Quinn the Elderbull Ambassador

October 2, 2012  

A senior pit bull named Quinn teaches us we’re never too old to love

By Emily Ugarenko

This is the story of Quinn. I run an independent rescue, Ador-a-Bull, with my best friend in the breed-discriminatory legislation stricken province of Ontario, Canada. We have been at it for several years and have saved hundreds of dogs. They all are special in their own way, all leaving paw prints on our hearts, but all of them moving on. Until Quinn.

Quinn arrived in a small rural shelter. He was not too worse for wear, neutered, knowing basic commands and passing his temperament test with flying colors. Once upon a time he belonged to someone who taught him a few things about being a pet. You just wish dogs like this could talk.

Quinn spent the better part of eight months moving through foster homes and trial adoptions – no fault of his own, just never the right time or right fit. That’s when he landed with me. Enough was enough: no more bouncing; he would foster with me until the most perfect of placements presented itself. It was a long shot though. Quinn was approximately 8 – 10 years old, and for some reason that made him a little less appealing as someone’s forever dog.

Months passed and he grew on me. It’s like he just knew me and what I needed, and when and where to cuddle. He knew how to make a happy, sighing noise as if to say, “Thank you lady.” The thing of it was, selfishly, I wanted to keep him. I was going through some bumps in the road of my life and Quinn seemed to ground me. He brought this quiet calm to my broken heart, made me smile and really taught me that it was the little things in the world that made it so wonderful (like the first time I watched him wiggle on his back atop my comforter for 10 minutes!).

Then something happened with Quinn, health-wise. Through a sequence of events and issues, it was discovered that Quinn had a rare autoimmune disorder. Best described as a dormant lymphoma type illness, it was presenting itself by swelling his nasal passage shut and showing on his skin in the form of lesions. They don’t hurt or itch him, they just look disturbing. Considering there had been little to no adoption interest on the older gent at this point, I questioned that the addition of these health concerns would “sweeten the pot” for any adopter. And so it was decided. Quinn would just stay with me. He had fit so well since day one and was loving and accepting my two other dogs, my pet rabbits and myself. He was just a good fit.

As the years have gone on Quinn has proven himself nothing short of a breed ambassador. Were it not for the terrible laws in this province he would surely be a therapy dog! Quinn has been a friend and favorite to many in our lives, including several foster dogs, guest starring in one of their blogs on a regular basis.

I can’t imagine my world without Quinn. Heck, I find it hard to remember life before him. Quinner, Sir, Spuds, elderbull. The dog I never knew I always needed.

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5 Responses to “Quinn the Elderbull Ambassador”
  1. Matt.S says:

    Quinn sounds like a wonderful dog that has recieved love from a wonderful human family. Thanks for giving this beautiful soul a real life.

  2. ReneeMKeller says:

    “The dog I never knew I always needed.” I just love that!!  Thank you for sharing your story and for giving Quinn a loving home!!!

  3. Judithg says:

    What a darling Quinn is!  So glad you found one another!

  4. Mrbrainsyck says:

    I’m so tired of breed discrimination, it’s really brain throbbing. Thank you for being someone who is truly trying to make a difference for bully dogs, and taking one in who needed nothing but a permanent home you really are a saint.