Army Max

August 28, 2012  

Max’s guardians, one an active duty Army fire support specialist, work hard to keep him with them despite the difficulties

My husband is an 13F, a fire support specialist, in the U.S. Army. We are currently stationed at Fort Riley, Kan. Our dog’s name is Maximus (we call him Max). We got him in May of 2010 at a local shelter.

It’s challenging when his favorite owner is gone, and his separation anxiety goes in to high effect. Max hasn’t had the best veterinary care because we’ve moved frequently. It’s been a major pain to find housing as well that works for him. He needs room to run and be a dog. Many rentals off post won’t take pets over 30 pounds, and the basic allowance for housing doesn’t quite cover the places that do. Max gets as spoiled as possible by his “daddy” when Daniel is not in training or on deployments.

Thankfully should we need someone to watch Max, he has guys in his units that will stay at the house and spoil him just as rottenly as we do. There are times, because our family is so far away, that we have to plan around him and it gets tough.

We know many families that have had trouble moving their dogs during deployments and permanent change of station moves. Most of the time, we’ve helped find ways to take the dog along or find good temporary homes.

Sign the petition to standardize military pet policies. Visit Dogs on Deployment for more info.

(photo by Melissa Lipani, this is not a photo of Max)

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6 Responses to “Army Max”
    • StubbyDog says:

      theprettychic Thanks, but the photo is not of Max, but of a beautiful pit bull.

      • StubbyDog theprettychic oh ok, all pit bulls are beautiful 🙂

      • skreidle says:

        StubbyDog Might oughta make that clear, because that’s what I thought, too! :]

        • StubbyDog says:

          skreidle StubbyDog Sorry for the confusion, but it’s written in the photo credit at the bottom.

        • skreidle says:

          StubbyDog Yeah, I suppose it is… I just skimmed past that as I’d already signed that petition and visited the site, and the credits are almost always just saying who took the photo, not whether it belongs to the article. 😀