What is the Biggest Reward of Fostering?

June 22, 2012  

We are in our fostering theme, so we asked our Facebook fans, ”What do you think is the biggest reward of fostering?”

It’s clear from your answers that you get as much out of fostering as your fosters do. Giving them love, teaching them, keeping them safe and letting go… well some of you do. You are all heroes to us. Thanks everyone for sharing.

(all photos courtesy of our awesome Facebook fans)

Rewards of fostering; That moment when your foster knows it’s safe and all the anxiety is gone and they just relax and sleep the most sound sleep they’ve probably ever had. The moment the application comes in and the home check is better than you could have imagined and your foster finds a forever home. That moment you realize not how much you changed the life of your foster, but how much they changed your life and you now have a space open to do it all over again.

~ Michael Santo

The realization that I am making a difference in a life, no matter how long or short that life is.

~ Jamie Parker

Love and finding the perfect forever family for a dog who just wants love.

~ Erin Beaupre

Knowing you changed or saved a life.

~ Lynsey Anderson

Knowing you have made an animal’s life better, living in NC has made me realize we all have to help change the views of many here…

~ Cheri Hepton

I am not a foster yet, but I plan on becoming one. I can tell you that the reason I want to be is to save a life and show unconditional love to an animal that may have never experienced that before.

~ Jill Ashley

Re-enacting the “good-night” scene at the end of “Beethoven.”

~ Sarah Richards

Love, love, love! ~ Kelly Walsh Nicholson

I love knowing that I’m doing my part in all of this. When I get to look into their eyes and know they are going to a home that will love them and they will get to love in return! It’s priceless.

~ Heather Weimer

The biggest reward of fostering is seeing the behavior of the dog change, due to exercise , discipline and last but not least, LOVE. Knowing that I’m a part of saving a dog’s life is beyond rewarding.

~ Sherri Hansen


~ Bonita Nut

Being the first step in their happily ever after.

~ Betsy Clayton

Being able to use my knowledge and expertise for a creature who I know truly appreciates it. I’ve been around dogs since I was 3, I started training them at 13 and now I’m a dog trainer at a corporate pet store. Fostering is a hobby of mine, a VERY passionate hobby.

~ Ruben Azroyan

The biggest reward about fostering is knowing three lives were saved. The canine and mine and the person/family that adopts the canine! The ultimate reward is bringing home a foster failure!!!

~ Kelli Parker

I just fostered a pittie mom and her nine pups, with all the puppies having been re-homed. It has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience to know I could provide what those 10 dogs needed. I am just as grateful as they were.

~ Jenni Conner

Like with all animals, you get 1000 percent the love back that you give. Knowing you had a part in helping them be the dog they became when they go to their forever home. Honestly, getting the extra experience with so many dogs (and not the cost!)

~ Tina MacNaughton

The knowledge that another creature has been saved. The unconditional love I receive. Being a part of a like-minded “village”… the good that can be done when we pool our resources, knowledge, strength, and desire is AMAZING!

~ Susan Rodriguez Armstrong

Knowing you helped save a life … I learn something from EVERY dog brought into my home (adopted or fostered).

~ Melanie Bratsenis

Saved, loved, grateful. Knowing that you saved a life. Knowing they are loved. Every foster I’ve had, have shown the most gratitude out of all the animals I’ve had.

~ Courtney Stein

The love and gratitude in an animal’s eyes….and big wet pitty kisses! Nothing else compares to saving a life!!!!

~ Verna Panzo

Saving a life. ~ Rhett Nicks

Knowing that you are saving a “best friend” for someone else. Knowing that you are helping the local shelter become “no-kill.” Knowing that this dog (or cat) will forever be in your heart and changed you, educated you, and made you more dedicated to doing it again, no matter how hard.

~ Nancy Goodman

Working with “problem” dogs I get to help them make huge strides forward and that is wonderful. However, seeing that same dog after it has been adopted and having the owner genuinely thank you for their wonderful companion is the greatest reward.

~ Courtney Furgason

When the dog adopts you and you become a member of the elite group known as “Foster Failures!” Come on fosters, I’m not the only one with a house full of foster failures!

~ Erin Johnson

Knowing that I have been able to give love to those who had not previously had enough of it. and the prospect of being able to show another one soon, how love can feel.

~ Beth Stout

Help that puppy get through its shots and up through spay/neuter free from the germs they might encounter at the shelter. Take that frightened and/or injured puppy and help them heal physically and emotionally so they can be a credit to doggyhood with their family to be. And maybe not best of all, but I get to have puppies around all the time. In our situation we do better with pups than adults.

~ Marcus Hill

Knowing I saved a life and gave that dog a second chance. Knowing that I can succeed where their previous owner(s) failed. Tears of joy when your foster baby is adopted into a loving forever home.

~ Bella Doña

The furry, fuzzy licky, lovey, slobbery, always happy to see you LUVIN!

~ Erin Sanderson

I’ve only fostered puppy mill dogs so I’d have to say that the biggest reward was knowing that I brought a dog into my home that had never known a human’s hand, patience, love, or even toys and within a short amount of time you see them transform into “normal” dogs that were ready to go to forever homes.

~ Deb McLeod Jean

Saving a life.

~ Sandra Chait- Batty

Hearing from the adopted family and seeing the happy ending. You save the dog’s life, but you also give someone their new best friend. Nothing compares to a thank you from the little girl and hearing how much she’s enjoying her new buddy.

~ Bonnie Marugg

My foster failure Sparky is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.

~ Lauren McGlennen

Being able to provide potential adopters with so much more information than if the dog was at the shelter.

~ Tami Wilkerson

Keeping the foster! ~ Staci Hayes

Rewards of fostering: knowing that you are helping two animals at a local shelter by opening up a space for a new animal to stay and by taking one out to be adopted from your home. Knowing that what you are doing is not only touching your life, but everyone involved with trying to find it a new home, and the people in the animal’s new home. Finally, the possibility of being blessed with a “foster failure” a.k.a. a foster pet that you have decided to keep as your own!

~ Vanessa Krupa

Even though I’ve never tried, I already know I can’t foster. I go straight to adoption. Rescues, always.

~ Heidi Mosbarger

Watching how consistent love, nurturing and caring can heal an injured or abandoned animal’s body, soul and psyche. Love works miracles!

~ Susan Ballard

Watching a shelter dog transform, finding their true selves in a life of stability, routine, structure and love. After each foster dogs leaves me to start their new life, I am a better person. Foster dogs are the best teachers. I will always be grateful for the lessons I have learned from each beautiful soul that has come and gone from my home.

~ FITABULL – Bully Tested Tough Neck Gear

For me it’s knowing that the dogs/puppies are safe and going to safe homes. That I can give them a head start in the right direction. To maybe give them time they may not have received otherwise.

~ Jane Ferguson

I have never fostered a dog. Blessings to those that do! But I have seen what love and persistence can do for a hurting dog. We have two beagle crosses that we adopted. One of them was afraid of his own shadow for years, but consistently reinforcing positive experiences with people brought him a LONG way towards healing. I have also seen firsthand what love, positive reinforcement and good vet care can do for strays on death’s door.

~ Shelley Kimble-Welch

Giving second chances.

~ Lisa R Braddock

Watching an animal that was never loved, touched in a good way, socialized, etc, begin to come to you for those things. When they start to interact with the other dogs, and learn to play. When they are confident enough to be adopted into a new home.

~ Marcye Malone Davies

Knowing that the dog is going to the best home for that dog. The updates on past fosters really mean a lot to me. Finally, knowing that if it comes down to it they always have a place to go back to instead of the shelter.

~ Elyse Allen

You do not know what appreciation and love is until you foster. It is amazing to see the transformation the dog goes through after you rescue it. It’s like a new Cinderella story every time.

~ Carmen McIntyre

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5 Responses to “What is the Biggest Reward of Fostering?”
  1. What a beautiful post. I love your Friday posts…so much love pouring out from the community for these animals! Thank you to everyone who fosters. You’ve all saved so many lives! 

  2. bendavies1964 says:

    I love every baby that comes through my door. I wish the best for them, and every other foster dog. This article shows me that there are MANY more, just like me. Thank you all.

  3. larshine says:

    Thank you, all you foster folks, for being so amazing.  You are real heroes in my book!

  4. adoremydogs says:

    Angels are everywhere !!!!!  Thanks to all of you!