Prepping Our Pooches for Events

October 12, 2012  

There are so many walks and activities this month in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, we asked our Facebook fans, ’How do you prep your pooch for the fun to make sure he/she stays safe, happy and healthy during the chaos?’

We just want to make sure our dogs are comfortable at all times, whatever it takes. Thanks everyone for sharing.

I have been going to events since I was a puppy, and tolerate them very well. Mama usually takes me on a long walk the night before. The day of the event we do a short walk or play Frisbee in the yard to blow off some steam before we go. Plenty of water, treats and of course poop bags are a must. If I’m just going to walk around, I take breaks at the booths to get shade and water. And if I’m working a booth I take breaks and walk around. Mama is always on the lookout for me, watching how I am doing, and watching how other dogs are acting. We are there to educate and advocate, but my safety and well-being always takes high priority. It’s all about teaching by example and having fun.

~ Willow WonderBull

Sometimes I wonder if all of these dog friendly events are more fun/social for us than they are for the dogs… So I always try to keep that in mind, if it ends up too stressful or overwhelming I have to be able to leave easily. Good leash and harness/collar depending on the dog, lots of water, and just trying to keep an eye on how my dog is feeling.

~ Nikki Reilly

I have to do the opposite of most people with pit bulls. My dog, who is only about 3, has to rest before events. No walks or outside running time or he won’t walk very far. He is the definition of a couch potato. He loves events though. He goes up to every person and dog to say hi. We are going to the Pit Bull Awareness Walk in Edgewater, CO. He is Mr. Social Butterfly and wants no treats either. Will spit them out if someone gives him one. He only wants some attention.

~ Pam Andrus

I use an English lead instead of one that attaches to her collar for better control and no chance she could slip out if spooked. Also, when we arrive, we stay on the edges of the crowd for a bit to let her get used to things and survey the crowd; we don’t march right in.

~ Kate Simpkin

As much exercise as possible before, a full treat bag, no meal before, have me well rested and ready to keep her occupied with commands/tricks!

~ Martha Kennedy

Whenever I take Shila to an event, we arrive about an hour before it is scheduled to start so she can walk and smell and check things out. It really cuts down her anxiety levels. When she is dressed up for an event, she always seems to be in a different mindset and behaves better.

~ Rose Tremblay

I always make sure to exercise Boris prior to taking him somewhere that might be busy with people and activities. It also is a question of whether or not an event is suitable for him based on his anxieties. Usually a full treat pouch in conjunction with a thunder-shirt and a freedom harness is how I keep my dog relaxed at events.

~ Cassandra Sloss

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One Response to “Prepping Our Pooches for Events”
  1. Prior to an event we run Sasha & Krush to tire them out.  Sometimes it works others plenty of treats seem to calm them down.