Back to School for Our Dogs

August 31, 2012  

As kids go back to school, here at StubbyDog, we are busy thinking about canine academia! So we asked our Facebook fans, “Who has completed obedience classes with their dog? What type? What was your favorite thing about them?”

Everyone agrees that our dogs can benefit so much from obedience class, whether it’s just challenging their smart brains or for socialization. Our dogs are ahead of the class! Thanks everyone for sharing.

(photo above and below by Melissa Lipani)

Bebe and I went through obedience training at Petsmart. I knew it worked when she found a tasty pig bone and I commanded her to “leave it” and she did!

~ Patricia Cannon Hamblin

Type of dog: pit bull named Pig for his “snortability” and his stubbornness.
Type of classes: Ring Dog Rescue sponsored basics. Sit, down, stay, leave it commands with treat reward.
What we liked most: Finding out how smart Pig can be when you have a treat in your hand! Who knew?

~ Channing Rhodes

We took a six-week obedience class shortly after adopting Walter. The class used praise rather than food as the primary reward and used a combination of voice commands with hand signals, which work very well for Walter as he has some hearing loss. I feel that the added communication helped us bond and I hope to do Canine Good Citizen and then perhaps therapy dog training with him in a year or so.

~ Kat Pérez

Captain Cowpants and Honey: The Dog’s Life (above) have both completed therapy dog prep training, along with advanced field trips (where we go to public places and stores to practice good manners), and of course Canine Good Citizen. We completed all of our group classes with Skye Poitras and we’ve continued our daily practice and training around town and with many new canine and human friends.

~ Woof Slc

I think every dog and dog owner greatly benefits from going through at least a basic obedience class. I took my dog, Hayley, to a basic class as soon as I adopted her and it really gave us a good foundation. Now on the other end of things I see the impact of group classes every day.

~ Make Dogs Your Life with Fernando Camacho

We have 12 dogs and all have been through at least basic obedience. We have five that went on to intermediate, and two that went on to do advanced obedience. What I enjoyed the most is watching the individual dog progress through the classes, and when they caught on to what I was asking them to do.

~ Kim D. Gray

We took our dog, Luci, to the puppy training class at Petsmart. Luci was our first dog together and our first dog as adults and she was difficult to train. So we decided to check out the class and it worked wonders.

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

I’m sort of addicted to classes at Pat Miller’s Peaceable Paws, which we are fortunate enough to live near. Nina’s )above) a graduate of beginning, intermediate, and advanced good manners, advanced shaping, and an excellent recall class. We also go to monthly games nights and play “My Dog Can Do That” (the board game by Dr. Ian Dunbar), and fun things like bobbing for hotdogs and solving Nina Ottosson puzzles.

~ Laura Cooke

We enjoyed obedience classes less for the obedience and more for the socialization. Instead of reinforcing “Heel,” it was more like, “You have to heel even when the cute Rottweiler is making come-hither eyes at you!”

~ Tess Purvis

Ray and I went to Puppy I and Puppy II and then have had some personal training done in home.

~ Debra Lockhart

I took basic obedience with my Buddha. I keep taking her back, not because she is not obedient, but because she and I really bond at the sessions. She is super smart and listens very well. It is time for just myself and her.

~ Ann Pollock Smalley

Diego and I met our amazing trainer during basic obedience and then we went on to Canine Good Citizen (which he passed!). The classes gave me a greater appreciation of what he’s capable of learning and doing, and our trainer always had great tips and tricks for any issues we were having.

~ Laura Page

I would call it training rather than obedience. In all my many classes with many dogs, what I have observed is that it is the humans who receive the most training, especially about dog body language.

~ Susan Ballard

Peaches, Buster Brown, and I have taken every class and workshop offered through Michelle McCarthy and K9 Homeschooling over the last two and a half years. Basic obedience, advanced obedience, therapy dog prep, target training, charm school, polite greetings, outdoor adventures, dog-dog play, and the list goes on. We love that every single class is anchored by learning to notice and mark calm and desired behaviors in order to improve your relationship with your dog.

~ Emily Douglas

We went to a local training center and took basic obedience, basic agility, and nosework. I love that it increases bonding between us, and confidence in my timid girl.

~ Rebecca Loveland Anastasio

I completed the PetSmart obedience classes Puppy-Advanced with my male pit bull. They teach obedience with elements of agility. I started them with my female but the agility approach frustrated her, I think, because of her crooked front legs, so we moved on to a pit bull meet-up put on by The Positive Pit Bull.

~ Sadie Johnson

Cavil just completed basic obedience. My favorite part was the group walk on the last day when I “switched dogs” with another owner, and she said, “I’d never in a million years have thought I’d be walking a pit bull.” Cavil’s favorite part was getting to pick his own prize after winning the games night. ‎(He did have an unfair advantage. He already knew all the commands before we started class! We were just there for the socialization!)

~ Renata Tweedy

Bodie (above) and I have completed Level 1 obedience. Christian and I start classes next month. I love the comradery you have with the other students and dogs along with it being a great bonding experience for you and your dog.

~ Nyla Robinson

I’ve done basic obedience with two of my dogs, and one of my pit bulls has their Canine Good Citizen. My favorite was learning steps to participate in rally!

~ Allisha Christianson

Nas completed her Canine Good Citizen shortly after having been attacked and bitten by a male Labrador. The class was made up of a lot of Labradors and a lot of males so she started the class sitting as far away as her leash would allow, but part way through she and a male golden/Labrador mix kept getting into trouble cause he was in love with her and the two of them kept playing with each other, but when they were required to perform the two of them were up to the task. The instructor was so impressed with the change and her performance that she would use her as the demo dog over her own.

~ Kate Righter Rhodes

We completed a dog manners course at the local Humane Society (Canine Good Citizen is up next). I love spending the engaging one-on-one time with him and seeing him master new skills and overcome fears (such as the tunnel in the obstacle course).

~ Jen Woleslagle & Vladamir

Sasha (below) and Krush have completed obedience class and continue to be trained!

~ Kelli Parker

(Photo by Dirty Paw Photography)

We began our basic obedience classes through Bad Rap in October 2011 and we continue to go to class almost weekly. The absolute best thing about taking classes is what it has taught me. I have such confidence with my nanny girl now and we will continue to be the best representatives that we can for the breed.

~ Lisa Marquez

Gadget my 75 lb. pit has completed Obedience, CGC, TDI are currently working on Competition Rally! Love training my baby boy!

~ Jamie Neese

Spackle graduated from basic obedience from PetSmart when she was only six months old. They put her in that class because she was too big for the puppy class. She excelled and gained about 40 pounds throughout the six weeks.

~ Allison Sabo

I’ve taken my foster dog, Latte, through a sub-novice obedience class to prepare her for rally. I really enjoyed working on the focused heel-work as well as the use of toys in conjunction with treats. I’m a trainer myself, but mostly work on behavior not sports or competition obedience, so it was a whole new learning field for me.

~ Rachel Bowman

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