How is Your Dog Like You?

August 10, 2012  

People say that dogs take after their owners and vice/versa. So we asked our Facebook fans, ’How is your dog like you? With what traits or in what ways do you two resemble each other?’
Whether our dogs are hyper, shy, sensitive or super friendly, it’s hard to tell who became what first. One thing is for sure, we love having our shadows by our sides. Thanks everyone for sharing.

(photo by Melissa Lipani)

Tonks and I both have an innate curiosity that seems to always get us in trouble. We both seem to poke our noses in where they don’t belong and it usually ends up coming back to bite us (her, literally; me, figuratively). But to balance it out, we both have a goofy side and love to make people laugh: after all, pit bulls are the clowns of the dog world, and I was a 4-H clown so we’re a perfect match!

~ Kim Davis

Flint and I both prefer the company of another species. I prefer canine and he prefers human. And we both love food. Yum.

~ Tina Davis

The cheerful reception of my furry loved ones – dogs and cat – when I get home!

~ Ana Elia Almeyda Santiago

We have the same eye color! I love that. She gets sick to her stomach just like me when I’m nervous, and she loves hugs and kisses and me too!

~ Vanesa Feltan

Boo Radley and I love being silly, hiking, and of course eating things we shouldn’t.

~ Lauren Woods (photo right)

We both get annoyed when others get in our personal space.

~ Julie LeRoy

Addy and I both love peanut butter, we both get snippy when people touch us without asking first, and we are both short!

~ Candice Hirsch-Kirsten

We’re both bossy and expect others to act right and behave themselves. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

~ Ann Coleman

We are both neurotic as hell.

~ Jill Paukstis

Haley and I are both sweet and mellow with a “live and let live” attitude, until we are messed with just a bit too much. We are both a tad spacey and enjoy our alone time, shy away from large crowds, and have a bit of a stubborn streak.

~ Meriel Read

Ollie and I are both emotional eaters. He never steals food or sneaks until I leave him alone. We are both ice cream addicts too.

~ Brandy Stewart

Lazarus and I are so much alike! He is very mellow, quiet and shy. We have both overcome bad situations in life and we both want to be loved and appreciated but do not want too much attention on us, but don’t want to be left out either. He is my heart and soul!

~ Chris Thomsen


~ Riicch MmaacColl

Sadly, Rocko and I both have terrible gas!

~ Crystal Ann Cox

Oliver and I are both hyperactive, A.D.D., and sort of goofy. We both hate sitting still (and normally don’t), are extremely extroverted and love being around people, get our feelings hurt easily but then forget about it quickly and oddly enough we both have super high metabolisms and sensitive stomachs.

~ Laura Petrolino

Snickers is nervous when left alone. I am nervous when left alone. I fear she got it from me.

~ Brigitte Reed

Flip and I are both very attached to our nine cats. I have turned “cat patrol” over to him to separate fusses, protect older cats, and to keep them off the cabinets.

~ Jo Anne K Hall

We are both particular where we go to the bathroom!

~ Tank da Pitt

Emma and I are both a little bossy and we both think we are in charge. We like to laugh and play, but also like our alone time in the evenings.

~ Gloria Basile

We’re both spoiled and selfish, we want all the attention on us, all the time. We also both have A.D.D., well Caleigh is A.D.H.D.

~ Sara Lynn Yankowski

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4 Responses to “How is Your Dog Like You?”
  1. NataliaGomezGerbino says:

    Angling and I are always together…sleeping,driving and flying.She is a great traveler especially in an aircraft!

  2. Sasha is prissy as is my daughter, you have to be one of the “chosen” to be in my daughters world, Sasha is selective about her doggie friends lastly, the world revolves around my daughter and Sasha believes humans are here to spoil and love her only.  Krush on the other hand has mischievous but you gotta love him attitude as my son does.  Again these animals chose us!

  3. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Miss Diva and I are two peas in a pod……..ole broads who still think young, but whose bodies just ain’t what they used to be.  We like people, but we don’t like noisy crowds.  We don’t like confrontations.  We’re easy-going and easy to please.  Take note, however:  neither of us likes to be rudely awakened!  ;o)

  4. sillyfox4lyfe says:

    My comment is on here! That’s awesome!