Cricket’s Second Chance

September 10, 2012  

Relinquished at a vet clinic, this elderbull found a new home and a fresh start

By Jacqui Courchesne

My sweet elderbull is Cricket. She is approximately 10 years old, and I adopted her a year and a half ago. She was brought into the local vet clinic because she was so sick. Her then owners didn’t want to treat her, so she was going to be euthanized. One of the vets there convinced the owners to surrender her over to the clinic because they figured she was treatable and still had potential to live a long, happy life. My friend who works at the vet clinic and who also runs a small, local dog rescue told my husband about Cricket, and we decided we would foster her and nurse her back to health.

It turned out that Cricket had diabetes. It was very bad because it went untreated for so long, and she also needed a bunch of dental work done. The rescue fundraised the money for her dental surgery, while my husband and I worked with the vet on trying to figure out the right dose of insulin and the best food for her illness. Unfortunately, the diabetes was so bad it took us about six to eight months to get her stabilized. During that time we thought we might lose her numerous times, and she also lost her eyesight. But being the fantastic, tenacious, little spitfire she is, she pulled through.

We have her diabetes under control, and she has adapted marvelously to having no eyesight. Of course, after all this she had bonded so strongly to me (and me to her) that there was no way she was leaving our home. She had become part of our family.

A year and a half later, Cricket comes on hikes with us. She runs top speed along the trails. She is incredibly smart and has learned voice commands to slow down or be careful because there is a tree or a creek in front of her (though sometimes she’s a stubborn old broad and will ignore me and run into a tree or fall into the creek. Then she just shakes it off and keeps on running).

Cricket is wonderful at cuddling, whether it is with people or her doggy brother and sisters. She also loves to chase and nip her doggy siblings when they are playing fetch. This summer my sweet, old lady also learned how to swim.

I have never met such a goofy, tough, loveable dog. I am so glad she found her way into my home and heart. I adore her.

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7 Responses to “Cricket’s Second Chance”
  1. This is was the feel good story I needed this morning!

  2. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Jacqui, as the “mother” of a 12-year old elderbull, I can also testify that there is no love like elderbull love.  God bless you and your Cricket.

  3. suesmith says:

    So heartwarming – Cricket is just beautiful.  I’m so glad you found each other!

  4. Judithg says:

    Oh what a doll!  She looks like my three year old bullie, Berry.  My girl was a founding as well along with her sister Jett.  Good luck with her and all your furbabies!

  5. ReneeMKeller says:

    Thank you for saving this beautiful elderbull!!!