What Your Dog Does to Make You Laugh

September 21, 2012  

Since our upcoming calendar contest is all about clowns, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us what is one thing your dog does that always makes you laugh?

Whether it’s zoomies, talking, rolling, or other assorted chicanery, our dogs are always there to make us laugh. Thanks everyone for sharing.

The way she talks to me when she wants to go bye-bye cracks me up.

~ Sue Crane Bryan

Never fails when she “talks” back to me. I tell her no and she always has a rebuttal response for me.

~ Heidi Miller

The way my pit will grab his blanket and snuggle up inside it.

~ Matt Lueder

Our foster, Biscuit, shakes his head, “No!” when he doesn’t want to do what you’re telling him to do. It cracks us up every time.

~ Kimberly Wendt Riggs

My Marley will lean in really close with her nose almost touching your face and stares for a couple long seconds before giving you a huge smooch! Like she’s deep in thought.

~ Shannon Stevens

When Ray is playing he will plant his forehead on the ground then follow in a somersault with the rest of his body. It has become his signature move.

~ Debra Lockhart

My dog sneezes to get my attention! It’s hilarious!

~ Maddie Lamedica

My pit bull breed mix, Gary, likes to bark at us when he wants a spot on the couch and it’s full. It’s really funny!

~ Karen Detra

Milo makes me laugh at everything. When the day is bad, he’ll just pit bull-plank and make me laugh. Milo is a 24/7/365 joy!

~ Barbara McComsey

When Brew rolls in a good scent, a sleek fit dog suddenly looks like the fattest one in the park and for a minute he’s like a turtle stuck on its back.

~ Cage LaCapitan

Ever since my dog was little she has crawled on her belly when she really wants something. It’s precious!

~ Lauren Lesko Paytes

The way she “woohooo” and yodels and tap dances when I come home.

~ Renay Bell Peters

When Jack is a “drama king.” If he has had enough of whatever exercise we are working on he randomly flops over on his side, motionless with his tongue hanging out. Or he latches onto my leg or arm with his front feet and drags behind me.

~ Lisa Sanders

I have a few. Summersaults definitely are one. My guy gets right beside and rolls over leaning up against you and hangs out upside down for a while. He also goes to bed at the same time every night (no joke, 8:00 p.m.) and, he absolutely has to sleep under the blankets. He’ll stand there staring at you and waggling his eyebrows until you lift the edge up for him.

~ Nikki Virgin

My little Stella, when she’s very excited, she runs from the front door to the back door like a greyhound (we live in New Orleans so we’re in a shotgun-style house), but in the middle of the whole cracker dog routine, she pauses in the middle room to jump up on the bed and spin madly in circles for an exact 44 seconds (we’ve timed it).

~ Skye Farr

My pit bull, Mea, will get a huge burst of energy and run all over the house! Skidding on the hard wood floors and leaving skid marks on the carpet, and half body slamming into “her” sofa! The harder I laugh the faster she goes!

~ Heather Rochelle Campbell

One tries to jump in the shower when we’re in there. Two others hate and bark at the vacuum cleaner.

~ Chris Winicky

My 8-year-old pit bull also named Stella is a wet nurse to my kitten. It’s pretty gross but also makes me laugh so hard I almost pee. My viscous pit bull milking a 6-month-old cat. Too funny, and disgusting, and funny.

~ Drea Næsager

My pit bull Peanut actually gets up and leaves the room if you sneeze. I think it’s because it’s a high-pitched sound, but she puts on a really grumpy face and gives you a dirty look as she walks away.

~ Christine Warner

My Lady knows how pretty she is after a bath (being a tri-color collie). She prances around and yells at everyone and rubs her feet in the dirt. Then she goes dancing around putting paw prints on everything!

~ Mesha Koczian

Bodi makes us laugh the way he talks when we come home, and the way he shakes his head when he gets a new toy, and when he tucks his butt and runs completely out of control at about 50 miles per hour!

~ Candy Thweatt

My pit bull Suri greets me when I come home then goes directly to the door leading to the garage and blocks it so I can’t leave again!

~ Andre Tate

If anyone starts to cry around my Daisy May, She runs to them and licks their eyes (or in my case glasses) and wiggles as if to say, “See, I fixed your leaky eyes!” It makes me laugh every time.

~ Traci Seaman

He rolls in any mud puddle no matter how small and runs zoomies around the house and yard sliding into things. He also loves new toys and prances around shaking his whole body proudly waving his toy in his mouth.

~ Lynn Hopkins

Krush does zoomies all over the house after each walk as if he hasn’t gotten enough exercise. Sasha is a princess, she cracks us up by expecting every person on the world to pet her.

~ Kelli Parker

I have a pit bull named Thelma who has learned to ride on my shoulders like a child. That always cracks me and other people up.

~ KayRutledge Beard

My pit bull chooses to sit in my lap or on a chair instead of a dog bed or the ground. It cracks people up, especially when we bring him to public places!

~ Christina Branica

He talks to me when he needs to go outside.

~ Jo Anne K Hall

Gemma gets so excited for breakfast she prances around as you prepare it. She also goes crazy snorting and rolling on her back sometimes when no one is looking. We call it “rolling dirty.”

~ Leanette Kearns

When Chance “woo woos” at me when he is impatient for his food and coos like a cross between a dove and Darth Vader.

~ Lisa Lovell

That “Wookie” sound they make, I had no idea I adopted Chewbacca!

~ Misfit Pits

My Bodi and Queenie also do the wait-for-you-to-raise-the-blanket thingy and roll into a ball in our bed.

~ Dessa Arnold

When Tonks knows she did something wrong, she turns her head away to avoid eye contact but can’t resist looking at me out of the corner of her eyes. She looks so pitiful, I bust up laughing every time (which is probably why she does it – I usually forget why I was mad at her in the first place and end up giving her a cookie instead!).

~ Kim Davis

Grunts and punches us all nonchalant-like whenever she thinks we are taking up too much room on the bed.

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

My pit bull mix Bowser lays flat on his back, spread eagle, and wags his tail so hard his whole body wiggles. And watching him and his Boston sister chase each other around the yard until the cats decide to step in and regulate.

~ Kristin Morris

Rolling over on his back smiling looking for a belly rub and anxiously wagging his tail smiling all the time.

~ Susan Bulkley

My oldest male, Buck, dances when you scratch his butt. He wiggles and prances his back feet – he usually gets so excited that I have to open the back door so he can run outside to do zoomies! Always makes me laugh.

~ Sandy Marby-Davis

When he does his submissive grin while wagging his tail in complete circles.

~ Carla A. Vega

Sissy, my pit will go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a second, turn around and pretend she’s going to charge me, but misses me by a hair. I should be angry but she cracks me up with that incredible move! I love Sissy, she’s my best friend.

~ Pamela Mary

My big boy will chase the laser pointer in circles for hours if given the chance.

~ Gloria Basile

Every night before going to sleep, my American Staffordshire Terrier enthusiastically jumps, tosses, and spins to rearrange my neatly made bed to create his “nest”. When all the bedding is rearranged to his liking, he plops down, gives a big sigh, and falls asleep.

~ Kirsten Thompson

Foster dog Lexi, a.k.a. The Gallump, trips and over-hoists low walls, her foster sister, and famously, even over her own head. She has a brain in each foot, and they just don’t seem to get along!

~ Laurelin Sitterly

When he chases his tail, he sounds like a growling, stampeding buffalo! He gets all embarrassed and barks if he catches you watching him.

~ Vicki Liston


~ Olivea Engbrecht

Both Nugget and Abbie will roll over on their backs and stick their legs out straight in the air for belly rubs. Usually their jowls flop back and you’ll see a fang hanging over each of their lips.

~ Cindy Wittich

Sweet Azul came to my home as a foster but then he decided to join us permanently because he loved to play with Zoe and Jake, our other rescued pit bulls, the food was fantastic and his comforts were all met. A doggie door was installed shortly thereafter in which Azul took full advantage of. When I was out running an errand, Azul took every shoe in the house, one by one, and carried them through the door and deposited them all over my patio. There must have been 40 un-chewed shoes out there, which made him very proud!

~ Lauren Jackson

Picture this: I have just finished making my bed and I glance over to catch Ignatius Bodhi Sattva (aka Iggy) standing in my doorway with the special twinkle he gets in his eye when he’s about to begin. He is situated about 7 feet from my bed and after a brief instance of mutual consent he gathers himself and then leaps about 5 feet through the air onto my bed, landing with a single bark. Gathering momentum with each spin, he barks and spins in a tight spiral like a crazed top, barking once, each time he lands, lips flapping, butt meeting chin in tight zoomie position, until my freshly made bed covers are spun into a perfectly disheveled spiral.

~ Lisa Prince Fishler

We call it Molly’s “Thriller Dance” when she gets really excited (to see you, to go for a walk, to get a bone, but especially to see you) she bows her head and does this little stomp-walk while lifting her front paws. You can be having the worst day ever and Molly’s “Thriller Dance” makes it all better.

~ Meriel Read

When my dog sees another dog on TV, he just needs to see it not hear it, he will run up and put his front paws on the table where the TV stands to see it better.

~ For AmStaffs and other discriminated breeds

My grand dog, CainDaddy, a 9-year-old red-nose, makes us laugh when he still chases his “tail” (even though it had to be amputated down to a nub in June due to a mast cell tumor). He’s a funny guy and such a trooper!

~ Susan J Cunningham

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