Please Standardize Military Pet Policy!

October 1, 2012  

One family’s experience living on base highlights the need for a universal pet policy in military housing

By Mistie Egelhoff

I would like to bring this subject up because it hits home for my family, and I am sure for many other military families as well. We live in a military housing community because we just can’t afford deposits, and housing in town is more than most of our Basic Allowance for Housing allots us. It is hard to relate to a community when you are up rooted as much as we are. So we like to live near other military families who understand our lifestyle, our hardships and our joys.

We got our Harley two years ago, when she was just 8 weeks old. She was a pit mix and very well behaved. We allowed her to run around with the kids in our neighborhood, and the parents loved her and did not mind this. She was our family, our fur baby/child as I like to call her. She was very loving, happy and a kindhearted dog. I took full responsibility of her and she was never allowed to just roam alone.

We moved into our current military housing because the main office lady said she was trying to get the pet policy changed so we could have a pet and to not worry about being kicked out. Well, within a few months after we moved in she was fired. The new office workers caught wind that a few of us had pets and started to pass out letters to our homes. They said certain breeds were allowed! The list included pit bulls.

I found a family to keep Harley for a few months, but it was just temporary. So I made the heart-wrenching decision to give her up to a new family! I was beyond pissed off and heartbroken.

In the meantime, two other nearby familes have also given up their pets.

I also want to bring up that in some military housing if you are E-6 and above you can have up to two dogs of any size, yet below E-5 you can’t have any pets, or only up to 35 pounds. I mean really, why is this even a rule? It’s plain silly!

My Harley meant the world to me. It has been just over a month since I handed her over, and we have even considered moving out of military housing, but we just can’t afford the deposit or price of living out in town. It’s sad that we were put in this situation as a military family. My husband fights for our country, loves what he does, and we all stand beside him and want the best for our fellow military families. So my point is that we should be allowed a dog in all housing, in all units, and there should be no breed banning. Should there be rules and a policy in place, yes, but it shouldn’t no pets at all, and it shouldn’t be breed banning, and it shouldn’t be about rank.

So please help us to get these inconsistent policies changed! I’d give anything to have my little fur child back in my arms. I miss her more and more every day – time is not healing this one! She was like one of my children, and we all loved her! The tears keep coming and my heart keeps breaking! I do not want another family to go through this!

Sign the petition to standardize military pet policies. Visit Dogs on Deployment for more info.

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4 Responses to “Please Standardize Military Pet Policy!”
  1. shortygrl27909 says:

    Did you mean to say that certain breeds were allowed and did not include pit bulls?

    • StubbyDog says:

       @shortygrl27909 We believe the policy includes weight limits and number of pets, only sometimes do they mention certain types of dogs. Either way, it should be stopped. Please sign the petition to help put an end to this. Thank you.

    • Myst4 says:

      @shortygrl27909 Yes, It was meant to say Certain Breeds were NOT allowed and Pits, even mixed pits are on the Banned list! 

  2. donna zawacki says:

    Please allow all military families the opportunity to have all of their pets with them, without prejudice.