Losing Knox

August 23, 2012  

A military family suffers a loss at home

By Dimitria

Our Doberman, Knox, is not allowed on Aliamanu Military Reservation in Hawaii. He has been staying with my sister this past year while we waited for pet housing on the base, and I didn’t think to check breed restrictions.

Our last base, Camp Pendleton, allowed Dobermans. This is a huge loss for our family yet again.

My sister has a new home where she lives and cannot keep him due to his breed. Yet again, this poor dog has to be re-homed or even placed in a Doberman rescue.

We got him from a rescue five years ago, and he is already 8, almost 9. I signed the petition to standardize military pet policies, but by the time it goes into effect (if ever), he won’t be around to come home. It just breaks my family’s heart!

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