and dealing with flare-ups as they happen (if she is adopted locally, she will have a lifetime 15% off of her food at our local partner store!). She may be a little more work, but boy is she worth it! She currently lives with a cat, who she treats with the utmost respect (and wisely so), and would likely do very well with a dog-savvy cat. We also think that she would benefit from a canine sibling who is calm and well-mannered, who would also tolerate her silly, playful outbursts, or from being an only pup. We are uncertain about how she would be with children, and feel that she would do best in a home without kids given how clumsy she can be (her nickname is ‘The Gallump’) and that she has never really had experience with children and seems a little uncertain of them. Most of all, Lexi will need a couch, and a person all her own to give her the love she deserves and to accept the kisses she so longs to give in return.

You can see Lexi’s Petfinder profile here and read her blog. She is available through Handsome Dan’s Rescue For Pit Bull Type Dogs in Providence, Rhode Island.

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2 Responses to “Lexi – Adopted!”
  1. Brenda says:

    She is adorable! Has expressive eyes and enjoys creature comforts like my pitty Ruby

  2. Lee Morrow says:

    This may be the most amazing write up of a foster that I have ever read. Kudos.