Lily Bug

September 3, 2012  

An abandoned pit bull puppy makes a great addition to this family

By Scott Hughes

Lily joined our family, which resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area, in May 2009. We had discussed the idea of adopting a rescued pit bull for a while because of the sweet face and nature of the breed. Our daughter began searching on and came across a brother and sister duo of 12 weeks old who were abandoned in the parking lot of a dollar store in an eastern suburb. We immediately sent an email to the shelter (thank you Wylie Animal Shelter ) and told them we were interested in the female (we have two other males). Another couple was interested but was farther away – we asked them to please, please hold her for us. When we showed up and they brought her out – it was love at first sight. What was funny was when the shelter employees put her down in the play yard she immediately started chasing the bigger, older dogs. In a matter of minutes she was in the back seat and heading to her forever home. I’m not quite sure how we came up with the name Lily – it just popped into our heads (thank you sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”).

It was raining that day, and for some reason I started calling her Lily Pad – but to this day she is my Lily Bug. She was the best puppy from the start. As you see in the pictures, Lily had just one spot when she was a puppy, but today you can connect the numerous spots. The first night I snuck her on the bed, and she slept like a log. She only had one accident and never chewed on items through her puppy years. Lily has grown into a very smart and beautiful adult with her signature crazy ear that stands at attention at all times (unless stressed). She’s not a big fan of PetSmart visits for some reason, and I have to carry my silly pit bull into the store for spa treatment.

Lily loves to sit on stair number six (yes, the same step all the time) and watch the world go by through the windows. But unfortunately for us, she barks at every little thing that goes by (she really loves the UPS truck). She enjoys helping with watering flower pots and filling up the baby pool this time of year – we have a wet dog every night! As you can see in the picture, Jason Kitty (who tends to take over Lily’s bed) is her best friend. They are best buds and even share treats.

The three-plus years we have had Lily we’ve had funny times and some stressful times with her brothers that we are working on (long story). We have only had a few remarks from strangers regarding Lily’s breed, or people crossing the street when they see us coming – otherwise, strangers embrace her and say how beautiful she is. It’s nice to come home to her standing at the front door waiting for us. Like clockwork she is on our bed in the morning at 5:30 a.m. to snuggle for bit. Lily is a great addition to our family, and we cannot imagine our lives without her (hope she does not read this – it might give her a big head). We are thinking of adding another pit bull to our family in the future. My wife already has a name picked out.

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5 Responses to “Lily Bug”
  1. Matt.S says:

    Lily is a cutie!

  2. So love Lily Pad’s ear ahahahh

  3. InBtwnTheBlinks says:

    OH MY GOSH!  I have a pittie named Lily too and I too call her Lily Bug!