How to Prep our Pooches for a Big Storm

November 2, 2012  

With Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast, it reminded us that we need to be prepared for disaster. So we asked our Facebook fans, ’What are some pooch must-haves when prepping for a bad storm, especially when threatened with a power outage or having to evacuate?’

And of course our amazing fans were filled with great suggestions to make our dogs safe during a disaster. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Crates, leashes, collars, towels and/or blankets, pre-packed food/water, medicines, pre-determined place that takes animals (in case of evacuation). Basically incorporate your animal’s emergency kit into your human emergency kit.

~ Veronica Villareal

Treats, water, bones, love and reassurance from their caretakers.

~ James Silvius

Food, water, pet meds, collar with tags and leash, vet records.

~ Marilyn Ledet Broadaway

Fresh water, crate, enough food for a week for each pet, and something familiar (i.e. toy, blanket, bed) the pet has had for a long time.

~ Stacey Punch

Bowls, water, food, their favorite chew toy to help comfort and relieve stress, and mom or dad.

~ Ashley Bering

Up-to-date records from the vet. If you are forced to evacuate and need to find boarding for your furry family member, you won’t be able to get it without them.

~ Bridgette Ruggles

All pets should be microchipped.

~ Ashley Bering

An evacuation plan that includes pets! Plenty of food, crates, carriers, leashes, tags, microchips, plenty of meds if needed and recent photographs of your pet in case they do get lost or there is an issue of ownership.

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

72-hour kit (all three of my dogs have one).

~ Sandy Nelson

We have food, bully sticks, vet records, and crates all set and ready to go. I also make as many stuffed Kongs as I can and freeze them before the storm hits so that the dogs have something to keep them busy.

~ Jenny Ford

Toys, treats, and bully sticks to keep them busy! First-aid kit and vet info.

~ Tracey Thompson

Vet records, including microchip info, food, water, enough meds for seven days.

~ Patty VanCise

My dog Dora is going through chemo, so I make sure that I have all her drugs set and ready to go. Bottled water and portable water bowls. Food. And a Thundershirt and Benadryl (makes her sleepy and takes the edge off with less rebound than Diazapam) for my anxious girl, Hannah.

~ Emily Ann Meyer

ASPCA Disaster Preparedness

~ Cathy Chee

To make me feel better: vet records, extra leashes/harnesses, lots of food. To make them feel better: blankie that smells like home, favorite toy, hugs by thundershirt, and real hugs/reassurance from mom.

~ Alyce Kocher

Make sure you have an emergency plan in place for your family that includes pets! Blankets, enough food and water for 3-5 days, first-aid kit, any meds your pet may need, leash, collar, vet info, tags on collars, crates! A place to stay if evacuation is needed that allows pets!

~ StubbyDog Project

Up to date vet records, food, treats, water, bowls, leash, a couple of towels, a blanket to wrap a scared dog in, and their kennel if possible. Remember they are as nervous as you are so stay close.

~ Robin Brownell

Food, bowls, containment, meds, and general first-aid supplies and toys!

~ Lisa Sanders

We make a “Go Bag.” It includes water, bed, first-aid kit including meds for upset digestive tracts, one week worth of food in individual zip baggies, a current picture, and vet records (or at least vaccination record), extra leash and collar and lots of hope and love.

~ Kerri Lopes

Duffel bag has extras of everything they use daily including collar, leash, harness, blankets, toys, etc. Plus copies of “all” vet records, Benadryl (for hives), 10-gallon dry bag (camping or dive type) for food, old socks and tape (to protect feet while outside) and towels.

~ Karen Abell

Need plenty of food and water for them, and if any are on meds, have a good supply of their medications. I also make sure to have something from my vet for anxiety – if it doesn’t work for the dogs, I take some. Shelters here in Florida only accept pets if they’re crated, so crates or carriers may be needed if forced to evacuate.

~ Wendy Smith

Please make sure your dog is on-leash and tethered to you any time you venture outside!

~ Alba Chiara


~ Lisa-Marie Griffith-Podielsky

Food, bowls, crate, blanket and pillow (she hates dog beds but loves pillows), medicine, lavender oil (helps with anxiety), vet records, up-to-date photos, leash and harness, and toys.

~ Maggie Rigney

Make sure your dog’s microchip and or tags have current info! God forbid they should get lost, there needs to be a way to get them home to you. They can’t speak and tell you where they live.

~ Valerie Pitbullmama Wilson

All the above, plus a list of the swankiest pet friendly hotels and reservations for four! Lowes and the Ritz Carlton chains are great!

~ Leslie Jaggers

Very important is a muzzle for evacuation, you may not get to evacuate your dogs with you if they are not muzzled or crated and leashed.

~ Jill Hayes

Non-perishable food, and bottled water! Also, a means of transport if evacuated. Arlene Applebaum

~ James Silvius

Top five: Food, water, harness, leash, vaccination papers. Here in Florida, we know how to prepare for a storm. A good place to keep important papers and valuables: your dishwasher if you have one. It’s water-tight and not likely to blow away.

~ M.K. Means

Collars on the animals with identification tags, paperwork in sealed Ziplock, leashes and a vehicle to get out of town.

~ Sandra Chait- Batty

Where I live we worry about blizzards. Storm stocking for one dog: water, canned food, dry dog food, can opener, blankets, first-aide kit, vaccine records and copy of microchip number, dry socks/jacket, leash/harness, poop bags, and towels. One gallon of water per day for my 50-pound dog. Always over estimate your water needs.

~ Meggan Black

For potty purposes I have a kiddy pool in the garage lined with newspaper and then a small pot with dirt in it as a target. He is not amused, but he will used it if the weather is bad enough and he really has to go.

~ Bridgette Ruggles

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