What Superhero Would Your Dog Be?

August 3, 2012  

In honor of our Superhero Squad we asked our Facebook fans, ’If your dog was a superhero which one would he/she be and why?’

Whether your dogs are super smart, hero snugglers or have the ability to change perceptions in a single, sloppy kiss, our dogs are all superheroes in our book. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Mr. Buddy Rose (above) would be Superman. In his other life, in the wrong hands, he met his “Kryptonite.” Now, he’s just a wonderful, strong, gentle “Ambassadog” to every child or person he meets.

~ Pamela D. Frazier

Have no fear- UNDER DOG is here!

~ Mary Horvath

Our eldest dog was “Houdini Dog” because she could escape from anywhere.

~ Jane Senda

Piper would be Banshee because, like his “normal” name also suggests, he can cry loudly enough to break the hearts of everyone within a few-block radius.

~ Danni St Athens

Is “The Brain” a superhero? If so, that would be The Mocha. I swear she’s cunning and if she had thumbs she would take over the world.

~ Dustin May

Iron Man because my dog’s name is Tony Stark.

~ Melia Pz

Beef the Bulldog would be “Super Gas Passer!” He has the ability to incapacitate villains with just one fart!

~ Jennifer Fama

Captain Destructo; able to destroy toys in one sitting.

~ Cindi Drake

The HULK! Because many people are scared of her tough exterior, but she is so sweet and loves people! She can be a tough dog if she needs to, but really she just wants to love everyone…and sleep!

~ Leanette Kearns

Underdog – They are all rescues!

~ Shannon L. Romero

The Flash, because Tater runs everywhere! He never stops. He’s just a blur of white and doesn’t even stop to make sure the person he just bulldozed at the park is ok.

~ Cassandra Rogers

Batman, no super powers but a total badass and good guy!

~ Katherine Knapp

Well, we were taking our dogs, and a friend’s German shepherd, Bruiser, for a walk, and being a male pup, Bruiser had to mark everything. One of the kids said, “It would be cool if Bruiser had acid pee, then he could crumble buildings!” So I guess he would be Bruiser the Destroyer.

~ Mina’s Tail

The Hulk! Tyler took on a dog three times his size to protect his pack and his human!

~ Jackie Hartman

Supergirl because Zoey’s “zoomies” are faster than the speed of light. When she tucks her butt when she runs, you know things just got serious.

~ Meg Sullivan

My friend calls my male Captain America. I’m not really sure why. Haha!

~ Jessi Sherick

According to my 7-year-old son, Max, our pup, Harper, is his superhero because he made him no longer scared of dogs! So, I guess he is his own kind of superhero!

~ Black Pearl Bakery

I don’t think Scooby Doo is a superhero, but that’s the one I would pick if he was! My dog gets that “rut roh” look every once in a while.

~ Diana Larson

‎”Stealth Addy” because when we take her collar off in the apartment she is so quiet and then she can sneak up on us and scare the heck out of us!

~ Candice Hirsch-Kirsten

My Labrador mix rescue, Bear. He is smart and as fast as lightning! He is a pro at swimming and will hold anything you give him in his mouth all day. He is very sweet and loving.

~ Jo Anne K Hall

Dodge would be The Flash! He is extremely fast!

~ Allisha Christianson

Sasha would be a Princess (yes I’m aware that’s not a superhero) however, she thinks she’s a Princess. Krush has to be a superhero, because he eats everything he’s not suppose and is totally fearless. In the end, I already have superheroes.

~ Kelli Parker

Mia would be Wonder Woman. She is the complete diva, likes her nails painted, makes me lift her on and off the bed…the list goes on.

~ Shauna Godfrey Muztafago

Curtis would be Hellboy! Spawned from Hell, but is raised by humans, and helps them stand up against the bad guys! AND he’s red. Curtis has a red nose.

~ Brittany Banal

We had this discussion at work the other day. Jessie would be Iron Man (or, I guess Iron Woman/Antonia Stark), because she never really takes things too seriously. She’s smart, a tad selfish (the world revolves around her, or at least it should) but in the long run, she has a good heart and wants others to be happy and happy with her.

~ Samantha Duvall

Mushy the Basset hound would be The Piddler. Her pee has the power to go undetected until your foot is stepping in a puddle of it!

~ Jennifer Fama

Well, with four dogs, we’d have a household of super-heroes! Our Chihuahua, Rico, would be Thor, because he thinks he’s bigger and badder than he is. Our peekapoo mix, Mercedes, would be Catwoman, for sure (she’s a sneaky little thing, and a diva!). Our Australian Cattle Dog mix, Mitzi, would be Tarzan, because she’s our wild dog. And our Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, May, would be Aquaman, because she just loves the water!

~ This Dog Loves Life

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3 Responses to “What Superhero Would Your Dog Be?”
  1. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Diva the Wonder Lover……She loves everyone so much, you just wonder why anyone could say she’s a dangerous dog, just because she’s a pittie!!

  2. Too cute! Love all of the names.