The Sweetest Shadow

June 27, 2012  

A young pit bull works her way into a family’s heart just when they needed it most

By Maryanne Burkitt

In late 2010, we had to put our two Pugs to sleep, a month apart. We mourned them and missed them, and knew we could never replace them. We swore it would be quite a while before we could bring another dog into our hearts.

I work for News 12, a local news station, and they started a new segment in May 2011 called “Dog Days of Summer.” A local shelter brings cats, dogs and bunnies needing a forever home to the station, and they are shown on–air to help raise awareness.

Well, the first day of the segment, I pulled into the parking lot and saw them out front with the dogs, and thought to myself, this is trouble. They had brought a pit mix litter. I walked over to them. Someone was holding the most beautiful brindle puppy I had ever seen. I tried to resist, but held her and once I did, I knew she was mine.

She was 7 weeks old, 7 pounds and a bundle of energy. We named her Shadow. It was several months after she became part of our family that my husband commented that he didn’t realize how much he had still been mourning the Pugs and how Shadow had helped him.

My 16-year-old son, Chris, is one of the biggest animal lovers I have ever met. He belongs to Animal Friends and Advocates at school, where they work with shelters and wildlife organizations. He and Shadow are like brother and sister. They roll around and wrestle and run around in the backyard together playing fetch. When he goes to the dog park, he always gets nervous and afraid that another dog will hurt her because she is so sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. One day we were there and Shadow was playing with a 5-month-old puppy. The puppy was climbing all over her and hanging off her jowls, but Shadow was so gentle with her and just calmly sat there. It made Chris nervous, but I knew she wouldn’t be hurt. She proved how gentle and sweet pit bulls can be.

Shadow’s now one year old and weighs 70 pounds. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever met. She has her mischievous side, too, but not a day goes by that she doesn’t make us smile. Shadow is the perfect pit bull ambassador. She loves to go to the dog park, and people always seem surprised by how sweet and loving she is. I had someone ask me recently when we had arrived at the park if she was vicious. I told him to wait and see. The only danger around Shadow is being licked to death.

I can’t imagine life without her.

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10 Responses to “The Sweetest Shadow”
  1. Love, love, absolutely love the last picture!!  Shadow is beautiful!

  2. Love that pink polka dot collar on her!  What a sweetie.

  3. Matt.S says:

    The  “mischievous side” is part of the fun.

  4. She’s so beautiful! I’m not surprised that she captured your heart so quickly. 🙂 

  5. honeyremedy says:

    Look at those Please-give-me-cuddles-and-snuggles-and-loves-and-just-stop-everything-you-are-doing-and-pet-me eyes. :3 what a gorgeous girl!

  6. AmandaFitzgerald says:

    Yeah great story with a happy ending!

  7. suesue1 says:

    Shadow is gorgeous!  There’s nothing better than a lovable, loyal pit.  I adopted a pit/feist mix (she looks mostly pit) from a rescue when she was appr 11 mo old.  She’s been with me for 16 months now, and I’m so GLAD I got her.  She gets along beautifully with my 1-yr-old collie/chow.

  8. dogmom19901 says:

    I was walking a friend’s Pit Bull for him, and this lady walking down the street with a Chihuahua picked up her very aggressive little dog for fear that my friends dog would bite him, which she totally wouldn’t have, so I picked up my friend’s Pit Bull and said very loudly “Watch out for little dogs like that, they will bite you. They’re all aggressive.”