Does Your Dog Participate in Agility or Other Athletic Events?

August 17, 2012  

We asked our Facebook fans, Do you participate in agility, fly ball, dock jumping, or any other athletic event with your dog? How did you get involved and what do you love about being able to enjoy these events with your dog?

So many of you do agility and say that is not only makes your dog more confident, but it is an amazing bonding experience. So both you and your dog are exercising, having fun together and strengthening your incredible bond with your best friend. Thanks everyone for sharing.

(photo above and below courtesy of Rachel Brown Richards)

I got involved watching other dogs at training classes. I love to do this with my dogs because they love it so much. You see the excitement of doing work on their faces!

~ Jenna Milosevich Martin

We do agility with our puppy, Frederick. We got involved because he had so much energy and the trainers where we did basic obedience training suggested it. I love it because he is so tired afterwards and he loves doing it!

~ Shawna Rae Sanders

We do agility. A friend got me hooked. I currently run two dogs, starting to train a third and a fourth as soon as she is old enough. It’s so much fun to see them learn and have a blast running the course.

~ Janice Heim Keenan

At Liberty Humane Society we do agility and have recently started weight pulling with some of our dogs. It is great physical exercise and mental stimulation for shelter dogs. It is a great bonding activity and is rewarding for dogs and humans involved!

~ Sara McClurg

We do rally and agility. Besides all the fun, my favorite part about it is how many stereotypes we break! We are constantly hearing, “What an awesome pit bull!”

~ Dawn Marshall

We tried agility with Chiyome, until the day she ran to the top of the A-frame, screeched to a halt, and I swear, got this look on her face as if to say “Mommy, catch me!” She then gave me that goofy pit bull smile and jumped off the A-frame right onto me. That was our last day of agility.

~ Tess Purvis

My American love-a-bull dog and I have been running together for the past five years. He is the best coach ever because he is never tired and always happy and ready to hit a trail. Half way through we run right into the water for a quick cool down and swim, weather permitting. We train together but manage to keep it fun with sticks and tennis balls. We run 3 miles daily. He is amazing!

~ Ali McGivern

I compete in agility with my recovering reactive/people shy pit bull mix, because he loves to run, it has helped him gain confidence, and overcome fears. I love showing our corner of the world what love, training, and patience can do for rescue dogs that don’t get a great start in life. For me, just being able to have him compete and him to have fun is amazing and reward enough, with ribbons and titles being the icing on the cake.

~ Julie Harbican

Once we passed basic obedience, we did rally, agility, canicross, weight pulling. Our training has developed a stronger bond between us than I’ve had with any other dog!

~ Kristi Jones

(photo courtesy of Cara McClung)
My trainer convinced us to try agility. Diego is a little too big and clumsy to be good at it, but he loves running the courses and it helped his focus. Plus it’s fun to function as a team and I think it helped us bond.

~ Laura Page

We did treiball for a while. He loved it! I know our boy would love fly ball or dock jumping, but there are no classes in the area, and I got tired of driving over an hour (each way) to take him to the nearest class.

~ Stacy Tarle

TaTa Himes My mom has me jump up on a retaining wall by the Wendy’s in town. It teaches me to jump up and jump down. She wishes I were more responsive like this when getting in and out of the Ford.

~ Jenna Milosevich Martin

In our second agility class, Tommy and I will never be great competitors, but we sure do have fun and it teaches him to “focus” on me better.

~ Jennifer Smith Mayhall

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3 Responses to “Does Your Dog Participate in Agility or Other Athletic Events?”
  1. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Tess, I LOVE the tale of Chiyome……I can absolutely picture that facial expression and ensuing “leap” into Mommy’s arms.  What a Kodak moment!!  Miss Diva is my very first pittie “child.”  She’s now 12 years old, with arthritis, and cannot really do these types of activities.  Had I known how great pitties are at the agility activities, I would most definitely have become involved back when she joined the family at age 7.  Next time around (oh GOD, how I hate to even think about it), agility courses will be high on my list of activities!  Then I can share my Chiyome-type tales too!!  ;o)