Dispelling Myths about Pit Bulls

October 19, 2012  

It’s our time to shine! In preparation of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, we asked our Facebook fans, ’What is the #1 myth about pit bull type dogs that you’d like to set the record straight on?’

Whether it’s the locking jaw myth, aggression myth, or the myth that they will turn on us, we are constantly out there showing everyone how incredibly loving our pit bulls are, as evidence by the photos from our fans. Thanks everyone for sharing.

The fact that they are all vicious killers and aren’t worth anyone’s time.

~ Hana Lee

I hate it when people say that “they can snap at any time.” Honestly, this is true of people and no one runs around saying it.

~ TaTa Himes

That they are killers. Haha. They might lick you to death!

~ Elizabeth Sibus-Fischer

That they are bred to be vicious.

~ Nancy Goodman

That they are any different than any other dog when it comes to biting and aggressive behavior and that their behavior is genetic rather than how they are raised. I once watched a lady pet my red nose while she told me that at first she thought she might be a pit bull, but she couldn’t be because she was afraid of those types of dogs. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was petting one.

~ Leisa Wade

That the breed is naturally aggressive.

~ Cage LaCapitan

That pit bulls are different from other dogs. All dogs can be aggressive to other dogs or humans. It was German shepherds, Dobermans and Rottweilers that were the bad, aggressive dogs, but it’s really the owners not the dogs!

~ Ramona Marten

That they cannot be trusted around children.

~ Julie Raffel Osmanski

That they have “locking” jaws.

~ Ann Gibbons

That they’re unstable and aggressive. As our two cats, our neighborhood dogs, and all the minders and dogs at his daycare can attest, our boy is the sweetest, calmest, friendliest, most goofily playful critter on four feet. My female cat and I are much more aggressive than my dog is–by far!

~ Cuba Libre

Dangerous. I have two who are the sweetest and it breaks my heart when they are judged by their looks. My younger one always wants to say hi but often gets passed because of his appearance!

~ Lisa Lien Garcia

That they aren’t worth the “trouble” it takes to raise them.

~ Becky Doerfler

I have three myths I’d like to see dispelled.
1. Locking jaw.
2. Pit bulls always turn on their owners and attack the children.
3. People saying, “as long as they were raised right they will be okay.”

This last one bothers me as it is so untrue. Pit bulls can be fighting dogs and turn into therapy dogs (some examples are the Michael Vick dogs). Please explain that one to those fools out there. Sure, it’s nice to have a puppy (any breed) but just because a pit bull (or any other breed) has been abused, does not mean that they will turn on you as an adult. Myself, I would prefer the adult dog, what you see is what you get and old dogs learn new tricks and manners.

~ Trina Carr

That they are mean. Let me tell you, I’d rather be locked in a room with a bunch of pit bulls any day over most people I come across.

~ Kim Wilkins

That they have locking jaws.

~ Tom Bell

That they are bad with children. I have older children and my pit bull just turned one. Honestly, he spends his days making sure they are alright, and only when they are all in the house at night, have been fed, and are in bed does he call it a night. He would give his life for his pups.

~ Kimberly Bostwick Boyd

That they all have the capacity to just snap one day and attack with no warning.

~ Anna Parmley

That they are unpredictable and have a natural instinct to kill.

~ Kim Chewning Miller

The three myths I would like to see dispelled are these:
1. Pit bulls feel no pain
2. Pit bulls have locking jaws
3. Pit bulls are aggressive and will attack owners and children.

~ Suzanne Kristensen

My lovely girl is a licker! Loves the cats and ferret, thinks the best night ever is snuggling on the sofa, and is visibly hurt when someone won’t pet her. I was always afraid of pit bulls until we rescued our girl…it will always be a pit bull from now on for us.

~ Suzanne Kristensen

That they are a dangerous breed.

~ Arlene Applebaum

That they’re dangerous and that restricting them, banning them, or euthanizing them will make the world a safer place. This makes me so angry! And yes, I meant to shout.

~ Susan Kottwitz

They will lick you to death and push you out of the bed while trying to cuddle tightly against you at night. Oh, I’m sorry you asked for myth: I hate people thinking only thugs and gang members own and “use” pit bulls! Our pups are part of the family and we are not thugs or in a gang!

~ Julie Strader

That they just “snap,” then attack.

~ Laura Hartman

That they’re inherently mean.

~ Cristina Falcon-Seymour

That they can’t be rehabilitated.

~ Janine Lizette

That they are not “super villains,” they are not stronger, don’t have more bite power, and don’t have “locking jaws.”

~ Lisa Sanders

That you should cross the street if a pit bull is coming your way. I promise I will not bug you or bite you! But if you want to pet me I might lick you and ask for a tummy rub.

~ Remy Roo

I would like to dispel the myth that pit bulls are vicious, unpredictable animals. My four will always be predictably curled up on the end of my bed when it’s cold, they will always wag their entire bodies when they meet new people, and they may get you down and lick you to death! They are the best kissers on the planet.

~ Roberta Sutton Stent

That they are aggressive, dangerous dogs by nature.

~ Cindy Wittich

One that angers me is that pit bulls will kill children. That is so far from the truth. They are lovable and friendly dogs.

~ Dabs Rousseau

Pit bulls hate people.

~ Marybeth Dobbs

That they are vicious.

~ Donna May

That they’re unsafe with kids. My pit bull is amazing with kids. She sees them as her personal project to protect and lick clean.

~ Audrea Fink

Because my little girl has scars (from multiple tumor surgeries) that she was a fighter.

~ Elizabeth MacRae Hodson

That they are dangerous and turn on you! I am an adopter of three pit bulls! They love my kids to death.

~ Marie Campa

That they are different from other dogs! They are just a dog, people!

~ Matina Vourgourakis

That they are an inherently vicious breed. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

~ Dana Cattarasa Lee

That they’re anything except regular ol’ dogs. They need the same love, affection, and opportunities to flourish that any other dog does.

~ Laura Nalven

That they “enjoy” fighting. What they enjoy is pleasing their owners. If that is what a sick owner wants from them, they are that loyal that they will die or suffer to prove it. Sad.

~ Heather Goodwin Campbell

The myth that they will “turn” on people, that their vicious nature will eventually come out.

~ Sue Ratley

That they are unsafe to have around children!

~ Cynthia Perry

That any pit bull with any scar whatsoever was used to fight or as a “bait dog.” Yes, it happens, but not like the general public thinks.

~ John Echols

That their jaws lock when they bite.

~ Jennifer Disabella- Dickinson

That all are vicious.

~ Toni Rubano

That they’re any more dangerous than poodles or Labradors or Chihuahuas. All dogs are wolves under the skin, it’s how they’re brought up and trained that counts!

~ Kirsty Gray

That they are unpredictable and are always on the edge of snapping.

~ Sally Ashton Saunders

That they are born aggressive and will “turn” on their people. I have four cuddly pit bulls that I trust completely and love unconditionally!

~ Sandy Marby-Davis

That they have locking jaws.

~ Nan Ellis

That you can never trust them because they’ll turn on you. So wrong.

~ Shirley Alcamo

“Pit bulls are mean!” Told to me by a little girl I met while walking my little pit bull. She did pet my dog, Lucy and agreed that she had funny ears before acknowledging that maybe not all pit bulls were mean.

~ Michael J. Caboose

Yep! That they are dangerous dogs! So sad. They are beautiful loving angels!

~ Julie Ellis

~ Teri Armijo Beltran

~ Joe Kozlosky

No two dogs are the same. Each one has to be treated as a separate individual. The term there are no mean dogs is a crock, however, there are more good ones than bad in most cases.

~ Douglas Goldsmith

Pit bull is not a breed but an approximate mix of 18 dog types and their jaws do not lock!

~ Silvia DeLeon

That pit bulls are mean and don’t make great pets let alone a service dog. Haha, my pit bull is my service dog and my and my kids’ best friend.

~ Pepper Silver

That they are no different than any other breed of dogs! They just want the love they give in return! They have personalities like people do, have dislikes and likes! They have certain likes of food, other animals, etc. So what makes them any different? They live like all others!

~ Sherri Wolff

Someone once called them alligators with fur. Really love to see the ignorance of aggression squashed.

~ Kathleen Reaves

The one I hear the most from people visiting our animal shelter is that they will turn on their people some day and attack for no reason regardless of the dog’s history. As many time as I hear it I have no response. How can I dispute something that is so illogical?

~ Karen Viets

My favorite myth so far is that their brains grow beyond the capacity of their skulls and that is what causes them to “go crazy.” Ha. Have you ever heard something so silly?

~ Sandy Nelson

There is no pure breed pit bull, no red nose, blue nose. A pit bull is a mixed terrier, wonderful American mutt. It does not have a locking jaw, but rather a super licking tongue to give endless kisses with!

~ Amy J Egeland

“Pit bulls turn on their family” and “pit bulls bite more people than any other breed” when statistically we know that neither one of these are true statements, just ignorant ones.

~ James Mullins

That their natural propensity to cause harm differs from any other strong breed dog.

~ Alex Baliles

That “pit bull” refers to a specific type or breed of dog, when really it’s a number of characteristics that are exhibited in many breeds. How many dogs never get a chance and die because they look a certain way? You can’t judge a book by its cover with people, and you can’t do it with dogs either.

~ Mae Sally-Rouge Pax

Their personalities are as varied as any other dog. They have individual personalities.

~ Sarah Morse-field

That pit bulls are solely bred for fighting and that if used for fighting they can not overcome it. Many bully breed rescues prove that wrong every day.

~ Kristina Drobocky Baitoo

German Shepherds have a stronger bite than a pit bull. NO dogs’ jaws have the ability to “lock.” They are NOT vicious by nature…PEOPLE can train them to be bad dogs, it’s NOT the dog’s fault.

~ Laurie Jimenez

That their jaws lock. This isn’t physically possible! Oh yeah, and that they’re not kid friendly. The only problem we have with Sadie is that she won’t stop licking our friend’s toddler in the face! She just wants to repeatedly kiss her!

~ Roxanne Tankard Raynor

Bad dogs are made by bad humans and poor breeding. This breed is sweet in nature and wants to please their owners and are overall goofballs. They are a joy to own.

~ Carrie Laboyteaux

Pit bulls are 80-pound or more dogs.

~ Julia Levy

Their teeth point/curve backward so you cannot get loose.

~ Agnes Boas

That they are born to fight. This is a learned trait. They were bred to be “nanny” dogs to watch over families’ children, not to fight.

~ Janice Gallick Rosato Wambold

I would like to see the myth, that they are vicious because of their breed, dispelled. They’re “born” that way. They could be sweet until they “click” and “go off.” All this is bologna!

~ Cindy Rae Mundy-Eno

That they are tough dogs and don’t feel pain, are unpredictable, and are not to be trusted around kids. Pit bulls are the softest, blanket loving babies. They love to snuggle and seek out warm, cushy couches, preferably with a human to share it with. They are typically great with kids and super loyal to those who show them the love they deserve.

~ Pam Barker

That they are not good with children. And that they have a “killer instinct.” Where do people come up with stuff sometimes?

~ Erin Fay

I’m sick to death of hearing from uninformed people that pit bulls are inherently dangerous to humans.

~ Wren End Bsl Kellogg

Pit bulls are not natural born killers. Ask my new stray kitten that just adopted us and our rescue pit bull, Lulu Belle. They are inseparable and play all day.

~ Devon Ressler

That they bite more people than any other breed. I have worked with animals all my life and have never been bitten by any bully breed, but I have been bitten by more small breeds than I can list here.

~ Treanna McPherson

I don’t have a pit bull, but had a Rottweiler back when they were deemed “evil and vicious” by society/media the same as pit bulls are being looked down upon now. I can relate to what all owners go through with the crap people say about your babies. My boy never snapped, turned, or attacked. He protected us and loved everyone. The facts: No dog has lockjaw, all have the ability to be great friends with animals/children/people when trained and loved unconditionally (unlike humans). So bring on the myths because us dog parents know the truth!

~ Layla Michelle Hodges

Along with the usual myths, a disturbing one I heard was you can’t love them. The hell I can’t!

~ Debi Janer

Pit bulls aren’t born mean, they are taught how to be mean! And the whole “snap” theory. Any dog “could” snap I guess.

~ Jackie Hartman

This myth kills me: Pit bull-type dogs have locking jaws.

~ Julie Ann

I get asked on a daily basis “does he bite?” Ugh! Then I find myself educating perfect strangers on the street about dogs and their behavior.

~ Krissy Hayashi

I have trouble with the myth that all pit bulls will turn on their owners too. “You know one day she’ll snap and kill you and your family, right?” Someone said as my beautiful girl Bonnie was lying down asking for a belly rub. Really? I don’t even know what to say to that.

~ Megan Doolittle

“As a breed, the pit bull is a liability.” Well you wouldn’t think of a Schnoodle (schnauzer poodle mix) as a liability but as an owner of one, I can tell you he is. Not a man walks by that he doesn’t change to an aggressive dog that can draw blood. I work with him daily on this and am always cautiously responsible with him when around others.

~ Shannon Ciccone

Pit bulls are no more aggressive than I am, and I can assure you, I’m not nearly as loyal as your average pit bull! My Anpan has been with me going on four years, and I had to teach him to growl, while we were playing. He’s been attacked by other dogs at the dog park on four separate occasions, and he’s the first one to go submissive, it’s me they have to worry about! He’s my baby boy!

~ Jennifer Marie Braxton

The belief that their ears should be cropped. Please don’t cut their ears!

~ Beverly DeCenso Moody

That they are born bad, when in all actuality, I have never seen a mean one!

~ Danette Popham

Pit bulls are no more aggressive than any other breed of dog, in fact, they are less aggressive than many other breeds.

~ Debi Shutter Stafford

Pit bulls and children: They received their nickname for a reason and have exceptional tolerance for children. My dogs acknowledge ear tugs and tail pulls with kisses. And my 1-year-old will bring me his snack to open so he can feed it to the dogs. Kids and pit bulls just fit.

~ Rachel Brown Richards

That they are born evil and nothing will change that.

~ Susan Klein

“It’s unsafe and irresponsible to have pit bulls around children.” There is no other animal in the world that I’d trust around my girls other than my three pit bulls.

~ Airy Zamora Morris

“You know, one day he’ll just ‘snap’ and bite your face off.” When people say that, it makes me worry more about them, than him!

~ Felika Number

That they are “naturally” aggressive!

~ Roxanne Bledsoe

That they are vicious dogs who bite and kill people.

~ Amanda Vermillion

I don’t own a pit bull, but I would love to set the record straight that they do make good family dogs even with babies. I am so tired of hearing people say they are not good with kids. It is so not true.

~ Stephanie McMillan

Lock jaw. There is no such thing. Their anatomy (jaws included) is no different than any other breed. Muscle yes, lock jaw, no.

~ Melissa Neale

Worst pit bull myth: they are bred to be aggressive.

~ Matt Ramey

That they are all vicious killers just waiting for victims!

~ Becky Cammack

Two big myths are that pit bulls will suddenly turn on their owners and that they cannot live with other animals or children. I can prove those all wrong with my personal kid and with my foster kids.

~ Nicole Edwards

They will “turn on you” for no reason.

~ Amanda Lee Bledsoe

That their farts smell nice.

~ Amanda Vermillion

The myth that any pit bull, regardless of how nice they seem has the capacity to “turn” and attack people. Not true!

~ Brandi Glaske

It has been said that the pit bull-type dog does not feel pain, which is very untrue, they feel pain the same as any dog.

~ We Love Our Pets

They are aggressive and will turn on you. The only pit bull that turned on me was doing so to give me a big kiss!

~ Jennifer Barrier Ellmers

I would just like to say that I have two pit bulls and a standard poodle and the pit bulls will lick you to death and my standard poodle is the one that bit someone so, the stereotype is way off when it comes to pit bulls!

~ Cheryl Salerno

That they’re only owned by thugs, drug dealers and people who “want” aggressive dogs. They’re amazing family pets and have been for generations.

~ Amber Naslund

They are unpredictable, killers, and mean. In fact, they are devoted to their owners, very loving, and smart. They are made mean by poor owners.

~ C.j. Morris

The myth that a pit bull that has issues with other dogs or with cats will somehow be vicious towards people as well. Not true! Animal aggression is miles away from turning into human aggression, and one does not lead to the other.

~ Brandi Glaske

That they were bred for the sole purpose of fighting.

~ Bek Corbin

That even the nice ones can snap or turn on you at any time! Makes me so mad. I’m pretty positive that my dogs will never snap or turn on me.

~ Sharyn Glowatz

That breed discriminatory legislation is necessary or has any positive effect.

~ Tina Creel Pagan

The same thing I am sure everyone else will say: That they are hostile/aggressive and would just as soon rip your throat out. They’d rather kiss and snuggle! And, no, mine is not the exception (though she is exceptional).

~ E Jeanne Harnois

Truth: They are lovers, not fighters! They are the biggest lovers of them all.

~ Rachel Harrison Massa

That they are somehow different from other dogs. Dogs are individuals – they each have their own personalities, likes and dislikes, and pit bulls are no different.

~ Jennifer Howard Wagner

If they were fought in their past they can’t be changed. Not true either.

~ Dienna Porter

I would like to dispel the myth that pit bulls are inherently dangerous, and abused pit bulls are incapable of love and don’t feel pain.

~ Kelli Parker

That you can’t have pit bulls around a baby because it will eat it…I just had baby and my pit bull and new baby are best friends.

~ Chanelle Sherry-Lucas

“It’s how they are raised.” No it’s not! It’s how they’re treated now! So many dogs are rehabilitated from fight rings and they were actually raised to fight! The Vick dogs are a perfect example.

~ Courtney Beckerink

Its all how they are raised.” This I would like to see ended. My two rescued pit bull type dogs were not raised by me, but they are now loved by me – and they are well-behaved, sweet and loving dogs with manners better than most people.

~ Leslie Lewis

The myth that pit bulls are “cat eaters.” My kitties bully the heck out of my poor pit bulls, but at the end of the day they’re cuddled up together.

~ Paula Chait

That they are such strong dogs they can’t feel pain and that their jaws lock when they really don’t!

~ Angie Caddick

That they will suddenly change at 18 months to 3 years of age. Any dog can change with social maturity, just like we often change from 18 to 30!

~ Kathy King

That they are all bad dogs. They are not, it is how they are raised and treated. I have seen the smallest dog be vicious, and the biggest pit bull playing with small children. It is not the dog, it is the people that raise and train the dog.

~ Leighanne Gayle

As a breed, they can just attack or become aggressive, any time. I always hear, “They (dogs) lived together for years, then one day, they turned on each other or owner.” Obviously, something happened to initiate attack.

~ Stephanie Anne Equality Trump

When though up to now they’ve been fine, one day they will snap!

~ Sue Moffett

Biggest myth to dispel: All pit bulls are inherently aggressive, dangerous dogs that will turn on any other dog or human with no warning and no reason.

~ Rebecca Loveland Anastasio

They will eventually attack their owners.

~ Cherye Elliott

That they won’t ever forgive. My foster boy comes from a rough start, and he is the most lovable, cowardly, emotionally sensitive dog I’ve ever had. If we have a bad day in general and come home ready to throw something, he takes it personally!

~ Chris Paterson

That they are just mean and vicious when they are so kind and gentle.

~ Jaysun Hostuttler

That they are “inherently dangerous” as stated by the Maryland Court of Appeals.

~ Ana Leonor Arredondo

That they love any less than any other dog; quite the contrary.

~ Viviana Gallardo

That all of them are vicious.

~ Michelle T. Mabatid

That dog fighting is acceptable because pit bulls enjoy it.

~ Zoe Mcgee

think most of us feel the same way…the myth that they are vicious and can snap at any moment. My Ginger just got certified as a therapy dog and I’m so proud of her. She has proven her temperament time and again.

~ Denise Pitre

They do not have jaws that lock and need medication to deter biting (yes I heard that one).

~ Debbie Cohen

The idea that you should keep your kids away from a pit bull (or worse, give up your pit bull when you have kids) is just crazy. Obviously, children should always be respectful in approaching a strange dog, but Staffordshire terriers were bred in England to be protective of children and my pit bull mix loves the little guys more than anything.

~ Skye McFarlane

I hate when people tell me that all pit bulls will eventually “turn” on their owners without warning. I also fume when I hear the locking jaws comment or that they bite with some ridiculous amount of force like 800 PSI (it’s really not very easy to measure, but it’s in the low two hundreds if that is even accurate and they are behind several other breeds of dog.

~ Peggy Kennedy

That they’re mean. It angers and breaks my heart when people say rude comments or give my Gordo a horrified look. He’s always got the goofy pit bull smile on his face, and I think, how can they be afraid of that precious face?

~ Marcie Marquez

They enjoy fighting. Any decent human being that has ever had the misfortune of watching distressing footage of a organized dog fight can see and hear how traumatized these animals are when being forced to fight for their lives!

~ Gillian Shippen

That they are mean and will turn on you unexpectedly. When I use a gentle leader on my pit, people assume she will bite so I have to muzzle her.

~ Elizabeth Schipper

That they may turn on you and bite you with locking jaws.

~ Ellen DeBoeser

I hate hearing that pit bulls have a lock-jaw. No dogs have a jaw that automatically locks. Pit bulls are strong and boisterous and loving and sweet, but in no way will their jaws lock, even if they are chewing on their favorite bowling ball, like my big boy Connor.

~ Gloria Basile

Bred to fight. Make people aware they were born to kiss.

~ Patricia Anderson

I wish people knew how trustworthy they are around small children. They seem to read how gentle they need to be with little ones. They are some of the gentlest dogs you will ever see around kids.

~ Patty Sarge Terribilini

That they are innately vicious and mean. Totally not true. They are gentle lovers. It’s the vicious and mean humans who train these innocent creatures to be attack dogs who should be vilified.

~ Kate Robinson

They want to love, not fight!

~ Angela Opromollo

That they have locking jaws! Not true and they don’t have stronger jaws than an alligator.

~ Tracy Ward

That they want to attack you.

~ Karen Grimaldi Peer

That they were born to fight, they’re aggressive, and not good with children, so not true! They are extremely loyal, loving, entertaining clowns, and very smart!

~ Patricia Zakem-Barak

They are born bloodthirsty and aggressive. You should never leave them alone with your children because they will attack them. They are not good family dogs.

~ Jayne Hirata

The myth that I would like to put to rest is that pit bulls, unlike other breeds of dog, can behave completely normal one moment and then “snap” in an instant, even on their owners. I am so tired of this one.

~ Sadie Johnson

I would like to see the myth that pit bulls are inherently viscous dispelled. My pit bull blue boy and all the others I know are sweet, loving and loyal pets.

~ Mary TheAdvocate Altum-Pouncy

The myths I can’t stand the most have already been addressed, I just heard them all tonight at city hall during a BSL proposal. One additional thing that bothers me is the myth that most owners of “pit bulls are bad, criminal types. They usually back this up with examples from hysteria-laden “news” reports or so-called statistics from hate-mongering websites.

~ Zeus Paradis

Please educate people on the “lock jaw” myth!

~ Georgia Mitchell

That they’re more aggressive and mean than any other dog out there – a dog to be feared. The big myth, in my opinion, that holds people back from resolving all the other myths about them. I want to shout: These dogs were bred to love people!

~ Brenda Weese

That there is any such thing as any dog being “inherently” dangerous than others. It’s time we call it for what it is: canine profiling.

~ Theresa Pickard Donnelly

That all pit bulls are aggressive. I’ve never met an aggressive dog who hasn’t been trained by its owner to be that way.

~ Brenda Latevola

Agreed – the theory that all pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive, which is so far from the truth!

~ Laura MacDougall

That pit bulls aren’t family dogs. Disagree! I used to baby-sit for a family that had a red-nosed pit bull named “Red,” naturally, and he was awesome with both the boys and loved to play fetch with them…and he was a great foot warmer.

~ Moms Rott

That they are mean, bad dogs and are awful with kids. The truth is they are cover-hogs who love giving kisses and protecting everyone and they are some of the smartest dogs as well.

~ Jessica Dunlap

Pit bulls are the best dogs I have ever had. They adopt you into their pack and you are family!

~ Anthony J. Yaniz

They are like any other dog, but it is the owner that makes them get the bad reputation.

~ LeeAnne Milazzo McCarthy

Pit bulls can be a service dog.

~ Donna Kulaga

Pit bulls tested #1 over Golden Retrievers as being trainable for service dogs! That says it!

~ Save Our Pets

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6 Responses to “Dispelling Myths about Pit Bulls”
  1. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Wow…..with all those myths (and more) to be dispelled, we pittie lovers have a tremendous job ahead of us.  It boggles my mind to think that just a few decades ago, pitbulls and mixes were cherished as loving family members.  It only took a bunch of no-goodniks taking advantage of some pitties by asking them to fight to start a series of ridiculous rumors, rumors that have grown and taken on the false appearance of “truths.”  These “truths,” in turn, have cost the lives of thousands and thousands of precious pitbulls.  You’d think that human  beings would have learned by now the danger in failing to question rumors based on race, religion, gender, physical dis/capability, and/or sexual orientation!  It is true that you can’t “fix” stupid……….but that doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t continue to try.  Rise up, speak up, and come together pitbull lovers everywhere!

  2. CharlesBuckman says:

    I didn’t know about this, or I would have sent my own response. I think that the most important thing to dispel is the myth that they will just turn suddenly, with no warning. The idea that this loving, caring pet that you have owned for years and experienced his personality could just change in a second. It completely invalidates every good story, picture, and experience people can have because “Well, it’s great now, but one day it will just snap and destroy the entire world with one bite of its locking, atomic powered, bite and tug jaws.” I know that when I researched pitties, this was the one that caused me the most concern until I had time to let the concept sink in. Basically, this myth implies one of two things. Either every “pit bull” out there has some sort of schizophrenia or other mental illness or they are such malevolent geniuses as to actively deceive us for years before “showing their true colors.” Do people even bother to THINK about things?

  3. NicholeRyanStaib says:

    alex turns on me everyday…to have his belly rubbed or his butt scratched! only ONE pit i’ve even known scared me. i’m more afraid of shepards than any pitbull! i also have to say that the nonsense about “locking jaws” would make me giggle if i didn’t know that people honestly believed it. my dog’s the world’s only male mommy!

  4. EricaDaniel says:

    Reading this bummed me out. I wish it would have been geared towards something positive instead of everyone posting as many negative comments as possible. I get what you were attempting to do, but reading through the comments was just awful. I like to read happy things like “My pit bull beats the negative stereotype because he is a therapy dog.” I feel like that approach may have been better than “The fact that they are all vicious killers and aren’t worth anyone’s time.” This blog was sent to me by a friend and I scrolled through it doing a triple take because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Disappointed :/

    • CharlesBuckman says:

      @EricaDaniel This one was a question. They were asking what myths we would like to see dispelled, not how we dispel them. Of course these were the answers that were posted up.
      Before you get “Disappointed :/” about the blog, you should read more than one post. You will find that pretty much EVERY story on here is what you were looking for. This was just a different theme. PLEASE, read and look around a little before you pass judgement.