Warm Weather Tips for Dogs

June 8, 2012  

We asked our Facebook fans, Do you have any special tips for keeping your dog cool in the warm weather? How do you keep your dog physically and mentally fit when it’s hot outside?

You were full of great advice, walking early in the morning or late at night, kiddie pools, and lots of icy treats. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Walks early in the a.m. and late in the p.m… We set up the puppy pool for them to splash around in.

~ Kris Mezatis

When it’s really hot, we walk her at night unless it’s still hot. We take her swimming or we let play in her doggie pool. If it’s too hot for the humans to be outside, we play fetch in the house.

~ Julia Levy

If it is too hot outside for me, it is too hot for my dogs. I stay outside with them during the summer and watch them closely. I have an American Eskimo and two pibbles in Fort Worth, Texas and it gets very hot here. Any trips to the store and dog park are done very early in the morning.

~ Mary Horvath

Ruff Wear swamp coolers- worth EVERY penny for keeping our dogs cool on walks and during playtime. Wish they made them for people!

~ Tess Purvis

Fill the Kong with treats, yogurt, and/or peanut butter…. freeze…. watch them enjoy!

~ Stuart Paul

Make sure they have fresh water and cool their selves by panting or spoil them and keep them in the AC.

~ Krystal Overton Boley

POOL. ~ Lorrie Renwick Haner

Obviously play with your pups during the morning and evening hours outside. Snuggle inside during the day time heat.

~ Stuart Paul

Puppy pools are key in our household. We minimize midday outside time down here in Texas during the summer months and maximize early am and late evening play. Making sure when we are out during the day time if it is longer than expected to keep their coats nice and wet. WATER WATER WATER!

~ Bully Mart

Frosty paws, frozen apple juice and ice cubes in the water bowl.

~ Sharon Brooks

Harley likes to lie in front of, or on top of any vent in the house while the AC is on. Shian likes to lie in a kiddie pool full of water, but will settle for a couch in the AC. When it is really hot we only go outside to play before 7 am and after 7 pm. I keep them entertained inside by freezing peanut butter inside of a Kong, that can take ages for them to finish. I teach them new tricks, Shian is currently the Red light Green light champion! Harley is going to learn patty cake this summer.

~ Kellie Crider

Cyclone of fans.

~ Jeffrey Gardner

Fish fingers as a treat, and ice in their drinking water.

~ Raelene Wickham

Ice in their water, late night walks and ac during the day. (I bought the AC specifically for my dogs)

~ Suzanne Huntington

Lots of water, find shade where you can, and those cooling mats work well too!

~ Rachel Brown Richards

Walks in the morning, playing in his pool, and ice cubes as treats. You would think he’s getting a steak as excited as he is about ice cubes!

~ Beth Gdowski

Doggy frozen yogurt as a treat!

~ Missy Calderon

You know, for living in Phoenix, you’d think our dogs would hate the summers, but they LOVE the heat! They were meant to live here. My boxer is happy indoors in the summer, but my two pitties will lie in the sun, in the hottest spot of the backyard until I make them come in. Since I can’t take them on long runs in the heat, we do short walks with a few minutes of a light run in there and they are exhausted. They love eating ice cubes (cheapest treat EVER) and one of them loves the water – sprinklers, pools, dog park and lake. They get lots of new toys in the summer!!

~ Katy Reeve

I make frozen yogurt/ peanut butter treats… They love them! Also frozen peanut butter Kong. And ice cubes in their water…I love watching them bob for cubes!

~ Tara Matthews Mitchell

Ice treats! ~ Darreena Harding

Lots and lots of water, staying inside during the hottest part of the day if at all possible and if nothing else I spray them down with the hose. One is half Lab so he gets too hot real fast. I want to get them one of those hard plastic baby pools as soon as I figure out how to fit it in my hatchback.

~ Angel Howell

I take water and peanut butter blend it in the blender then take it and pour it into a gallon freezer bag and freeze it. I later peel the bag away and set it out for them. The peanut butter settles to the bottom for a nice frozen treat.

~ Natasha Gruppo

Dog park, daily walks, weekly hikes. Always working on tricks. And to stay cool through all this, ice cubes and a doggie water bottle.

~ Darcie Brandt

I usually put a towel in the freezer or immerse it in the lake or pool, and then put it on my dog to keep him cool. And to keep him fit, I use tiny bits of chicken, throw it in the backyard and tell him to search for it. This way he is active but doesn’t need to run in the hot weather. Best trick even: playing fetch in a lake!

~ Sophie Rose

5 am walks, late night walks, daycare, in-home doggie puzzles/games, outside games with the hose, playing hide and seek inside, visits at assisted living facilities (they are certified therapy dogs), early morning rollerblading, and frozen treats.

~ Angie Huser

We turn on the sprinklers and they’re so obsessed with water they run like maniacs and end up soaked laying in the shade asleep afterwards.

~ Rebekah Posey

I have a baby pool, my Lucy wallows around then digs a hole and lays in the cool dirt. She ends up to be a muddy mess!

~ Teri McCann

Tonks loves playing with plastic water bottles (she won’t fetch a ball or Frisbee, but will chase a bottle all day long), so I fill a few about 3/4 of the way with water and freeze them. When she’s playing in the back yard on a hot day, I cut the top of the bottle off, slide the ice out, and she plays with the “bottlecicle” until it melts.

~ Kim Davis

Ziploc bag of ice cubes comes with us on the walk.

~ Elizabeth Pomeroy

When it’s hot, I take Dodge to the local trail that has a creek. I let him run around and jump in. That or we fill his pool and let him chill. My other dogs who don’t like water we walk early in the morning before it gets too hot and they chill in the AC.

~ Allisha Christianson

I make mega ice cubes (sort of like Natasha’s idea) but fill an ice cream pail with toys, treats and a little canned goods. Freeze and serve outside. This is perfect for a busy toy when you have company. Rope toys work great!

~ Holly Jaeger

We only walk at night, once it has cooled down. We also put ice cubes in her water and if we are outside during the day, we bring a water bowl out with us and hose her down while she plays, which she loves.

~ Danielle Childs Breach

Creek! ~ Donna May

I mix broth and water and freeze it in a big bowl. As it freezes, I add treat and mix them in so they are interspersed throughout. I turn it out on the grass for Jessie, and she loves it.

~ Julie Strickland Swiderski

My guys are strictly “climate controlled” pooches. They don’t enjoy spending any length of time outside in hot weather and my youngest flops down on the floor vent as soon as we get inside. We do have a large light on our detached garage so I can play with them when it starts to get dark!

~ Elyse Allen

Here in Florida it gets super hot and humid, but my dogs HATE water so a nice swim is out of the question. Instead, we freeze their treats. They seem to love it!

~ Slpaok Perez

My pittie loves water fights with the hose.

~ Dana Grezak

I take Hazel to the lake! She’s not a swimmer, but we love running to the water’s edge, jumping in, and chasing the waves along the shore.

~ Melrose Elizabeth

Three-dog zoomies through the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and hallway of course. Followed by king of the hill wrestling matches on the bed. It’s hot outside, who wants to go out there? (Don’t tell mom, we do it when she’s not home!)

~ Rhett Nicks

Pool time at Wag-n-Splash! That and we found this great new product, Frobo for our ice loving pittie. She still gets her ice too however, we can’t deny her!

~ Molly McMullen

We freeze recycled milk jugs and bring three or four with us to the dog park or hiking trails. Then when we take breaks the dogs cuddle up to the icy plastic jugs and get fresh water while they cool off.

~ Anna Parmley

Treadmill for our Husky, stuffed frozen Kongs and food puzzles for their meals, indoor doggie daycare with wading pools in the past.

~ Roo Roo Fee

We have a medium-sized pond in our garden. When it is too hot the dogs don’t ever get dry.

~ Sabine Müller

My son plays with Rudu with water, they both love it.

~ Ileana Evans

Doggie day care and indoor treadmill. Ice cubes for treats. But my pittie loves being outside. Basking in the sun and helping with weeding.

~ Deborah Yungert Cheek

When it’s really hot outside I do my rainy day indoor games with my pittie…fetch, dog puzzles, find it, obedience stuff, visit to local pet stores, etc. When outside I make sure to have frozen treats, whether small cubes when playing with me or one big bowl or plastic water bowl frozen over with treat mixture. We also play in the kiddie pool, relax in the shade, and my dog loves sitting on a cold towel that I put in water and put in freezer for short time. He won’t keep a towel around his neck.

~ Mandy Nelson

I have a fine spray sprinkler that just mists my dogs-they seem to appreciate it and not mind it at all and go lie in it themselves!

~ Donna Kingsland

Kiddie pools.

~ Jessica Kerry

Living in south Georgia, it getting very hot and humid, so we try to stay in as much as possible. Even though it is hot, my bully needs his exercise. We have stairs in our house and ever since we moved in, he has loved to run up and down them. So one day my husband and I started making a game of it. One of us stands at the top and the other at the foot, we each take turns calling him or throwing the ball. He loves it. It is really quite funny how excited he gets about it. A lot of times I will join in with him, in order to get my exercise too. I also will take him on evening runs with me when we have cool evenings. He loves going on runs. But we have to keep him cool, so he gets lots of nice cold water. He also LOVES ice cubes. He gets excited like they are the best dog treats ever.

~ Kristen Ethridge Campbell

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7 Responses to “Warm Weather Tips for Dogs”
  1. The picture with the baby in the field with the three pitties is PRICELESS

    • KaleighMaeA2488 says:

       Agreed! I love getting on here just for the pictures sometimes

      • StubbyDog says:

         @KaleighMaeA2488  @theprettychic That photo is from Rachel Brown Richards, who was included in this post. We get the best photos from you our fans.

  2. KaleighMaeA2488 says:

    The same way I keep my neices cool, give them something that floats and jump in the pool! My pit loves it. He’s a lazy raft dog, not much of a swim with his life jacket on guy. He’s still a couch potato, he just turns into a floating couch potato in the summer

  3. Love all of the pictures! We usually keep my dog inside and keep the walks very short. He flops down on the cool wood floor or over the vent whenever we come in! We usually play fetch indoors and chase him around the house. That does the trick! In the early mornings we’ll eat breakfast out on the deck, and he’ll lay in the sun before it gets too hot.