Saving Stella

October 1, 2012  

A family falls in love with a well-mannered elderbull

By Hany Hosny

Stella was abandoned right before the Thanksgiving holiday in 2010, when her owner moved and decided to leave her behind.

Stella had two strikes against her that made the chance of a quick adoption unlikely – one being a pit bull and two being an older dog. Christmas came and went, then New Year’s, and Stella was still waiting for a new home. During her stay, however, staff and volunteers came to realize that Stella was very talented. She possessed a willingness to learn and an incredible determination to please. So in early 2011, for the SPCA’s Pit Stop promotion, Stella was featured in a Pit Stop video, a video that would change her life forever.

Hany, who would soon become Stella’s new owner, says, “It was the video that caused me to jump out of my seat, make a phone call and drive two hours (from Roanoke, Va.) to meet Stella. Because I have been around dogs all my life, I knew from the video I was looking at a very worthy dog. More than worthy! I knew she was a dog that would match up well with my family’s lifestyle.”

Hany admits, “I think I can say that I basically didn’t trust pit bulls. But my family and I evaluated Stella as a dog, not as a pit bull. Kind of the way we should evaluate people. She won us over. We loved her and when we were asked whether or not we wanted to see other dogs, we said ‘no way.’ We didn’t want a dog. We wanted ‘this’ dog! We loved her on first sight.”

Hany and his family exercise Stella regularly. She goes on hikes, plays fetch, enjoys playtime and accompanies the family on errands and all vacations. She is an essential part of the fabric of their household. Stella has even been featured in the Roanoke Library’s local ad campaign.

Stella is now a great bully representative, with impeccable manners everywhere she goes. Hany takes pride in a comment from someone who met Stella saying she was the “most educated” dog he had ever seen!

Stella’s adoption will benefit other pit bulls. Because of Stella, Hany explaines, “I felt a need to help pit bulls in my area. I’ve been volunteering at my local SPCA as well as the animal control facility in my city. I walk dogs, always focusing on the pit bulls, and I do dog photography as well.” Now Hany, his family and Stella work together to support bully breeds and help other pit bulls find great homes, like Stella’s.

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12 Responses to “Saving Stella”
  1. skreidle says:

    What a wonderful story — and a superb video! 😀

  2. Matt.S says:

    Great story! The good that Stella’s done in her “old age” is so inspiring, age aside! Thank you for giving Stella the chance to be the star that she clearly is!

  3. ReneeMKeller says:

    I just love the picture of Stella in her glasses!!  What a great story!!!  Thank you for sharing it.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @ReneeMKeller All the photos are so wonderful, and Renee, you are welcome, we just love this story.

    • StubbyDog says:

       @ReneeMKeller All the photos are so wonderful, and Renee, you are welcome, we just love this story.

  4. tadec5 says:

    I adopted a ‘lab’ at 6 weeks old and never knew that she was part pittie until she grew older and definitely didn’t have the lab head or body shape. It took awhile to fully accept I had a lab/pit but as she grew older and quickly became the smartest dog I’ve ever had and the sweetest, I was happier to not hide the fact that she had pit in her. She has unique qualities and I’ve always wondered which part of her brought out which quality but after watching Stella in action, I now see that most of these come from the pittie side.  Very eye opening and refreshing, like an adoptee seeing a birth parent and knowing where they come from.

  5. richdt says:

    What a great story and beautiful dog…. hats off to the rescue & Stella’s forever family.

  6. molly1956pamela says:

    What a wonderful thing you did for this old, unwanted dog,  She is a real beauty and will return the love you have shown her ten-fold.  You are all lucky to have each other,.

  7. IrisAlvarez says:

    Brought tears to my eyes! Hany the love between you and Stella came through perfectly in your video which was great. . Thank you for sharing.