Lo and Behold

August 8, 2012  

A college student signs up to become a foster but soon falls in love with her little pit bull named Lo

By Lia Hoffmann

This past February, during my last semester of undergrad, one of my roommates moved out with her dog. This left our apartment dogless, so we applied to foster through an organization called GRASP in Rochester, N.Y. My parents had recently gone through a tough divorce, and my mom had taken our family dog, meaning I’ll probably never see him again. I’m pretty sure this is what pushed me to begin fostering.

We were placed with Pumpkin, an 11 month old, underweight pit bull mix. During the first week or two, she jumped at loud noises, and it was easy to tell that she had little confidence, especially around men. My boyfriend tried for weeks to win Pumpkin over. But she quickly adjusted to her life of living with four college girls, and all of the visitors and chaos that accompanied that. Because she was tiny compared to the previous Golden Retriever/Collie mix living with us, we started calling her Little One, or “Lo” for short. It stuck.

A potential adopter inquired about Lo a week into us fostering her. I was surprised that we had all bonded with her so quickly; she’d captured all of our hearts, along with countless college kids who would flock to her on campus because they missed their family pets. I told the organization I was thinking about adopting Lo so that she was unofficially off the market. However, there were definitely hurdles to cross. Lo needed to go through obedience courses. I was preparing to graduate and had just accepted a job in Boston … and at first I wasn’t sure I wanted the extra hassle of finding a dog-friendly place – especially with a pit bull. She had just become settled in Rochester, and I wasn’t sure I could move Lo away from all things she’d become used to. I thought I’d rather spend my newly hard-earned money on fun things as opposed to vet bills. I was definitely wrong.

The thing with dogs – and especially Lo – is they make all of these hurdles worth it. As a smaller, goofy pit bull, Lo is a great breed ambassador. She’s become the most spoiled dog imaginable and won’t sleep until she’s tucked in next to me with her head on a pillow. Lo recently completed basic obedience, and I love that I can bring her anywhere, and she will love both people and dogs alike. When we can, my boyfriend and I take her hiking and adventuring – Lo’s always up for a car ride and has even braved the Atlantic Ocean a few times.

Though I technically failed at fostering, I’m so glad I did. I couldn’t imagine sharing this new chapter of my life without a four-legged friend, and I’m extremely thankful for GRASP for placing such a sweet, silly pit bull in our lives.

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4 Responses to “Lo and Behold”
  1. Wonderful story! I don’t know what it is about a pillow they love so much.  Krush & I fight over the pillow (I have a thousand of them on the bed) even bought him & Sasha one however, he wants the one we lay on.  Again bully fits this breed to a T.  Congrats on graduation & being a foster failure!

  2. AnnVanderlaan says:

    Well done, Lia. 6 dewclaws up from 2 adoptions + 1 likely failed foster

  3. jam800 says:

    Hooray for foster failures! (proud foster failure right here!)