August 2, 2012  

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Afghanistan and then Africa…redeployment by my rescuer put me in the quest for a new home. My name is LOUIE and I was saved by a super guy who left the USA in November. He had a heart of gold when he spotted me wandering in the middle of an Atlanta street, half starving and so alone. He stopped his car, called to me and I was so relieved for anyone to pay attention to me that I came right to him and jumped in. He considered taking me to the animal shelter but after allowing me to stay in his house a few days he discovered what an affectionate and sweet boy I am. He just couldn’t do it, knowing my future would be uncertain. He knew I would be such a great companion for someone that he took me to the vet to be neutered, have a thorough wellness examination with micro chipping and all necessary vaccinations. The veterinarian thought I was about 2 or 3 years old. I got along great with his two dogs (one a rescue from Iraq and the other a rescue from a rough neighborhood), some Chihuahuas his mom had and the two Great Danes that lived next door. While living with my dad I loved having friends and played off leash daily at a vacant school. I never wandered off, came when called, demonstrated I was completely housebroken and just generally loved the new life he gave me including playing with his nephews. My soldier’s dad agreed to take his other two dogs but just couldn’t manage me too, since he had some of his own. That placed me in the position of looking for a new and loving home. Luckily he crossed paths with a rescue organization, Georgia Rescue and Rehabilitation. They heard my story and thought so much of my dad and how much he has given to our country they wanted to give something back, like peace of mind, so he could leave without any worries or anxiety about me.

My next stop has been my foster home with a nice lady who has two dogs also. At first I was shy and timid in my new surroundings but once I got comfortable I began to relax and showed her my loving, affectionate and playful personality. I even began to relax enough to play with the toys she gave me, going outside to play fetch and “keep away,” going on walks and cuddling with her for my share of attention. She has helped me to learn the necessary basic obedience skills to be a well behaved dog in and out of the home. I continue to work on socialization skills outside of the home.

I showed how easy I can adapt to new people; when the foster coordinator came to visit with her husband I was worry free and immediately enjoyed playing with them. I especially enjoyed the belly rubs he gave me. I really respond well to men, I guess that might have something to do with my past, but they surely get my respect and attention.

I would love to be adopted by someone who will love me and give me the home and companionship I deserve. A special someone who will spend time with me and help me to feel safe, secure and finally in a forever home. My life has not been an easy one but I have so much love and devotion to give. I would love a home where I can run, play and just be with my people. I so hope someone out there will hear my story have a kind and open heart to include me in their home and their lives. I can promise I would not let them down.

Louie is available through GA Rescue and Rehabilitation in Bostwick, Georgia. If you are interested in Louie please email garescuerehab@yahoo.com.

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2 Responses to “Louie”
  1. What a cute boy and an amazing story! I hope he finds his forever home and this his rescuer returns home safe and sound to the US.