Pit Bull? I’m Just Diva!

June 25, 2012  

Meet the fabulous Diva, one of StubbyDog’s Facebook Timeline Superstar Contest winners

By Barbara Anderson

Hi, my name is Diva. I remember the day back in 2008 when I met my “furever” family. I was living at a veterinarian’s office in Queens, N.Y. I lived there for an entire year after I was rescued by For Our Friends, Inc. I met lots of people during that year at the vet’s office, but no one was willing to take me home. They all said I was too big at 80 pounds and that I was something called a “pit bull.” This sounded so strange to me because I always thought I was a dog!

My new family drove all the way from New Jersey to meet me. The day we met, we all fell in love with each other. They filled out some papers that day and, later, the folks at For Our Friends, Inc. made some phone calls. On Jan. 23, 2008, my new family drove back to Queens, loaded me in the car and brought me to my new home in New Jersey.

A few weeks after that, a wonderful trainer, Pat Ali, came to the house to teach me a few things I needed to learn, like sit, down, stay, wait and how to walk calmly on a leash. I also learned not to jump up when I meet people, but I love to give big sloppy kisses when I’m allowed. Even now, when my mom comes home from work, I smack myself in the face with my tail because my butt wiggles so much. But she hugs me and kisses me, and I hardly even feel it.

After all the years of sleeping outside on the ground, I now have my pick of a king-sized bed, two queen‑sized beds, the couch, or “my” bed in the living room. My favorite things to do are sleep, eat, play tug-of-war, sleep, eat, chew on bones, sleep, eat, take walks, play at the dog park, sleep, eat and, oh yeah, the zoomies!

Strangely, I still hear those words “pit bull” when people see me. They say things like, “Aww, she’s so cute,” and “What a beautiful dog,” and “Is she a pit bull?” But you know what’s really funny? My family just smiles proudly and says, “Yes, she is a pit bull.” It seems they’re happy to show people how loving, polite, and respectful I am. My mom even has two signs on the back of our car; one says “Pit Bull” and the other says, “The more men I meet, the more I love my dog.” She says that I’m the best four-legged buddy she’s ever had, and she wants everyone to know it.

I’ve met all of the members of our extended family too, including grandma, aunts, uncles and grandkids. They all love me. In fact, my mom’s sister works with an animal shelter in Ohio that helps rescue pit bulls. Oh, and there’s a daycare center down the street from our home where the human parents bring their little ones. Every weekday morning at about 9 a.m. when I take my walk, those little humans come over to pet me and give me hugs. Their parents used to be a little afraid of me, but now even the parents come to give me love.

My family tells me all the time how much they love me and how lucky they feel to have found me. The three of us, together, are a real testimony to the love, joy and companionship that can happen between a happy dog they call a “pit bull” and her two-legged family members. I only wish every pit bull could experience it too.

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19 Responses to “Pit Bull? I’m Just Diva!”
  1. What a wonderful feel good story!! Diva has the right to be a Dvia she’s beautiful, courageous and a love magnet!

  2. sharynglow says:

    Diva you are fantastic!!!!

  3. Diva, you are beautiful! What a fun story. 

  4. servalsquest says:

    Ahaha I love this story.  Diva definitely is charming and charismatic.  😀

  5. SheilaPeltzGarafola says:

    Hi  Diva!  I know FOR OUR FRIENDS and I know and love your story, but now that I’ve heard it from your point of view, I love it even more.  You and your family are so lucky to have found each other!!!!  Not only are you smart and beautiful, you really have a way with words, young lady!

  6. Matt.S says:

    “I only wish every pit bull could experience it too!” Someday. I’m just so glad you get to experience it! You’re so cute, I’ll overlook the sign on the car about men. LOL

  7. JenniferCaldwellNoice says:

    Coming from one of Diva’s “human sisters”, she is an awesome lady! She is so full of love! And we are all so full of love for her! I LOVE YOU Deeeeeveeee!

  8. JenniferCooperPoole says:

    I agree! I  ‘m proud to say that I own not one but 2 pits! they are the best!

  9. ReneeMKeller says:

    I swear, we rescue them, but they save us!!! xoxox 

  10. Judithg says:

    I love my two rescue pits!  Best dogs ever….

  11. avegas72 says:

    “Even now, when my mom comes home from work, I smack myself in the face with my tail because my butt wiggles so much.”  That’s what I love so much about them!! Their unbridled excitement when you walk into a room…and their lovely eyes and smiles!
    LOVE IT!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • StubbyDog says:

       @avegas72 You can just hear the unbridled joy in Diva’s voice in this story. A joy that goes both ways between Diva and Barbara!

  12. avegas72 says:

    Oh…and you can’t forget those funny ears!!! ; )

  13. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Miss Diva asked me to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and encouraging words.  We love her more than words can describe.