Rosie to the Rescue

August 27, 2012  

A pit bull helps a terrified Chihuahua/Dachshund puppy find her confidence

By Megan Weber

To those who don’t know any better – the ones who don’t yet know they are stubbydog lovers, a 50-pound pit bull and a 5-pound Chiweenie make an unlikely pair. To the rest of us, the friendship between Rosie Bat Ears and Frannie Chiweenie makes complete sense.

Rosie, our infamous bat bull, came to Colorado Animal Welfare League (CAWL) after bouncing from one shelter death row to another and then meeting the same fate by being ousted by multiple independent “rescuers.” Through no fault of her own, Rosie had literally become the dog that no one wanted.

We had been watching Rosie since she hit the city shelter’s euthanasia list, and when she ran out of places to go, even though we were already too full at our inn, we found a way to make room for her. Despite being what we lovingly refer to as a “total spazzhead,” CAWL knew there was something special about our batgirl. We just didn’t quite know how special. Not yet. Not until Rosie met Frannie.

Frannie had been another one of the lost dogs. The tiny 3-month-old Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) ended up at a rural Colorado shelter when a kind person stopped her from being given away at a garage sale. After hearing about the heart-hurting little puppy that constantly cowered and shivered in her shelter cell, CAWL begged and, literally, bought her way to freedom. Frannie spent the whole ride home monkey-gripping my arm. She spent the next few days in a similar terrified shell. The world had not been good to Frannie, and so our Frannie girl was afraid of the world. All she wanted to do was tremble and hide.

Fortunately, Rosie doesn’t believe in scared. She also refuses to believe that there is any dog anywhere who doesn’t want to play with her. So she set out to make Frannie her friend. Rosie first lay down nose-to-nose with Frannie for hours, intermittently nudging her with her giant block head. When that didn’t work, Rosie resorted to rolling on her back and happy kicking and wiggling all around poor little, freaked out Frannie. Somewhere between day two and three, after countless hours of ceaseless pestering, Frannie started to respond.

Rosie kept pestering and Frannie kept responding until soon Frannie was Rosie’s mini spazzhead shadow. In all our days of rescue, we’ve never seen a more perfect pair. Rosie continued to be such a gentle bat bull with her best Frannie friend. They would play all day and snuggle all night. Following Rosie’s lead, Frannie even started to trust and love new people friends. Finally, Frannie is the happy, naughty puppy that she deserves to be.

The story of Rosie and Frannie is one of canine compassion (it exists), patience and the healing power of friendship. It’s also the story of a pit bull at her best, proving the unique, gentle and endearing traits of the breed that we all know and love.

As I write this Rosie has been in her new forever home for almost a week. Her wonderful new family, the Keeners, saw the Rosie and Frannie video and knew immediately that she was the perfect pup for them and their Chihuahua, Odie. Everyone at CAWL was hoping that our two girls would be adopted together, but we were ecstatic that at long last Rosie had become the dog that someone (a whole family!) wanted. We were worried that Frannie would regress back into her scared shell without her friend, but Rosie had done her job right. Frannie continues to be a happy spazzhead and is currently pestering our new, scared foster girl, Fiona.

We are so thankful to our spazzy stubbydog for loving little Frannie right out of her shell.

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8 Responses to “Rosie to the Rescue”
  1. laurieburton says:

    Love this! I too have a spazzy stubbydog. Although they can be exhausting, they give so much love and only want to please. Thanks for giving this pup a chance!

  2. There are no words to express the preciousness of this video! I’m so glad these 2 sweethearts found each other, and I hope somehow they can spend the rest of their lives together!xoxo,

    • StubbyDog says:

      TheLazyPitBull Rosie is in her new home with a Chihuahua, and Frannie, now filled with confidence due to Rosie, is helping other dogs like Rosie helped her.

  3. DianaJones says:

    Crap, no waterproof mascara today. Wasn’t expecting that. Rosie is magnificent in her ability to ramp her playing and wrestling and cuddling back to meet Frannie’s needs. Sometimes all a dog needs is a therapy dog of her own. Rosie is a very special little dog and 1000% adora-bull! Glad this has worked out for all.

    • StubbyDog says:

      DianaJones Us too Diana, we are firm believers in dogs helping other dogs. Rosie’s interaction with Frannie is just priceless and now Frannie has all the confidence she needs to help others. She is ‘pawing’ it forward!

  4. Rosie is the best! Her ears are the cutest

  5. Matt.S says:

    You rock, Rosie! Sounds like Rosie’s influence is still being felt. The dog she helped is now helping others, payin’ it forward!