Fall Activities With Our Dogs

October 5, 2012  

Now that October is here and the cold air and fall fun is upon us, we asked our Facebook fans, ’What fun fall activities do you like to do with your dogs? Apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches?’

Hiking, longer walks and playing in the leaves were all favorites. Fall gives us just another excuse to spend time with our dogs. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Oliver loves the cooler weather because it means he can go running with me again! ~ Karen Clarke

~ Karen Clarke

Hiking, gardening, chasing lizards, and eating pumpkin!

~ Kitty Kitsch-Barnett

Taking long walks at the reservoir! The smells are endless, which keep doggie noses happy.

~ Amanda Rambo

Our breed ambassadors love to go to all the dog events and show what great advocates they are.

~ Julie Jordan

We love to spend more time going on hikes and playing with the chuck-it since it is not so hot! Thank goodness!

~ Anastazia Burnett

Autumn in Oregon brings beautiful fall leaves alive! We rake them up into piles to let the dogs play with. They jump in them, run through them, jump over them, and even try to eat them!

~ Charity Knight

Plain and simple … everything. ~ Amy Cox Weaver

Hike, hike, hike. Miss Trudy loves the mountains and all the smells it has to offer.

~ Kari Kirby

Watch our girls romp and play in the leaves in our back yard or sit on our front porch wrapped in a blanket letting our girls say hi to everyone who passes by and shows them how loving they can be.

~ Janice Gallick Rosato Wambold

We like to explore the state and city parks in Wisconsin! The humans admire the beautiful leaves and sights and the doggies enjoy the smells of fall!

~ Rachel Rae Lange

We love to go hiking, especially in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee!

~ The Lazy Pit Bull

Planting mums so my pit bull can dig them up.

~ Sandra Chait-Batty

Taking my dog to the nature trail along the creek that runs off the Chesapeake Bay in my hometown of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. And the Blessing of The Pets at my grandfather’s Methodist Church in October.

~ Kat Burns

More hiking and longer walks because Stevie won’t get too overheated and insist that I carry all 70 pounds of him when he gets tired.

~ Stevie the Wonder Dog

More golf cart rides with the three “Habermutts!” We go year-round but it’s much more enjoyable during the fall and winter months here in South Florida. They all love climbing on board and getting harnessed in! Wee!

~ Cindy ‘Richter’ Haberman

Long walks.

~ Josh Kimmel

Hooking up the harness and getting pulled by my pit bull on my bike.

~ Meg Sullivan

We build huge piles of leaves, but hide treats in the middle. They go crazy! It’s awesome!

~ Betty Miller

Here in South Louisiana it means not having to wait until 9:00-10:00 PM to walk because of the heat/humidity.

~ Charlie Jones

Running at the lake. ~ Cynthia Worsham

I don’t know anything about seasons where I’m in (San Diego, CA). It’s always either hot or hotter. Today it’s 100 degrees so we still take my very handsome 4-year-old pit bull to our gorgeous beach. He lives to swim and play in the sand a true California dog.

~ Diana Gonzalez

We’ll be going to Central Park more often to scamper through the falling leaves!

~ Laura Levin

I just love taking walks with my dogs and kicking up leaves!

~ Mary Stevens

Roscoe loves crashing through really high fall grass. He shoves and leaps and “snarfs” and drags me along!

~ Patty Sarge Terribilini

Raking leaves well jumping in the piles of leaves.

~ Christine Rapp

Fresh Michigan apples from the orchard are one of Cooper’s favorite things. He prefers that I slice and hand feed him though.

~ Jodi Bentley VonWihl

Harbor hop, Lake Ozarks Missouri

~ Penelope Kay Braselton

Sleep on the couch in a dog pile with the cool breeze blowing. When we lived back East we loved to let the dogs jump in the piles of leaves!

~ Nikki Reilly

I will take my dog to the Walker sculpture garden so she can smell the last of the flowers and see the fall leaves. She loves being out in nature!

~ Elizabeth Schipper

Chasing balloons during Fiesta.

~ Linda Taylor

We love to go to the state parks. Hiking mostly, we save canoeing for the warmer season. The kids, dogs, and I also share any healthy pumpkin stuff we can get our hands, or paws, on!

~ Alysa Collis Kirby

Canicrossing in the woods! ~ Kristi Jones

Walking around Lake Elkhorn in Columbia and walking along the Potomac on the Virginia side with the girls.

~ Ron Dominicis

I take my little brindle buddy to the park to run and play in the fall leaves. We get a lot of fall colors and leaves here in Washington, he loves it.

~ Brittanie Pivinski

Longer walks in the neighborhood and her annual Halloween photo (this year she is going to be royally adorable!)

~ Traci Sampson

The Corn Maze! Rosie always knew the way through.

~ Olivea Engbrecht

Hiking in Big Thicket, TX.

~ Dessa Arnold

We live in a breed discriminating town and can’t walk Khloe without her leash so in the fall we love taking her to this local scenic overlook. She can run free and we can take in all the beautiful leaves!

~ Cassie German

Leaf raking.

~ Susan Yoder Zak

Hiking in Gran Mere State Park! It is pristine forest and sand dunes along Lake Michigan!

~ Jack Kessler

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One Response to “Fall Activities With Our Dogs”
  1. Mrbrainsyck says:

    These are all great activities, and I think I’ll look up some corn maze events. Me, Cocoa Bear, and Razz usually go hiking, and shooting in the mountains. We enjoy launch, and at the end of the day we drive home exhausted to relax on the couch, and watch a movie with the fire going.