One Eyed Willy

August 9, 2012  

When the military let down one of its own, a shelter comes to the rescue

By The shelter staff

One Eyed Willie is a victim of government bureaucracy combined with ignorance and misguided policies. Willie is a pit bull, and his former owner is a proud member of the U.S. Armed Forces. But while Willie’s owner has kept the faith and done his duty selflessly, the nation he serves has betrayed that loyalty.

You see, Willie’s owner surrendered him to Southern Pines Animal Shelter not because he has better things to do or because he got tired of taking care of the big guy. No, the owner was devastated by his decision, but he had no choice. The military has transferred this brave serviceman to another base, and there he will have to live in base housing, not in an apartment off base. And since the military has instituted breed discriminatory rules about base housing, Willie couldn’t go with his owner to the new posting.

So sobbing quietly, the brave soldier left Willie at Southern Pines while eliciting a promise from the staff there: “Please take care of my dog and find him a good home.” After the personal sacrifices of this soldier, fulfilling this wish for him is the least we can do.

Editor’s Note: Willie was recently adopted by a woman who photographs dogs and cats for SNAP: Special Needs Adoption Project. She is working with the shelter to track down the soldier to let him know that Willie found a loving home.

Sign the petition to standardize military pet policies. Visit Dogs on Deployment for more info.

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8 Responses to “One Eyed Willy”
  1. Willie doesn’t have one eye, he’s permanently winking at the world!

  2. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Maybe Willie is the lucky one……with only one eye, maybe he’ll only see half of the discrimination he and his fellow pitties suffer?  God bless Willie’s new Momma!!

  3. honeyremedy says:

    Its just not fair, the men and women who selflessly serve our country should not have to selflessly give up their companion animals due to ignorance and media propagated fear. When will this country realize fear serves no purpose but to destroy lives and produce hate and discrimination? This breaks my heart, I hope Willies owner will be contacted soon and know his beloved dog is in safe hands.

  4. KimberlyRoberts1 says:

    OMG this just makes me cry!! Its so WRONG!!!!! I’m glad he found a loving home, but wish he could have stayed with his dad. I couldnt imagine if I had to give up my babies!

  5. DavidMichaelThomas says:


  6. DavidMichaelThomas says:

    Thank Goodness for Good People! 

  7. DavidMichaelThomas says:

    …who help all dogs!