Elderbull Artist

November 1, 2012  

Kitty the senior pit bull made a perfect addition to his family and raises funds for other needy animals with his paintings

By Lisa Reilly

Our elderbull, named Kitty, is a rescue from All Aboard Search and Rescue of Santa Rosa, Calif. We adopted him on Halloween 2009, when he was estimated around 9 years old. He was left in a backyard his entire life, neglected and under-socialized. He came to us with severe infections in his ears that had swollen the canals shut, and he was missing a lot of fur from a life of unaddressed allergies. He melded into our family with our other rescued pit bull mix, Cami, and our miniature Dachshund, Bitty.

Kitty is now in great shape and has mentored many foster puppies and adults over the last three years, showing them how to master the couch-surf and treat-beg. He paints with his tail every year to raise money for the Paws for Love association and attends their gala in full tuxedo. I had no intention of adopting a senior when we got him, but I couldn’t have had a better experience!

Kitty was a beneficiary of Paws for Love when he was in rescue and needing funding for medical care, so we paint for them every year. The paintings are matted and framed and auctioned at a wine country gala every year to raise funds for other needy dogs.

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