Jasmine’s Comeback

July 9, 2012  

Pulled with a terminal illness, this pit bull’s foster mother found a cure and a great dog

By Christine Pitcher

I pulled Jasmine from a local shelter because I had been told that she had a terminal illness, and I did not want her dying alone in a terrifying place. Then I took her to my vet … and everything changed!

Jasmine had a serious hemolytic disease that we spent months, thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights diagnosing. There were several times in the middle of the night that I called the vet to put her out of her misery, and then I saw that sparkle in her eye and changed my mind.

Finally a blood sample was sent to University of California, Davis, and they found her disease and a treatment! What a miracle!

That was five years ago, and she is now a rowdy, crazy girl who runs my household and my other six foster failures. Pit bulls are the best!

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8 Responses to “Jasmine’s Comeback”
  1. Thank you for not giving up on Jasmine! Six fosters huh you’re awesome!

  2. DianaJones says:

    You are an example to us all. Being in health care I always question a diagnosis and expect a full accounting, so if I have an inkling I don’t like what I hear I have no problems taking them for a second opinion. If your vet is snotty about this, get a new one. Thanks goodness you were willing to go that extra mile. Jasmine won the lottery that day.And to echo the others – six foster failures – epic!!! You have a huge heart!! And probably lots of lint rollers.

  3. Incredible story, and thank you for persevering. It’s so tough to hunt and hunt for a diagnosis and keep coming up short — the stress os really unbearable. Hope you have a bright future together! 

    • StubbyDog says:

      annedreshfield Thanks Anne, we are so happy Christine persevered with Jasmine, she looks so happy. 

  4. PittieMom says:

    Christine, you ROCK!! You put your heart on the line by taking in, what you thought was a terminal ,to give love and comfort in her final days. And to persevere for all those months to find the root of her illness is nothing short of amazing. Of course, if you skipped to the last sentence of your story first, it’s obvious anyone who is a six time foster failure is a pretty special person. Ms Jasmine is lucky to have you for a Mom.

    • StubbyDog says:

      PittieMom We agree, she’s a special person with a house full of dogs who are only shown love and respect!